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  1. Due to a drug I'm on, I've lost about half my hair. DH: Would you like a hat for Mother's Day? Or before that?
  2. A shop near us serves bone marrow ice cream. I've yet to try it though because the line is too long for my patience.
  3. Rivka, how are you feeling?
  4. OK. My real name is not Moira and I don't live in Portland and even if I did, I'd email you a list of good pancake and cocktail joints before you leave for here there. Heck, we they might have one joint that covers both.
  5. FWIW, I don't understand either. It sounds like one of those finger traps: you can't get out until you give up.
  6. You think the slug was the beginning of a slippery slope? But pancakes, yeah!
  7. Oh, I've had this discussion with friends of various faiths and usually their response is similar to yours. :) I was more curious about how that works in seeking's worldview.
  8. There was an SNL sketch years ago in which a woman prayed before doing anything, even using the microwave. Jesus (Phil Hartman) can down to ask her politely to stop. Didn't get anywhere.
  9. But I've never taken a life. Never gone so far as to even contemplate it. Never defrauded anyone either. Help me understand your thinking, what is keeping me, an atheist, from murdering people? (Disclaimer: I curse at other drivers.)
  10. And some others start with a sense of self-loathing already present.
  11. Nor could I. But then again, I still occasionally feel guilt about stealing Mary Stutchberry's beloved slug when we were five.
  12. I gave her a pass. Considering what homosexuality is usually lumped in with, being no better or worse than mentally cursing another driver is mild by comparison. This has been an interesting thread and I'd hate to derail it.
  13. And acting in an unselfish manner but inwardly regretting it to some degree?
  14. I don't wish to contemplate the level of anxiety that could produce. Are all sins then equal, either realized or imagined? (ETA: "Imagined" probably isn't the right word. Maybe deed and thought?)
  15. So Amy, what happened? Did you get satisfaction?
  16. If anything, quantum physicists were created to make my head hurt.
  17. I've been told that depth perception can suffer one "gets by" without glasses when one eye has a significantly stronger prescription than the other because of (IIRC) over-reliance on the stronger eye. But when the correction is the same... and so slight. Barring strain or headaches, I'd be inclined to do without.
  18. There's a third kind... at least around here. Our science museum residential camps run $500-700 for five day camps, and up to $950 for 12 day field studies, hikes, and documentary studies. This includes transport to as far away as northern California and Banff. Though if either kid were to stick with French, I'd totally be in for footing the bill here: http://www.canoeisland.org/
  19. If I had a quarter for every time I say "Is is not ought," to my lovely, but hormonal 12yo I'd be rich. :D
  20. You said "people have placed their faith in the practice of science to answer the big questions regarding the purpose of our existence" not "the nature of our existence." Different words, different meanings.
  21. Purpose? What purpose? Who said anything about science seeking the purpose of existence, with all the attendant and unscientific presuppositions that come with such a notion? We exist through some stroke of evolutionary luck and as individuals we have one shot at life. That's all the purpose I need. This is my shot. You hold faith in a supernatural force and I don't. Because I don't think we were created or designed or whatever, I seek no external validation or explanation of "purpose" via science or any other means. I don't get why you're drawing equivalence here. None of this means I'm not interested in the cosmology or the biology as to how we are here. But purpose? Nope.
  22. Since moving into our house 11 years ago we've replaced the dishwasher, refrigerator, and washing machine and I'm waiting not so patiently for a back-ordered gas range. It's hard to get excited about a dishwasher or fridge, but a range? When I've only ever had crappy, bottom-of-the-line ranges? Well, here's hoping it's not a lemon. :D
  23. My "belief" is based on past evidence and not faith; with sufficient evidence to the contrary I will change my mind. To my thinking the reductio ad absurdum that ends with all held beliefs, suppositions, etc. being necessarily based on faith (especially to the point of constituting a belief system) only cheapens genuine religious faith. I "know" the sun will come up in the morning, even as my subconscious forces a mental asterisk that there this an infinitesimally small chance it won't and also that the sun doesn't really "come up" anyway. Is this faith in the sense of belief without evidence/proof? No.
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