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  1. Oh, all I have to do is post to a thread and it's bound to get a 1-star. Passive aggressive behavior at its best. :-D Sleeping...yeah, I've never needed much and I just hate having to take time to sleep. So I get away with as little as possible. Maybe my brain is soup and I just don't realize it? *grin*

  2. Well, hey, girlfriend! What a coinky-dinky, running into you here. I seldom stop by; you seldom stop by. Thanks for stopping by to say hello. Things here are....hmmm...the same. Be that as it may. ;-D xoxo

  3. I just happened to pop over to your profile the other day and we realized we weren't "friends". Consider that oversight corrected! : )

  4. Hmmm...what did you do? I'm not sure why you're asking that/what you're referencing...?

  5. Thanks, Shannon!

  6. Thanks so much for the birthday well wishes!

  7. Thanks so much for the birthday well wishes!

  8. Thanks so much for the birthday well wishes!

  9. Thanks so much! You've been on my mind; I miss "running into you" on the board. Take care!

  10. But she edited that comment out, didn't she? And would sending a private message to the poster and engaging her perhaps be better than simply reporting the post? Rhetorical question. Just thinking "aloud" here. : )

  11. Yeah, I caught that ~ though sadly, I missed the basis (if indeed there was one) for your knuckle-rap. LOL

  12. Shannon, are you saying you're capable of eating just one sqaure of chocolate?! I'm stunned. There is seriously no WAY I could limit myself like that. :-) Chocolate is my weakness. Well, that and ice cream. Okay, and wine. And some other stuff. LOL


    Happy to New Year to you!

  13. Thanks for your note. Happy New Year to you!

  14. Hehehehehohohoho! Thanks for the laugh, you prankster, you. :-D

  15. Hi! You must be headed for Fort Lewis. I grew up a stone's throw away from the base and my parents are still there. My dad was Army retired so we did all our shopping and medical visits on base. I'm up the road now near Bellingham, almost on the Canadian border. If you want to chat about the area feel free to email me. Or you can reply here, of course. : )

  16. I've been offline for the most part just because I'm busy. But I have to admit I actually love the politics. Sure, much of it's stuff and nonsense but it keeps my blood going and my humor intact. LOL Hope to see you around again soon ~ when Obama's the President-elect, that is. : )

  17. Hola! I'll see you that hot toddy and raise you a couple glasses of red wine. :-D Unlike many people, I've not been intentionally avoiding the boards due to the politics. I'm just swamped and can never find time to hang with my imaginary friends (much less my "real life" pals!). For that matter, I still need to post the Euro pics on my blog, don't I?


    Hope life's good in your neck o' the woods! : )

  18. Awww, (((Doran))). Thanks for this. You're a peach.

  19. Hey, woman! Here we are in the waning days of the circus that is the presidential election ~ and you've disappeared. Not posting much myself these days, but when I do pop in I'm always on the lookout for you.

  20. Yes, I realize you weren't talking about the Children's Lit group. But I was/am using that group to underscore my point. : )

  21. And furthermore (LOL), I am now sitting here thinking how weird it is for us to be having this conversation such that it's public fodder. Not that either of us are saying anything odd. Just that it seems strange to me that people can read one another's visitor message. If I want to talk privately to someone why am I doing it publicly? Weird.

  22. Wait a minute. Conversations about CHILDREN'S LITERATURE would never have happened on any of these boards?! What...? It frustrates me that a social group would be created to discuss books, for crying out loud. The whole thing feels to me just as I shared in my posts: Like a lot of cliques. Like high school. Like division. The only up side, I suppose, is that it will ultimately lead me to spend less time here.

  23. That's interesting, Kate! I'm having the opposite reaction to the new features. We were able before to send messages like this to one another via the private inbox, so I'm not sure why this is really any different. Maybe this is one reason why Facebook is appealing to you and not to me? : )


    I did read what Robin posted about the groups and I suppose many people agree with what she (and you) shared. I don't like having subgroups. I don't even like having multiple forums. I learned from and appreciated this board the most when everything was one big melting pot. It makes me sad that some conversations that previously would have been instructive to me will now be discussed elsewhere. I see this board being less and less useful to me in that regard. Oh, well.

  24. Yeah, it'd be nice to be able to put those pics on my blog! The camera is deader'n a doornail, though. (What is up with that phrase? What does it mean?!) I need to download the photos on to a CD and use that to transfer them on to my blog. Hopefully I can get to that soon. Not that there are tons of faboo pics, but it'd be nice to share a few.

  25. Thanks for asking! I'm so bummed about my camera. I am going to be able to have it replaced, but I'm waiting for the new one to come in stock. If I get a chance between now and then I may put my pics on a CD and go that route in order to post them on my blog.

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