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  1. I used Abeka to teach dd10 to read. She has a very strong foundation, but I decided to use OPGTR to teach ds7 and dd5 to read this past year. Mainly because it was all in one book and very open and go. I am now second guessing myself and wondering if I should switch back to Abeka for this school year. My ds7 is on lesson 126 and my dd5 is on lesson 87 in OPG. I just don't feel like they are as far along as dd10 was at this point. The one thing I miss about Abeka is all the built in review. It was a lot of drilling with charts, but it worked. What do you guys think? Can you decide for me? Ha! J/K! Decisions, decisions!!
  2. Thanks for your responses!! Does anyone else want to share how you implement MW at your house? :001_smile:
  3. Does your child do Megawords independently? What does Megawords look like at your house? We have moved from AAS to Megawords this year for my dd10, and I am kind of missing the scripting of AAS. I haven't been as involved, and I'm scared she's missing something.
  4. Thanks for all your replies! I didn't realize I had so many. I looked over the scope and sequence of CLE, and there are definitely some things (adjectives) that we have not covered this year. It doesn't look like I would have to go back as far as I thought though. It looks like I could start in the middle of level 400 and maybe order the 300 level LU that first covers adjectives. My dd has not learned how to diagram adjectives yet. I don't think CLE is more rigorous. I just think they cover things at different times. We are doing the oral drill, but there are definitely some days that we skip it. At this point I think I am going to stick with R&S. I really like it and think it's extremely thorough (my dd doesn't like it and would much prefer a workbook approach). We use CLE for math and I absolutely love it! I think I thought that if I love CLE math that I would love CLE LA just as much. I just love their math! I love the built in review. That was my main reason for thinking about switching. My dd would much prefer a workbook approach. This is how I implement R&S: -Oral review (on most days) -Read lesson with daughter -Do oral drill together -Assign some work for my dd (usually odds or evens). If there is a worksheet, she does that instead of the written practice. I would love to hear how you guys implement R&S. Do you read the lesson with your dc or do you present the lesson like they do in the TM?
  5. Wow!! Thank you so much! That helps a lot! I appreciate you taking the time to type all of that out. I'm going to try it. :)
  6. Do you review everyday? Do you have a system for reviewing? Or is there enough review in the stories at the end of each lesson?
  7. Thank you!! I will try that!
  8. I'm having trouble searching the boards. When I type in CLE LA, nothing comes up. I also wanted to search for threads comparing CLE LA to R&S, and I can't get it to work. Are there any tricks to this?
  9. I was just wondering how CLE LA compares to R&S? I was looking for something that has a little bit more review built in and that has a workbook. We are on lesson 70 in R&S 4 and it looks like I would have to go all the way back to CLE 400 or possibly CLE 300. Yikes! How would I know where to start?
  10. Thank you! Duh, I guess I should of looked on their website! :lol:
  11. My 4th grader uses xtramath to drill math facts. The problem is she has not moved on from addition and subtraction. Is there any way to make it include multiplication facts? Or is there anything else I can use for multiplication? She has been skip counting in her head to get the answers. :tongue_smilie:
  12. Is there a specific app that you use for a checklist for your dd?
  13. Is this something every CC group does? I was just curious what it was like? Do the Memory Masters get any kind of special recognition? I'm sure every group is different......I was just curious what your group does.
  14. Thank you so much!!! That is very helpful! How long did it take you to complete 1 section? About 1 or 2 weeks?
  15. I ordered Megawords Level 1 for my 4th grader. I did the pretest and she only misspelled one word on the entire test. Do I still do level 1? I don't mind doing it to make sure she has the rules down. I was just a little confused. I'm also a little confused on what words you use for spelling? Do you just pick and choose from the word list? Or do you only use the ones with the * by it. Thank you so much!!
  16. You were so quick to respond!! Thank you! I might have to check it out!
  17. I had not thought of that! We do Classical Conversations on Tuesdays, so that pretty much counts for school that day. We do R&S for grammar 4 days a week. I haven't calculated it, but could I just do R&S 3 days a week and finish the book? I guess I need to look at it.
  18. Thanks, Boscopup!! I have heard of HTTS. Is it very teacher intensive?
  19. Do you think something like Rod and Staff for spelling or Megawords is as good as AAS for a 4th grader? I love AAS, but it's not getting done. I've tried Rod and Staff, but I just don't like it as much.....but it does get done. I've ordered Megawords to take a look at it. What do you think?
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