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  1. Nice. Maybe some illustrations may be beneficial to the kids understanding [even if I can see some reasons not to, but even that would give rise to some philosophical pondering]
  2. Yes, by figuring out what the Mathew effect really is https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Matthew_effect
  3. If you are interested in the educational philosophy side of it you may consider picking up a used copy of the Padeia Proposal. It is brief (a plus in my book) and to the point, and there may be a point or two in there worth considering. I would steer away from the Padeia Programme, as it reads pretty much as a standard school curriculum. No new insights to be found in as far as I can see. Probably comittee work done in setting up the padeia schools it seems to me.
  4. Have it here on my shelf, but I would say spend money on something else. The Padeia Proposal is slightly better, but would not recommend buying that either.
  5. Thank you. Had a look at the material, and it looks like it would cover much of the requirement, so could probably work, also I like the Giancoli text so that is a plus. If someone have other alternatives, I still have a few days to decide, so please put them up.
  6. Anyone that have any ideas as to how to help a student that is struggling in physics (with poor teaching) going into final year of International Baccalaureate (senior). Need an online programme that she can work with over the summer, preferably asynchronous but that is not critical. Any pointers would be greatly appreciated. :crying:
  7. 1. Would the Bravewriter EE be appropriate for a senior high school student 2. What alternatives exist [summerstudy] to the Bravewriter programme?
  8. I have used the ancient history one without having Teaching Writing: Structure & Style without encountering any difficulties, although I do suspect that it might be a little better or a little easier with. It would probably be OK even without the teacher book. I think that the student resource notebook is a plus to get as there are some references to it that we missed in the beginning without it.
  9. I'd say go to TL2, or maybe pick up Peter Kreeft's book Socratic Logic
  10. Go talk to an average public school teacher. Figure out which one is smarter.
  11. There is no science in "social science" so the best "get-it-done-and-quickly" would be to drop it from the curricula. Can't be done quicker.
  12. If you have not done any formal logic that might well be a good next step. Traditional Logic by Cochran (christian text) maybe good next step. If you need a secular text it is a bit more complicated.
  13. If you were my child I would recommend that you read your own sources to ensure they support your view of the world before posting
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