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  1. Dry and "gritty" eyes can be helped with drops, but if you're already fatigued, reading, or even having an intense conversation is hard work. Has your vision changed? If so I think that's something you're supposed to mention to your caregivers.

  2. Well, one has the initials GIN, and together they are G&T. It was accidental, but take from that what you will.


    Lessee. My eldest's name is inspired by Raiders of the Lost Ark. DD the Younger's name just seemed right. It means "vigilant" but we didn't take meaning into consideration.

  3. Just bumping this thread because I saw a news report that said that the cause of death was a heroin overdose.


    I was really hoping it was some sort of sudden health issue and that it wasn't drug-related. :(


    Where did you hear that? I wasn't aware a cause had yet been released.   :(


    ETA: Never mind. I see it all over now.

  4. Number one, I didn't bring up racism as in saying it was remotely okay or tolerable. I'm using the abortion as an example because it's obvious that people should (as mentioned in my OP) always accept others' beliefs and practices without question, but never be able to stand up for their own.


    Why is it okay for ME (meaning me or anyone else) to be offended, but never okay for ME (or anyone else) to have an opinion or belief that offends?

    I'm not going to touch the second paragraph... it's low hanging fruit.


    I was musing in my last post why you seen to be courting increasingly controversial topics as the thread progresses. FWIW I'm well aware of your view on abortion already, and while I disagree, I am not offended.


    I'm confused though why you seem to be equating others' strongly held opinions brought to to counter your own as depression or infringing on your right to speak here.


    ETA: I accidentally snipped out a paragraph of Stacey's post. On phone. Hard to fix.

  5. Well it doesn't surprise me that people think religious opposition to anything is on the hate continuum, but there ARE people with religious convictions and they are entitled to their right to have them.


    One of the biggest reasons (actually probably the ONLY reason) I wind up voting against gay marriage is because, in general, those who support gay marriage are pro-choice. Murdered babies take priority for me. I don't think there is really anything more hateful in this world.

    This is at least the second time you've brought up abortion in this thread you've started. Are you bored this afternoon, hoping to get a bit of a rise or of people? Abortion, racism, gay marriage, what else?

  6. I have a fidgety reader (at least until she settles down into it in a comfy chair). Unless her fidgeting is a barrier to her reading, I'd suggest having your own copy of the material. Don't look at hers at all. Maybe sit at opposite ends of the couch or in adjacent chairs. Sorry, I know that's not what you want to hear.

  7. Nope. Not at all. I'm saying EVERYONE has the right to an opinion, and people shouldn't whine and try to ruin people's lives when they have a differing one.


    Can we unpack this a bit? Can I avoid businesses whose practices I find abhorrent? Or whose owner's opinions or activities I find objectionable? If that's OK, can I seek to make others aware of these practices or activities? At what point would I be "trying to ruin their lives?" Should I vote for a politician who just has a little racist slip-up? Would you?


    As far as the basketball guy, he probably has an agreement with the league that has strict stipulations as to conduct. If so, he signed it and should be willing to bear the consequences. But how much respect and consideration should his team give him? SHould they just pretend they know nothing? What would you do if you were in that situation?

  8. I tried to tell family either in person or on the phone. To be honest though, I let my mother and daughter tell most of my family. I couldn't deal with it and it was easier on me that way. I can understand not wanting to find out that way, but I can also understand why he might have found it easier for him to do it that way.

    This. I recently had some bad news to convey to family and friends, but couldn't make it past the third phone call. It was emotionally wrenching each time as from anew. Like you, I ended up delegating.

  9. That's my bad. Sorry. I came back to remove my question from my post, but too late.


    I would love to see an "Ask a True Christian" thread. I think that would be really interesting because I think a lot of people would have questions.

    Thanks. I'll go back and edit my post.

  10. Question: If you knew you were to die today, say within the next hour, would it worry you?


    To leave my kids and husband behind? My friends? To lose the rest of what I would have hoped to be a much longer life? I would't worry for myself because I believe death is the end except for memories of us and our works, though I would regret, perhaps despair, at not having a chance for more. But my kids, that's what would be foremost in my mind.

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  11. You might be able to replace the door part yourself. Check replacement parts online. Many sites have links to videos showing how to replace this or that part.


    Is the reason it's taking so long to dry is that it's not heating? This happened to my cheapo Kenmore gas drier. It turned out all it needed was to have two solenoid coils replaced (people *love* to help diagnose appliance problems online). I did it myself for a total cost of less than $40.

  12. I've got a question. For those who identify as atheist, do you consider self to be any other kind of -ist, besides humanist, such as materialist, universalist, confucianist, etc.? If so, what would that be, and how/why did you come to that conclusion? Or do you just prefer to go label-less?


    I am a skeptic, and my atheism follows that.


    However, I've also identified as atheist since the age of 8, when I told my parents I could not longer go to church (Anglican) because it would be hypocritical.


    ETA: Other -ists ... feminist, socialist, beerist

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