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  1. Great feedback from everyone. I absolutely agree that he is learning to be negative from me (which makes me hate myself a little more. Wheee!) Anyway, I hope to start therapy again in about two weeks. Maybe I can find out if there is a school counselor he can see for free. The main thing I'm getting is, maybe instead of just freaking out about what he tells me, I can find out how much of it is accurate and then work to change the things I don't like. I don't really know how much tv they watch or in what capacity. I don't really know how often they lose recess. I just need to find a way t
  2. I need advice. I can't seem to get this whole education thing right. I started to homeschool my son in K because he was very far ahead of the school in our area. K went well. 1st was ok, and started getting harder near the end. I was pregnant with my third then, and was due in August. (one year ago). I took two months off after she was born, and then we began again for 2nd grade. And it was torture. I was very depressed. He hated everything. He complained about school all the time. I went through three different spelling programs and two RLA's, and started doing history just how he wanted
  3. I'm looking for suggestions for great read aloud books for my second grade son. What have you loved to read with your kids?
  4. I'm glad I'm getting input on this. I hadn't realized it was so teacher intensive. I'm having a baby in August, so maybe this is not the right time to switch to something that might actually make my life a little harder. Does anyone have anything good to say about Saxon? I personally like it, but I'm really not a math person, so I expect math to be dry and repetitive. The way they teach makes sense to me. I'm afraid that if I change to RightStart, I'll be in over my head. It seems totally different from what I'm used to. But I would like him to have a more solid foundation. Sounds like I
  5. Has anyone tried RightStart math? Who loves it? Why? I'm agonizing over whether to try RightStart C next year instead of Saxon 3. (I picked C instead of B based on the site's recommendation.) It's not that my DS7 has a big problem with Saxon. He does fine and doesn't complain most of the time. But he doesn't have that mythical "love of math" I've heard so much about. Maybe because I don't have that, it's hard for me to imagine, but if it's real, I'd like him to have a chance to develop it. And Saxon isn't really inspiring. I would describe it as thorough and adequate, but it's not making a
  6. If I were to start Right start, bluedarling, where would I begin? I feel like it's so different I would need to start at the very beginning.
  7. I'm currently using Saxon Math 2 for my ds7. He doesn't love it, he doesn't hate it. He says he wants to be an engineer and build things when he grows up, and I've read that Saxon is not good for that path. I recently took a few learning type quizzes and they reported that he is primarily an auditory learner, and secondarily a kinesthetic learner. So I've been investigating different math curriculums, and Math U See and Rightstart seemed like something my son might like. Math U See seems similar to Saxon but with more manipulatives, which I like. Rightstart seems to come from left field wit
  8. Nasdaq, I'm using Rod and Staff Phonics at the second grade level. He thinks it's boring, which it kind of is, but the material is so vital. He's also doing Saxon Math 2, which someone asked about earlier. OhElizabeth, you're a genius. I love the idea of setting time slots, and letting him have free time until the next thing if he finishes early. I will start that next week. I will also read about VSL learners. (Is that what he is if he likes to do things orally?) I don't know what BJU is, but I'll figure it out. He is not typing yet. He wants to, but at the school where I used to wor
  9. Wow, I'm totally overwhelmed (in a good way) by all your responses! Thank you for all your great advice. And I must say, some of you are either psychic or psychologists. I am very black and white. You've found me out! I talked to my son, and he said he most dislikes math, spelling, phonics and science. I feel terrible that science was on the list. I've been having him read a few pages in a DK encyclopedia and write one page about it. It was so easy for me. I didn't realize he hated it so much, since he never complained about it before. So this week I read the pages with him, and toda
  10. If you add the time we are actually sitting and doing school, it isn't more than 2-3 hours, sometimes less. It does seem to take us all day to get through it. Sometimes I'm alright with that, because if we finish everything by, say, 3 pm, he just wants to play video games and watch TV the rest of the day, since he's not allowed until he finishes school. So if we don't finish until 6 pm, his screen time is less. That said, I would like to find a way to get through everything in a timely fashion and with a smile on everyone's face. And he actually does carry the one now, but it took me a
  11. My son was in Kindergarten for six weeks before I pulled him out and started homeschooling him. Now we're mired in first grade, trying to get all of our Saxon math done before I have a baby in August, and he comes out with "I hate school." WHAT? I mean....WHAT? I have spent hours, days and weeks researching, agonizing over and planning his education over the past year and a half so I would never have to hear that again. So it wouldn't be true. So he would be happy and whole and well. And now...now this. He loves being home. He has no desire to go back to public school. But he doesn
  12. So my DS6 is a curious little guy, and I'm sure he'd love to be able to Google the things he is curious about. But I'm not ready to teach him how to use a search engine and open him to the wide world of anything that can get past our family protection software. So I was thinking about getting World Book installed on our computer. I found it online for only $40. (I tried to copy and paste the link, but this forum won't ever let me paste anything I've copied.) I was thinking it would be nice to have a way that he could research things on his computer without actually being online. The CD
