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  1. Received the good news (x 2) in our mailbox this morning. :hurray: Many thanks again to this forum for its guidance in the overall process. Hope everyone else's letters arrive quickly this week as well!
  2. Good news struck our house twice last night. Both DD1 and DD2 were accepted at the University of Notre Dame via REA. Both have one more school to hear from yet, but last night's news made me so incredibly thankful for the homeschool journey we've been able to experience as a family. And so grateful for this Board and everyone who shared their advice, especially when it came to homeschooling the high school years.
  3. My two twins took the SAT II Biology right after we finished our version of Honors Biology in 10th grade with Miller Levine. They both scored 800 on the test. They used Barron's.
  4. Something for those with 10th graders to think about in addition to snowbeltmom's recommendation: I learned on this board last year that a confirming score could be any SAT taken from October of the 10th grade year to the December one of the 12th grade year. At least one experienced boardie proposed the idea of having your junior take the October SAT given right before the official PSAT. By then the junior could have enough PSAT practice to score well on the SAT and any high achieving score could then serve as a confirming one. This would further reduce the test load in the senior year. Just something to consider.
  5. MarkT, would you mind sharing this with me as well? I'm starting this in a month with my two new high schoolers and any and all help would be greatly appreciated!
  6. Lisa, I like your new pic. Is that you with your youngest? Cute!

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