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  1. Thank you, guys! Thank you, Boscopup! That information was awesome (on topics to cover in K)! I didn't realize that Singapore had a K math program. I might have to check it out! I had thought of using Abeka this year until we make the switch to CLE. The samples looked similar to Horizons, but it's good to hear from you guys that it's not quite as advanced as Horizons. I thought about doing that, but was scared it might be too advanced for her. Maybe I'm wrong. It is something to think about. Should she be expected in K to learn all of the math facts that are in CLE 100 level?
  2. My dd is a young Ker. She turned 5 in August. I think Horizons K is too advanced for her. What should I do?! My plan is to start CLE 1 in 1st grade, so I want her to be prepared for that. What are my options? I don't mind switching to something else.
  3. Cool!! Just wanted to check with you guys before I placed my order. He did really well with ETC 1, so I think we'll move on to book 2. Thank you!
  4. My son just finished ETC 1 and I was wondering if ETC 2 comes next or ETC 1 1/2? Thank you!
  5. I am getting ready to order level 4 and was trying to decide whether to purchase the TM or just the LU answer keys. I never used the TM for level 300 except to grade her work. What do you think? Thank you! :001_smile:
  6. Thank you so much for taking all that time to type this out! I do think you're right. I'm thinking she just doesn't like history all that much. We have been doing our history or science first, because if I don't, it doesn't happen.
  7. Thank you guys for your opinions!!! You guys are awesome!! Would SOTW Vol. 3 have enough American history in it? It sounds like a great idea! If I only ever used SOTW, would it have enough American history? I do not have the activity guide for volume 3. I do have God's Design for Science and like it a lot. we just don't usually get to it. :-) Thanks for your suggestions! I do have Kingfisher History. I could definitely look up more info on the CC sentences in it. Great idea!
  8. I feel like a broken record! History and Science is not happening! My dd9, ds6, and dd5 are enrolled in Foundations (Classical Conversations). I had this great idea that I would build on our history and science sentences using the resource list that my director gave me (we are doing American history this year). I have had dd9 reading a SOTW chapter that correlates with the history sentence, but she doesn't like it. For some reason she has never liked SOTW. She complains anytime I pull the book out or turn the audio on. I'm learning that I really like things planned out for me. I have very little time to pull it together on my own (mostly due to having a dd1 that is constantly climbing on tables or eating anything she can get her hands on). I'm very tempted to try a textbook approach. Living books sounds great, but it's not getting done. I need some ideas for an independent history and science for a 9-year-old. How do you guys have enough time in the day to teach 3+ children? If I had my dd9 doing something independent for history and science it would take such a weight off. And then when I got to the good books it would be an added bonus. I just feel like I'm not doing enough with my 4th grader. Thanks for listening! :001_smile:
  9. Thank you guys for all of your suggestions! I actually cleared out a few kitchen cabinets this weekend, bought some bins at Walmart, and am storing the stuff we use on a daily basis in the cabinets. We will see how that works out. I will use the room in the basement to store the things we aren't using right now. You guys are so awesome to share all of your good ideas!
  10. We have a school room in the basement, but always end up upstairs in the kitchen area. The school room in the basement is nice, but a little small for 3 children and a toddler. It also gets really cold in the winter and is easier to take care of dd1 upstairs. Our kitchen area is very spacious and bright. But......it sure would be nice to have everything right there when I need it. :tongue_smilie: For now I have books stacked all over my dining room. Do you guys have any ideas of what we can put our books in? I want to be able to roll away/put away when the weekend comes. Thank you!
  11. Thanks, guys! I had no idea I could jump in at grade level! I'm so glad I asked!
  12. My dd9 is in 4th grade this year. We are on lesson 60 in R&S 3. Do we need to finish the grade 3 book before we move on to the grade 4 book? Is there any way to speed up going through level 3, or will she miss too much good stuff?
  13. We use CC as our spine for science. We use our science memory work for the week as our starting point......but honestly it doesn't get done a lot. They do a science experiment every week at CC, so that's nice. Is there anything that my dd9 could do on her own? It doesn't even have to follow CC cycle 3. I would just need it to be open and go. Any suggestions?
  14. Thank you everyone for your suggestions! I'm thinking I will just each let them have their own box and cards. It might be easier on me, kwim? :001_smile: Hi Merry! You probably don't know this, but you are part of the reason I chose AAS 2 or 3 years ago! :001_smile: When I first started homeschooling my ds6 and dd5, I had this brilliant idea that I would combine many of their subjects......but that's not working out so well! I have found that it is much easier on me to separate them. So....I'm not sure yet if I will combine them or not. My dd9 has done AAS levels 1 and 2. She probably could do without the cards from levels 1 and 2 because she is a natural speller. Great idea to borrow them back! Thank you!
  15. Can I use the same card box for all 3 children, or do they all need their own box? What has worked for you? I will have 2 dc in level one and 1 in level 3. Thank you!
  16. Thank you so much for that suggestion!! I'm going to try that! Great advice from Merry! Thanks for taking the time to type that out!
  17. This is very tempting! I have a friend in town that loves it as well! Wow! Thanks for your very detailed response! I hear ya! :001_smile: I pulled out level 3 today and was looking at it (this would be the level she is in), and she could spell every random word I picked out! She keeps telling me it's too easy. Does anyone know when it gets harder? If I continue on with AAS, is there a way to fly through a level if they already know how to spell all the words?
  18. I would love to hear more about this idea as well!
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