  13. I though they updated automatically based on how many posts you had made...
  14. I'm trying to find the threads I've started to see peoples' answers, and only three will show up. I've tried changing every option I can see, but I can't get the others to appear. Can anyone help? Admin? Person smarter than I am? Thanks!
  15. I wouldn't take the summer months off per se. I was thinking December, April and August. We already took most of December off, so we're on track!
  16. My son is in 1st grade. Right now we are trying to do A LOT everyday. Our day is: Scripture study spelling phonics math writing (WWE) book report/story writing computers TTH memorization, grammar TTH history/science music- recorder practice We have a hard time fitting it all in, and we're often rushing through the fun stuff at the end of the day. I've been thinking of switching to a MWF/TTH schedule, something like math and LA on MWF and history, science, computers and art on TTH. BUT How can I get through a whole year's worth of math only doing three lessons a we
  17. The rules based approach has worked for him. He's a good speller so far. I'm just having to make up my own lists each week. I'd like a real curriculum, I just haven't seen one I loved. I like Rod and Staff phonics but their spelling is weird.
  18. When do you start a formal logic curriculum and what do you use? I have a first grader right now, and he's never done any logic before.
  19. I have always liked rule-based spelling and phonics, but I've had a hard time finding a curriculum I love. I've read that several people here love Sequential Spelling, but I was turned off by it's opposition to rules. Can someone argue for or against it? To me, drop the e when you add ing makes a lot of sense, but it seems not everyone feels that way. Thoughts?
  20. Good input everyone. He would love it if I would let him erase it and fix it rather than me circling it. Come to think of it, why don't I do that? I used to work at a private school, and circling mistakes is just what we did. That way, you could remember you needed to work on it. It wasn't a big deal. But to my son it is. Sometimes I think my time working in a school is my biggest roadblock to being a better homeschooler.
  21. My DS6 wants more hands-on science. I'm following WTM curriculum suggestions for 1st grade. We usually read a few pages and then he writes a one page summary, and sometimes draws a picture. It's ok. He doesn't fight me, but he's not super-pumped about it. I'm wondering how I can make biology more hands-on at this level. When I think of hands-on science, I go straight to baking soda volcanoes, and other simple chemical reactions which would be chemistry, and not used in WTM till later (3rd or 4th, I forget...) or physics topics like heat transfer and magnets, etc. I don't think he's ready f
  22. My DS6, 1st grade, sometimes spazzes when he is corrected. This happens mainly in spelling and math facts. When he misses a math fact or spells something wrong in his phonics book, he gets very angry and shuts down. He refuses to see it as an opportunity to learn. I don't pressure him to get everything right, and I don't get upset when he makes mistakes. I don't feel like this is something I've done to him, but some pressure he puts on himself. My question is: what can I do about it? I don't feel like I can just not circle it when he answers 7+5 with 13. Math is math, it's black an
  23. Oh, wow. Logic of English Essentials looks like an awesome program. I wish it had more levels. As far as I can tell it has just 40 lessons. I wish they continued through all the grades.
  24. BatmansWife, thank you for your thoroughness. I have to learn sometime!
  25. I'm currently using WWE and FLL, both level one for my first grader who is an advanced reader. I'm not in love with it. I find it too slow and not challenging in the least. I've thought of just skipping a level, but I'm concerned it's never going to be what I want. For second grade, I'd like: diagramming parts of speech sentences and paragraphs I feel that the Peace Hill Press curriculum is just so much copy work. SO MUCH. He doesn't mind all that much, but I want to see more improvement in his own writing, which I don't see a lot of with this curriculum, since it requires no ind
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