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  1. Sorry, I must have missed your post. :)
  2. I care because I'm curious. I like to hear about how those in other cultures view things. :)
  3. My mother used to say moskittah for mosquito and Sarrady for Saturday. Those drove me nuts too.
  4. But is it considered offensive that most citizens of the US call themselves Americans?
  5. Dinner used to mean lunch, and supper was very often hours later than most have it now, if it was had at all. In Pride & Prejudice, events taking place after dinner were in the afternoon, and people going home for dinner were not doing so at the end of the day. This was a point of confusion for me when I first read it as a teenager.
  6. But where are these hordes of the offended? I've never met anyone who discussed the "issue" in more serious terms than idle speculation.
  7. I don't recall it ever being an issue, just a fact. Now, when I was in 7th grade, our elementary school put a message in a bottle with a request to contact us should it be found. Out principal was tasked with telling us in assembly that it had made it so far as Dildo in Newfoundland. Only the older kids sniggered, but that was enough. O, Brave New World, with such places in it.
  8. But that is how it's pronounced.
  9. No. Just no.
  10. Ummm, the research I've seen is that supplementing with anti-oxidants make it more likely you'll get cancer. This is the first summary that came up in Google, so it's what I'm pasting: http://bigthink.com/devil-in-the-data/the-dark-side-of-antioxidants ETA: Eating fruits and veg is protective, and relatively small amounts of supplements probably aren't harmful. Evidence is also mounting that low dose aspirin is protective against certain cancers.
  11. Libary... drives me nuts.
  12. I didn't realize it was a thing. The only person I've seen use it is on these boards. Off to Google.
  13. Some GM wheat was discovered in an Oregon field in the last year or two. I don't think the source was ever discovered (and no other contaminated fields were found), but there were swift and serious consequences with respect to our wheat export market even though the farmer reported it and the wheat was destroyed. GM wheat will not be coming any time soon.
  14. MIL used to do this to DH all the time before he severed contact (for unrelated reasons). The worst was when he was relating a particularly good spanking he'd received for playing too rough with his little brother. She not only insisted she had NEVER spanked him, but for weeks afterward sent him links about False Memory Syndrome and suggested he get counselling over his "misplaced anger" towards her.
  15. There are three options. Hit the internet and see if it's something you can repair yourself. If not, I'd get a new one.
  16. When they needed it, my kids each had five mints or gum over the course of the day plus the toothpaste. They never had digestive problems. Note we just use the toothpaste.
  17. For teeth, ducking candies and chewing gums are best because they prolong exposure while minimising total intake. Too much xylitol can cause digestive problems. We also use Squigle, a high-xylitol toothpaste. Seconding the warning about dogs.
  18. Not currently, but if it's at all possible the folks at PlayOn will make it happen. Here is a list of supported devices. http://www.playon.tv/supported-devices
  19. A view which might just turn out to be unanimous. OP: I'm sorry the class was cancelled, but I don't think it's fair to blame the teacher or devalue her time compared to other teachers because you expect a music teacher to go the extra mile.
  20. Only fuzzy logic units have a porridge cycle. On pages 10 and 14 of the new edition are warnings to stand by the first time you try a milk based porridge because some cookers will boil over (from Amazon Look Inside). My book is currently out on loan, so I can't check individual recipes.
  21. Something to chew on... What Roku Matters More Than Ever http://gizmodo.com/why-roku-matters-more-than-ever-1558433873
  22. I think they listed all the games/apps currently compatible, but no matter what, they'd only be able to download apps from Amazon.
  23. Samsung also offers a free, ad-free, Pandora- like streaming music app for Galaxy owners called Milk Music. The interface is amazing. ETA: And I say this as a long-time Samsung app-hater. Here's a link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.samsung.mdl.radio
  24. You can upload you music from a commuter to Google Play Music for free. This will work for most tracks unless you have old ones with DRM. Any music you want on your phone instead of in the cloud can either be "pinned" from Music or transferred directly. No smartphone camera will give you good action shots. The Samsung phones take decent pics at a resolution more than adequate for prints. Your phone can automatically back up pics to Google+ pictures, Flickr, or anither service. You can also connect your phone to the computer directly or use WiFi transfer (I know this works between phones) or another protocol I can't remember the acronym for.
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