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  1. Have you ever considered having your life in a reality show? It would be entertaining...
  2. Um, I've only ever in my life seen sauerkraut on a hotdog. It is neither a side dish or an ingredient. It's a condiment just like sweet pickle relish! I can't imagine eating it alone. I mean... that's like serving ketchup as a side dish.
  3. I can 't say it. I don't know if it's a holdout from being a former JW or if I really have a problem with it.
  4. You don't like soft tacos? I've never even seen a hard taco in Mexico ever. I think hard tacos are a Taco Bell creation. :tongue_smilie:
  5. It was upsetting, but I wasn't surprised. People just don't understand. Your posts on this subject are always very much right on. :001_smile:
  6. I've gotten a pm before from a poster who thinks abuse isn't a good enough reason. She wanted me to consider how wrong it was to leave my sadistic and extremely violent exh. :glare:
  7. I would do it again. I was stupid to not do it sooner. I'm lucky to still be alive.
  8. Yanno... in Mexico you could buy a mansion on the beach for that price and one for each of your kids, too.
  9. I think that conversation was great. I'd be proud of her if I were you. :)
  10. I mangled myself pretty good on a merry-go-round. Good times. Good times. eta: I also fell of the top of a 4 level monkey bar thing and landed directly on my head! You know, I think that explains some things...
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