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  1. Whoops, sorry for the double posting! I edited this one but couldn't figure out how to delete one.
  2. I ordered my WWE 2 workbook from Rainbow Resources. I'm thinking of cancelling that and just ordering from PHP, but not sure if that would just put me further down the list or what. I'm calling PHP 1st thing Mon. morning, as RR couldn't tell me anything other than "our system says it's backordered from the publisher". I took a look at how to use the teacher's manual for the weeks that aren't totally laid out and it just feels daunting. The idea of searching through piles of books for certain literary or grammatical components, that is. I'm so ready for that workbook to arrive!
  3. Just bumping this up to see if there's an answer to all the questions about WWE 2 workbook, because I've been wondering the same things. I must echo Julie's plea to post some of it, as I find the task of locating texts which include the various requirements (length, content, etc.) completely daunting. Pleeeeeease??
  4. I will admit, I read to page 3 of the posts but not any further, so I'm sorry if I'm repeating anything others have said. I have a 7 yr. old boy who'll turn 8 early spring & is in 2nd grade. During 1st grade we used Veritas Press' reading guides. I liked them. They offered questions and structure I otherwise wouldn't have thought of. There's alot of fun activities and recipes included as well, although I don't think my son got anything more from his 'Nate the Great' book by making pancakes. He became frustrated that we were "still on that one", as there are alot of workpages for each
  5. We live in an area w/ limited shopping, and our thrift stores are grossly overpriced much like someone else described above (up to $7 - $8 for a decent pair of jeans). I can find brand new things when Old Navy has half-off clearance for cheaper than the main thrift store. Although, I've decided that Old Navy denim is poor quality and my boys get holes in it too quickly. If I get anything like it again, I'll have to reinforce the knees before they wear them. For pj's we do the half-off sale at the thrift store though, usually paying 50 cents per item. Matching doesn't matter when it's just
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