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  1. The main things that jump out to me are that you are definately have a ton of language arts. I would nix all (except your SOnlight), and supplement with a drill type workbook. Editing workbooks are great. It will keep them fresh on the grammar they already know. (once you learn it you learn t... no new material) I have a 6th and 8th grader... hope that helps. My main goal in schooling is to keep a love of learning blossoming in them. I hope this is helpful.
  2. I am teaching a co-op class of Finance for the teens. We only have kids through 9th grade coming now.... We are using Crown Finacnial for Teens as our core materials, but I want to cover stock market investing too. Anyone heard of something I can use. At this point I am creating it all. Since I think I bit off more than I can chew... I would love some advice. :confused:
  3. :lol: Oh yes, it's not only okay... it's pretty much expected.
  4. Praying too! Where two or more are gathered.... (and we can be gathered on the web...right?) Blessings
  5. Make sure you check the laws in your state. In Colorado (my lovely state) you can not educate another person;s child unless you have a school. :) Home schools don't count.
  6. I have to totally agree with the original post. :iagree: Over and over I am hearing we have to "earn" respect. I have a couple comments: 1) President Bush (and every other President from the past) did earn respect when he WON the election. & I know you all voted. ;) 2) Do our parents have to earn our respect? What about our bosses? Are we free to disprespect them if they make a mistake or set a bad example? They answer to that is a resounding NO! We are to honor the authority set above us whether or not we agree.
  7. Honey for a Childs Heart (mentioned already twice but worth a 3rd) id a great resource. Other than that keep it simple. You can read aloud to her during lunch and/or breakfast. Then give her a book list, and have her read them independantly before X amount of time. Maybe 1 book per week. Whatever you think will keep her motiviated with out exasperating her. We made a book chart and when they hit 100 boks, they eared a reward. My ds wanted to go skating, but my dd wanted ice cream. just keep it FUN! :D
  8. Have you ever heard of the book Honey for a Child's Heart? It is an excellent resource to help pick books for all ages. It will break it down by themes, age appropraiteness, etc. You can usually get it at the library.
  9. I say... OUCH! Because that is so me. I have to realize a few things. 1) There are tons of great programs out there, but it is better to stick with mine (unless it just isn't working then toss it) and use most of it, than try all and only sample each. :) 2) I have to go back to WHY I am homeschooling. I wrote down my goals when I started so I can re-evaluate and ask "Does this fit with my goal" If it does, great keep it... if not toss it. 3) It is totally fine to sample some things into my curriculum, but I need to keep the main thing the main thing. I hear ya girl. :D
  10. I just watched the video, and feel a little silly for asking for help. :blushing: It is kind obvious. You all are probably laughing your heads off that I couldn't figure it out. Well... I think I got it. Thanks for replying... I am the queen of missing the obvious!
  11. I was given this program, and want to use it, as my children LOVE art, and I haven't an artistic bone in my body. I planned on using it once a week, but I am totally confused by the format. :confused: Any tips? Thanks!
  12. New to the forum... Not sure how to contact you to email the file? my email is: kdavi75@comcast.net Send an email and I will reply with the file. Hope it truly is the one. :001_smile:
  13. I have a file in excel that was based on the "Managers of Their Home" We each have a color assigned to us, and I scedule, morning routines, (based on fly lady) email time, :001_smile: dinner, pretty much anything that I need to get done. It can be overwhelming if you are not a schedule person, but I would be happy to send you an email attachment. Let me know. Sounds like it might be the one!
  14. Yes we can.... Absolutely! We are totally cabable of learning with our children... it is not about being a great teacher, but a great mother. You should check out the apolgia web site. Not only do I think we can educate our children in a superior way than most ps, I know we can. Check out his statisctics on the education of the children. He even has charts with data comparing home school student to private (which are typically better than even good school disctricts of ps)
  15. Yeah.. I can resell, but I know I will take a huge loss. :ack2: I wish I hadn't waited 2 months to look at it! :crying:
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