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  1. Marking this for future peeks because I probably need asynchronous solutions later.
  3. Black hole, sorry thread sucked me in. Absolutely irresistible.
  4. Thanks to all previous posters for great info here
  5. Interesting thread, marked for future peeks My 5 cents: Math (and English) K-12 about $80/year (No human interaction)
  6. Thanks Ruth, I'm sold! Now, I have to figure out how to fit the pieces together in my overall puzzle.
  7. Wonderful thread! Truly appreciate the work you put into this. The only piece of information that I am missing is some observation on Religious vs Secular content in the different alternatives. (Might be relevant to both "sides" to some degree. Myself I can live with some religious "presence", but not with bible studies masquerading as a writing program. )
  8. The Kreeft book is simply amazing, however quite demanding (High-School/College). Balanced, with both Atheist and Religious examples, however most do not have religious theme. "An introduction to Traditional Logic" by Scott M Sullivan might be better first choice. Well written, some of exercises to drive home points. Secular. Could well be followed by Kreeft a year later. Should also give "The Trivium" by Sister Miriam Joseph honorable mention, it is has few exercises to do. Almost secular, which is pretty impressive for a Nun. Treats especially well interaction grammar and logic. The rest I have not seen.
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