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  1. We are very interested in using WVWW for 10-12th grades. I'm wondering, though, if it covers enough on history. Any thoughts from those who have used it? Also, it looks like they've split Year 2 into two years of study. My daughter is a freshman this year, so we only have three years ahead of us. How doable is it to cover Year 2 in a single year rather than spread it out over two? Any recommendations are so welcome. You all are fabulous. Thanks so much for weighing in.
  2. Here goes: History & Literature: TOG Geography: Mapping the World by Heart Writing: IEW SWI-B, Elegant Essay Language: Spelling Power (review), Vocabulary from Classical Roots, Daily Grams Spanish: Tell Me More Math: MUS Geometry (will supplement with Life of Fred this summer) Science: Apologia Biology (with co-op and weekly "class" with a wonderful neighbor) Fine Arts: Cello, daily practice, weekly private lesson, Youth Orchestra, also an outside visual arts class (9 weeks so far + more this summer) Logic: Fallacy Detective & Thinking Toolbox (last fall), Introductory Logi
  3. Here's my preference, but it is only a preference. I'm getting ready to do IEW's Elegant Essay with my 9th grade DD. This easy to follow curriculum gives a great overview of the essay model along with some truly practical tools. This year and next, we'll focus a lot of energy on writing essays. Then, in the later part of 10th grade, we'll do the Essay Intensive to prep for the SAT. OK, there's my plan. I hope it helps.
  4. What is your favorite atlas? I have a 5th and 9th grader, so I'd like to find an atlas that would work well for both. What say you?
  5. We need a good atlas, and I'm wondering which ones are your favorites. I'd love to hear from you.
  6. We began Mapping the World by Heart this year, and I'm loving. I agree that it lacks specific instructions on how to implement the program, but I've been in regular contact with the author via his email link on his mapping.com site. He's been incredibly responsive and helpful. In our talks, I've discovered that he intentionally left out a lot of instruction with the intent that students would develop skills in teaching themselves. Like many who have tried the program, I was at first unsure of how to proceed, but I've asked lots of questions and am liking what I see so far. The author
  7. We are beginning our first year of TOG next week with Unit 2. I have had the same question, so I did some googling this morning and found this site, which should be pretty helpful. I'll do some more searching online for resources and may end up purchasing an atlas. http://www.atlapedia.com/
  8. We are entering a new phase this year as we join a co-op for the first time ever. Here's what I've planned for the year...so far. History, Literature & Writing: TOG (with IEW videos to supplement) Algebra: MUS Science: Apologia Physical Science Here's where I have questions: Do I need an additional grammar program? How about vocabulary? Is TOG vocab. enough? Need logic suggestions. We've done Thinking Toolbox and Fallacy Detective. Not sure what to do next. Also, I'm considering using an online Latin program this year. Never have done this before either. It will
  9. Anyone know of an excellent online or video Latin program? Just considering options. We used Latin Road to English Grammar last year.
  10. I just received my TOG yr. 2 and did not order binders. I'll simply buy my own at Costco.
  11. We're doing SOTW as the spine for history along with Sonlight Readers. I'm interested in finding a 3-day schedule. Anyone know of such a thing?
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