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  1. A $35 Chromecast will give you Netflix. A $50 Roku stick will give you Netflix, Amazon Instant, and pretty much every channel Amazon offers and more. Before you know it Google or Roku or someone else will have their tech already in the TV and you won't need a box. Sure there are smart TVs now, but they are painfully slow and with poor interfaces.
  2. The roku app has some voice control options anyway, and inputting text for search is far easier on a smartphone or tablet than on the TV no matter the box.
  3. It makes sense though. Nipping in the butt as in chasing something away.
  4. Me too. But not with crappy California strawberries. Must wait. :)
  5. I dunno. I think they'd be used to it by now.
  6. Yeah, the expensive cookers won't cook milk-based porridges. There is a warning in the book, but it should be more prominent.
  7. Zo here too, an induction model. I don't worry about nonstick coatings for low temperature cooking, though I won't use it for anything over medium even though I know my burners won't go anywhere near 500F. Just be careful to only use a rice paddle that won't scratch the coating and inspect the surface regularly. Zo sells replacement bowls. We've had our cooker for at least 7 years and are still on the original bowl. Do yourself a favour and get The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook... rice cookers, even those that don't steam (most higher end models) can do much more than cook rice.
  8. It seems random, and when it doesn't work I lose my posts.
  9. MAD TV had a great fake commercial for a new and improved Olestra-like product: "Now with 10% less anal leakage!"
  10. I covet your headphone jack, but I can't justify the $ at the moment.
  11. That happened to us with Duck Soup. I couldn't put it in the age restricted Netflix queue, so I did away with the age restriction. We only have one TV and neither child likes to watch movies on their tablets, so it's not a big deal for us. As far as I can tell, the Amazon box wouldn't give us anything we need that don't already have access to between the Chromecast (primarily to "throw" YouTube videos/playlists/queues and Google Play Music or Movies) and the "smart" TV (Netflix, Amazon, Pandora). We have a Roku, but haven't used it in months... it's one of the old ones that doesn't officially support YouTube or the new fancy interface. The last thing I want is the kids playing Minecraft on the TV. How would I ever get to the end of Breaking Bad if I couldn't make sure they'd stay occupied elsewhere for 46 minutes an episode? :lol:
  12. I don't know how old the OP's kids are, but she did mention Duplo. Assuming they're of an age to play with Duplo, there's a big difference between them and a 14yo who is also a sibling.
  13. It's not like you're taking your own meal in. :) Not weird... of course, I'm used to it because a few friends have food allergies. Think of it this way, by bringing your own topping or dressing, you increasing the restaurant's business because you might not order the garnished items otherwise.
  14. People are within their rights to have child-free events. I am free not to go. It shouldn't be a big deal. But... *If* your husband wants to go for his brother's sake he should. I understand your relationship with your in-laws is less than ideal, but IMHO it's best to give people a chance to fail rather than assume they will. His staying home wouldn't be standing up for you so much as trying to avoid having to down the line. :grouphug:
  15. Was pregnancy not considered to be a pre-existing condition even under employer plans? So getting covered after an unplanned pregnancy was impossible?
  16. Similar, but not necessarily the same, which is why universal health care makes more sense than a piecemeal system. If you're in a country where coverage is viewed as birth to death and is provided to everyone (no matter the model, it's not always single payer), it seems less like an us vs them proposition.
  17. A friend's mother was given beer in hospital after giving birth (late 60's) with her husband looking on jealously because there was a beer strike in the province. :D
  18. If you were hired as a stripper. What if you were hired as a waitress, bartender, manager or bookkeeper?
  19. A friend of mine does the pill cycle that only gives her a period every few months. It's made a tremendous difference for her.
  20. I like sweetbreads. Not the pickles, sweetbreads.
  21. What about FICA taxes? They are a government mandated benefit.
  22. I have seen the same argument questioning why men should have to pay into a plan with maternity coverage.
  23. For those who say there's a clear line here and it is the ending of a life: This is based on belief, whether religious or philosophical, and not science because this is a question science cannot answer. Some would argue viability outside the womb, some ensoulment (in accordance with their religious tradition), etc. But there are other religious and philosophical beliefs of right and wrong that are held just as deeply as your belief of when life begins, no? It's tempting to see a clear line when it's our own belief. FWIW, I think ruling in favor of HL would set a dangerous legal precedent. Not about any form of birth control, but of the "rights" of corporations over their employees and the law of the land. It won't stop at IUDs.
  24. It would be a large daycare or chain to fall under the employer mandate, but let's assume it does. You could choose to provide funds to the employees so they could purchase healthcare on the exchange, the Employer Shared Responsibility Payment. Provided it meets certain conditions, you would be exempt from penalty and not directly providing insurance to your employees. As far as individuals incorporating their businesses, would you not benefit from incorporating, possibly at the expense of creditors should you business fail or from a liability standpoint in the absence of criminal negligence? But there are also costs to incorporation, costs you should consider carefully before deciding to take advantage of its benefits.
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