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  1. My 18yo is like this and its exhausting. It doesn't help that she has many strong opinions that appear to be built on splinters of information or philosophy, does not read any mainstream news media, and has not enough real world experience. I am very, very tired.
  2. Locally Hated is a skinny young dude who modded his car so it is incredibly loud, and he has a huge sticker across the bottom of his windshield that says, "Locally Hated" in cursive. We always know when he comes and goes. 🙄 The Swat Team House: The original owners are elderly and still live in it, and their trashy adult children and grandchildren cycle in and out. One day the swat team pulled up and removed an escapee from the local state prison who was friends with a grandchild. That guy was hiding in the garage rafters. We plan to move soon. 😂
  3. I have populated my neighborhood this way too! 😂 We have Hangry guy, the Russians, the Rental, Locally Hated, Swat Team House....
  4. This sounds so scary. I am thinking of you and hope your son feels better soon.
  5. How terrible for him. It sounds traumatic. Hugs to you all.
  6. My husband and I have used fee-only financial advisors and that has worked very well for us. We have an array of retirement accounts, and having one person who can assess the investment balance/diversity and advise us on tax implications has been really helpful. I pick my own funds and do not need active investment management. https://www.napfa.org/find-an-advisor
  7. Ted Lasso is my 2021 favorite!
  8. I love decor that shows the unique personality of the family in the home. Sid is awesome. ❤️
  9. Glad to see this. Hugs to all of you.
  10. I am with you, Pawz4me - but in separate, quiet locations! 😂
  11. I am not sure this would change the job market for you. I have not heard of this job title before - have you looked for job listings in your area? I have a BS in Special Education for people with Moderate-Severe disabilities and a Masters in Special Education in Applied Behavior Analysis. I currently work as a BCBA. With your previous degrees you already have the credentials to teach the skills described in your linked article. You probably don't need to pay more money for a third degree to qualify for this job. There is a HUGE market for 1:1 coaching for the skill deficits described and you could get clients quickly. Good luck!
  12. Get a lawyer and have a consultation at the very least. His timeline works for HIM, not you and not DD. You don't have to act on anything but make sure someone who is ONLY CONSIDERING YOUR NEEDS gives you advice.
  13. How terrible for you all. I am sorry for your loss.
  14. Also, family members can be strong and effective advocates. When my parents were struggling in care, I would be the bad cop and other relatives would be the good cops so the patient did not have to vulnerable. How awful you are going through this, I am so sorry. I hope you recover quickly and can be discharged ASAP.
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