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  1. We are finishing Adventures in MFW for our second grade curriculum and are not ready to move up into their next level. I thought we would do something else for our third grade year and come back to MFW the following year. I would like to find a DVD series for history next year, and since history is my weak area, I am hoping for some suggestions. Here is what I am thinking about so far: Learn Our History: http://learnourhistory.com/Welcome.html Drive Through History: http://www.drivethruhistory.com/ We have "America, the Story of Us" and have watched the parts that go with our curriculum. I want something that is Christian based. Are there better options out there?
  2. We are doing Adventures in MFW. The science book talks about the taste map of the tongue. However, in doing some research, it seems as though scientists have decided that there really aren't specialized areas of the tongue. I looked at a bunch of different scientific sites. I taught ds the map and told him that this is what some people have learned, but scientists have found out otherwise (with explanation). Also, there are supposed to be five tastes now (sweet, sour, salty, bitter, and umami). This goes against the book. Am I right in teaching the current science in this case? Also, we watched two Nova shows talking about taste. They had a test strip that can be put on the tongue to see if a person is a "taster" or "non-taster". Apparently, people where not created equally when it comes to taste buds some do not have receptors for bitter (no-tasters), some have some of the receptors (tasters), and others have a lot of them (super tasters). I found that interesting and thought I would share. My family makes fun of my picky eating, and now I have a reason why. ;) Nova: The Science of Picky Eaters http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/science-picky-eaters.html Nova: Can I Eat That http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/body/can-i-eat-that.html Test strips can be ordered on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=Taste+test+strips
  3. Your dog can be trained to put all their toys away on command. ;)
  4. I have purposely left out the writing part of our curriculum, because I don't think he is ready for it. So, he isn't sent off to write a paper. He does have a couple of workbook pages that he does on his own though. I got IEW for when I feel like he is ready to start a writing program. I'm more so looking for an idea of when their spelling comes easily and not something that requires a lot of thought. :)
  5. My ds is 7 working on 2nd grade Abeka. He is one of those care free happy-go-lucky types, so whether or not something is spelled correctly is no big deal to him. He spells okay when concentrating on it but otherwise doesn't. I'm working on Improving it but am wondering if there is an age/stage when it finally clicks.
  6. At what age do your children spell well? For example, you send them off to write a paper, and the paper they being back to you has most of the words spelled correctly? Thanks in advance!
  7. Ds actually just got that book. I'll have to sit down and go through it tomorrow.
  8. I took ds to a PS speech therapist over a year ago for lack of /r/ sounds. They said they would not do anything until he is 8 years old. They did not see any other problems. Ds is now 7. He is able to make some r sounds when I ask him but doesn't in regular speech. I think he needs therapy before it becomes a habit (if not already). This time I take him to a private ST. Ds new why we were going, so he made sure to put r's in his speech. ST says r's are coming in just fine, so he wouldn't qualify for that. She says he has a tongue thrust on his /s/ and would qualify for that. My insurance doesn't cover ST and the visits are $100+ each. The ST wants to see him twice a week. I called the PS to see about getting ST through them. I called last month and haven't gotten a response. My dh had ST as a kid for /s/. I'm noticing my dd3 sticks her tongue out on /s/ too. I'm guessing she is too young to consider it a problem, but it makes me wonder. She was always bad about chocking on food when she was younger (and still will at times if she doesn't like it). I read somewhere that they were related. Would you be concerned about the /r/ or just wait until 8? Is 3.5 too young to worry about tongue thrust? Are there other options for ST?
  9. Prey animals don't typically like being grabbed from above or have a predator lurking over them. They are naturally wired that way; some to a lesser degree than others.. Have you tried coming from the sides or using one hand to corral them on to the other hand? If you are interested in training them, look up clicker training. You could use clicker training to teach them to be touched, picked up, etc. You can teach them to put their nose on the eraser of a pencil (or some other target). Then gradually work towards having the target over your hand for them to learn to be picked up. If the sound of a clicker is too startling, you can use a different sound or even a verbal cue such as a light. You could train them to go through a hoop, go to a little pedestal, etc. The possibilities are endless . . . :) I bet there are some trained guinea pigs on YouTube to get some ideas.
  10. I get lots of comments on how well my two get along. It is mostly positive. There are some that say it as if to point out it isn't right. I think those people just assume siblings aren't supposed to get along, and children are supposed to be difficult for their parents. Seeing siblings get along so well challenges their view on the subject. To accept the closeness might make them feel as though they are screwing up as parents putting them in defense mode and make them feel uncomfortable. I'm not saying all negative people are all like that, but I see that thought process working through some of their mind at times. I just respond pleasantly. I work hard to teach my children how to get along, respect each other, be considerate, etc. I wish my parents had done the same for my sister and me. Sure, we get along now, but there were a lot of miserable times growing up that could have been avoided.
