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  1. Yes, DD did the TOVA for the first time when she was being assessed for a non-drug treatment. She surprisingly scored over the 100 average, and this was one of the factors that the psychologist thought that she may have Asperger's Syndrome instead of ADHD. The psychiatrist, paediatrician and two other clinical psychologists had already diagnosed DD with severe ADHD.
  2. Strattera and Intuniv are a couple of non-stimulant drugs used for ADHD.
  3. Sally Shaywitz is correct. Both the school and us have decided that French is a waste of time for DD with dyslexia in grade 6, so it will be replaced with doing occupational therapy at school. The same thing will happen in high school when the mandatory French course will be replaced with a Learning Strategies course.
  4. To those who used iLS, was it worth it? I am considering buying either the $395 iLS Heads Up or the EASe iPod apps.
  5. and the book Healing Or Stealing? Medical Charlatans in the New Age, etc. There are so many unscientific and unproven methods that businesses exploit to sell false hope to desperate parents of children with autism, ADHD, dyslexia, etc. :mad:
  6. What will be your total costs for the Listening Program? I went to an LD & ADHD Resource Fair and asked The Listening Centre of Toronto which disorder this program would be most helpful for. I was shocked that claims were made for cerebral palsy, Down Syndrome, autism, etc., along with the usual ADHD and dyslexia! :confused: It seems that every disorder I've ever heard of was being highlighted in the booth and the six brochures that I'm reading! While I'm a desperate parent willing to spend for things I had never heard of in my life (but evidence-based) such as neurofeedback, n-back training, Lindamood-Bell Phoneme Sequencing and atomoxetine hydrochloride, I don't understand how the discredited Tomatis Method and listening to classical music with overpriced headphones can treat so many disorders. Anyway, good luck.
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