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  1. Dear all, I am pregnant with my 5th child and really exhausted. How did or do you servive your homeschool days 🙂 ? Thanks in advance..
  2. Dear all, Which online classes can you recommend for a gifted child ? This year we hope to start with AoPs classes. But I was wondering if there were other classes for science and programming. DS is 11 years old. Thanks in advance
  3. Dear all, For those who followed an online class with Outschool with your kids. What was your experience with them ? Was it a good learning experience ? And which classes did your kids follow. Thanks in advance...
  4. Dear all, My daily routine is out of control. I was a long time sick . And I feel the routine and structure which we had before is disappeared. So I would like to have some inspiration/advise. I was wondering how your daily routine as a mother looks like. When do you wake up ? When do you start homeschooling , cleaning, cooking etc.. So please share your day routine .
  5. Dear all, DS is disappointed that he can't do a lot of electrical engineering . For a long time he showed a real interest in electrical engineering and wished that he can do something daily with it. He is also interested in programming. Last year we did : Little bits (which was to easy for him but he liked it) Scratch (he outgrown it and needs something new) Snap circuits ( he outgrown it quickly) Lego wedo 2.0 (the programming part was to easy for him). Mbot Makeblock (he quickly outgrown it) He needs something which he can do daily and with more depth. I hope to find some inspiration for this year. And something he can use for a longer time. DS is almost 10 years old. Thanks in advanced....
  6. Dear all, Which sports / social activities are your children doing ? My sons are doing taekwondo and swimming but they still want to do more :) My oldest son wants to do more with material arts but something different from taekwondo. Any recommendations ? My oldest sons are 9 and 8 years old. Thanks in advanced , Visitor
  7. They are 9 and 7 . We still have all the time of the world :) I was concerned that if we didn't do science in the elementary years my kids would be behind for a high school curriculum. The science books are indeed dry but my boys need the vocabulary because English is there third language.
  8. DS will love this thanks but unfortunately to expensive for our budget.
  9. Dear all, For both of my sons we use Singapore Science (My pals are Here) as there main science curriculum. Even though I love the curriculum . I still have the feeling we miss a lot of things out. The curriculum is strong for its comprehension and problem solving skills . Which is very important for my oldest son, because he loves STEM. He also has lot of solving problem skills with Beast Academy. Would that be enough? For a kid who probably is going to study Engineering, would it be enough to have just a strong math curriculum ? Because we follow the Singapore curriculum ,I hate that there is no time left to investigate science and to read more science books. I would love to see my sons to do science together. With a Science curriculum everyone is on his own level doing his thing. I also feel that the science curriculum doesn't go deep . The topics are very general compared to science reading books. What do you do for science ? Thanks in advanced, visitor investigate
  10. Ruth you would make me very happy if you could put your links here. I already did search ,but couldn't find your master treads anymore since the forum changed
  11. Dear all, Which Physics 1 and 2 curriculum do you recommand for gifted learners ? I prefer with good background information/ teacherguide for the mother. Because I dont have a Science background . Thanks in advanced.
  12. Dear all, At which age level should a child start with PreAlgebra so he can finish Calculus before going to college ? And how many time did your child spend on each book ? Thanks in advanced.
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