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  1. Nuts, I should have bought the bigger bottle of wine.



      I should have bought 2!

  2. A friend in Tel Aviv posted pics of rockets streaming by overhead; please keep the region in prayer.

    1. Chris in VA


      I am praying. I just read an email about it this morning.

  3. Sure, come on over, what's another family of kids in my yard when half the neighborhood is here already? :P

    1. Momof3littles


      That happens here too. I have mixed feelings about being the neighborhood babysitter!

  4. Stunned, just stunned. Hugs & prayers for Kalanamak & family.

  5. I'm sick of being sick. The kids & I are going on 4 months now.

  6. Oh, there it is! Anyone up for mudslides tonight?

  7. What is this box for? I wonder where this will show up...

  8. I'm glad I finally helped someone amidst all my blabbering! lol They are local blueberries in my avatar, and it's just old wivestale that the ones here are magic. I think they're cleaner and more dense with the good stuff - antioxidants, etc., but I'm probably biased. :)

  9. Hello! I "saw you" in a post on the boards, noticed your location & had to say "hi" to a fellow Alaskan! Congrats on your son's acceptance to the USAFA! I'd love to hear about your homeschool journey sometime.

  10. Hello Fellow Frontier Homeschooler! I just noticed that you're in AK when I was visiting AK_Homesteader's profile page. I'm in the interior; grew up here. How about you?

  11. Yay! Another WTMer from the Great White North! I'm in interior AK; grew up here but moved around the lower 48 when dh was military. It looks like there's getting to be a good-sized group of Alaskans here. Glad to have you here!

  12. I appreciate the wisdom & useful tips you share in your blog. Now I am off to have a cup of tea and a Reality Check. :)

  13. Just waving "hi" from the interior! Whereabouts are you up here?

  14. Jane,

    Yes, we curriculum addicts are in a league (or should it be institution? lol) of our own. :) My kiddo likes the upcoming change, so he better still be talking to me by lunchtime, or else no dessert! ;)

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