  11. Try organizing a PE co-pp. We love ours! The kids play together before and after class and have a great time. We meet other homeschoolers through homeschool groups. Ds is not very excited about doing a handbell choir, but he tolerates it to be able to having the time before and after class to play with friends that also go there. You might give the karate class a try for a semester.
  12. Take regular time for yourself to do something that recharges your battery. Think of that time to yourself as an investment in your family. Finding a hobby you enjoy or something that recharges your battery will give your children and hubby a happy wife/mom. That in itself is a gift to them. Edit: Finding time to do that is what I always find so hard.
  13. So I am not the only one! *Hugs* We are selling our house, so I have been extra sensitive to things not getting put away. I've decided that I can either pick up or clean, but I don't have time for both. I considered hiring a maid to do the cleaning if I had to pick up after everyone. I explained to ds that if he didn't want to pick up his toys that I would "fix" the problem. When he decided not to finish picking up his toys, I put the ones left out in trash bags and hauled them off to charity. Ever since then if he complains about picking up his toys I say I can "fix the problem." At that point the complaining usually stops and the rest of the toys are picked up. I keep a plastic storage container out specifically for things to be donated. Thing can be voluntarily added, or it is there if I need to "fix" the toy problem. We do irewardschart app. Ds can earn stars for having a clean room, clean toy room, and making his bed. We check at the end of the day. The stars can be redeemed for rewards. I'm not very good about keeping up with it though. Laundry does not get done if it doesn't make it into the laundry basket (except sheets). I read/heard a good idea somewhere. My kids aren't old enough yet for it to be very effective for them. Basically, the kids get a certain allowance which is assigned to their chores. If they don't do their chores, then someone else has to be paid to do it. Let's say unloading the dishwasher is $2. If child A is assigned the chore but forgets to unload the dishwasher, then child B (or parent) is paid the $2 out of child A's money. All I want for Christmas next year is one of those homemade coupon books full of coupons saying everyone else will clean the house while I take a mom day. ;)
  14. I would prefer some outdoor construction types of projects, but really any handy craft ideas would be great. I really don't like the typical construction paper types of arts and crafts.
  15. I would love to teach my children how to live off the land and survival type of stuff. Is there a curriculum out there for that?
  16. Is there a homeschool planner app for iPads? It would be nice if there was an app that would adjust the whole schedule if we miss a day or skip ahead.
  17. We listen to educational songs in the truck and am looking for some new ones. Which ones are your favorites?
  18. Do the Dave Ramsey program. I'm a penny pincher and didn't think there was anything I could learn from it, but a friend loaned it to my husband. We have been "gazelle intense" ever since! We have been where you are financially, and we will be debt free this year. My husband is the sole provider and he is also a contractor.
  19. Steffanyace


    You can email your shopping list. I've gotten to where I bring my ipad to the store, so I can check things off as I go. Sometimes I want to double check recipes if the store is out of what I need to see if I might be able to substitute something else. You can email your recipes to other people too.
  20. That's interesting that you say that. I have noticed that he glazes over if I give him too long of an explanation at times. I try to avoid it, but being left brained, it just comes out. I love the logical approach to things and have to remember it is not his style.
  21. Steffanyace


    It will only adjust your pantry supply based off of what you told it you would eat in your calendar. You can adjust your pantry inventory on the app though for those times you eat more/less than what you have on your calendar. I love that I can make a meal plan for the whole month in one day and not have that daily stress of what to make for dinner. I can tell the app I want to shop for one week (or the whole month). It will make my shopping list for me which is really nice! The shopping list is sorted into categories, so I can go orderly through the grocery store saving time. I hate grocery shopping, so I love that! So long as the pantry inventory is adjusted as needed, this app is a big time saver.
  22. I asked my hubby since he is also ADD. He had the same problem learning issues. He would blank out on answers he knew and with the way he compartmentalizes information, he would recall the wrong answers even after being explained too. Could there be some benefit from auditory therapy with that, or is just the physiology of the brain from being ADD? DS is definitely right brain, and I am left brained. It takes a lot of work on my part to see school from a right-brain point of view. I feel like a do a good job most of the time, but sometimes it just doesn't register with me until there is a problem. I've read a bunch of ADD books including Right-Brained Child in a Left-Brained World. I did have ds tested by a psyc at the local university. I don't recall the processing being tested, but I will look again. He was high average on most everything. He was above average on some things and very superior in one area. I can't remember the name of that area, but it was the one were he had to redraw the picture. I'm pretty sure it was the visual-special. He was pretty tired by the end of the day when we did the testing, and I know he wasn't able to put a lot of effort into it like he is capable. Half way through testing we would not do school those days, and that made a big difference. We are also in the middle of vision therapy for eye tracking problems. I'd be curious what he would test if we had it to do over again. I'll ask ds and see if he wants to do it another way. I think we will make some flash cards and see if that makes a difference too.
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