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  1. Snide neighbors always kick elves. J V F O P
  2. Ds12 is a little behind in reading, but progressing. He wants to learn physical science. We're considering one of these three: Apologia Physical science (we already have it) with notebooking journal Exploring Education physical science advanced level (Ds really thinks this looks great!) Apoloiga Chemistry & Physics w/ notebooking journal (he likes this series) Have you used any of these? Pros, cons, experience? Thanks!!
  3. Here is the Recommended High School Coursework for the college dd is interested in.. It is strongly recommended that students complete the following coursework in high school to maximize their success at University: English/Language Arts - 4 units Social Studies - 3 units Mathematics - 4 units* Science - 3 units Fine Arts - 1 unit Additional Coursework - 3 units ** Electives - 6 units * At least one mathematics course should be taken each year. It is particularly important that students take a mathematics course in grade 12. ** Public high school students are required by the State Board of Education to complete units in practical arts (1), physical education (1), health education (1/2), and personal finance (1/2).
  4. After she and I talked, that is what we decided to do. In the homeschool co-op yearbook, her picture will be with the freshman. In three years she'll walk with her friends. We'll decide later when she will officially graduate.
  5. She probably will have two years of Spanish at home, then Spanish at the local university for dual credit.
  6. Here's a more organized plan (much easier to type on a laptop) :001_rolleyes: Language Arts: Literature and Comp (not necessarily specific lit, geography lit, biograph, etc, creative writing, essay, vocab, editing, grammar, how should we list it?) World Lit and Comp British Lit and Comp American Lit and Comp High School Journalism (cr??) Poetry and Creative Writing (may sprinkle throughout the years) Math: (on a spring to winter schedule, not normal "school" schedule) Pre-Algebra (zero credit, finishing soon) Algebra I Algebra II Geometry Pre-Calculus Science: Biology w/ labs Botany 1/2 Marine Biology Chemistry Anatomy and Physiology Intro to Physics 1/2 (maybe, she doesn't want any physics) History: World Geography 1/2 World History (ancient - medieval) (how do I list?) World History (ren - modern) (how do I list?) American History Government/Economics Spanish I Spanish II (at least...) Biblical Studies Art Choir PE Home Economics Personal Finance 1/2 Health Services Assistant (free 1/2 day at tech school, junior and senior year, how many credits?) Possible dual enrollment classes after 16yrs...
  7. Sorry. I am "typing" on a tablet. I didn't include all subjects for each year of her plan, making it look as though she's lacking in credits quite a bit. I can add that later today from the laptop. She is mature for her age. Her friends are all a year older, none her age. Her work output is high school level. The Health Services Assistant is offered free at a tech school for high school junior and seniors half day each year, or for adults (not free) as a one year course. She wants to do this to have a decent job right out of high school. This has been her plan since last year. Lori D. I will share the technical writing idea and other info with her. Sounds like something she'd really like.
  8. Dd is doing some high school level work for 8th grade. She wants to be bumped to 9th so she can graduate with friends in our Homeschool group. Should we just make 8th grade her 9th grade year? If not, where do I put the high school level stuff she's doing in in 8th grade on her transcript? She wants to be an editor or journalist.. Loves reading and writing. Below shows her interests in studies. This school year (core) she will complete: World history (ancient-medieval) World geography World lit/comp, -lit, grammar, vocab, essay, editing Pre-algebra Biology w/ labs Botony This spring she'll begin Algebra I and work through summer to bring her up to speed, not finishing before the fall, but continuing Algebra I through the year, until it's finished, not speeding through it.. Just not taking summer break from math. This fall she's planning on: World history (renaissance-ref.) British lit/comp Marine biology Finish Algebra I, begin geometry Geology -maybe Journalism Composer study (classical music) Then the following year: Gov't American history American lit/comp Chemistry (she wants Apologia) Finish Geometry, begin Algebra II Health services at tech school Then: Pre-calc Anatomy & physiology Economy Modern/recent history, current events Health services at tech school (result: CNA) Thank you for your thoughts!
  9. How does this look? Math: Algebra 1 Social Studies: MOH 2 as spine w/ lots of lit, research, papers, etc World Geography Science: Biology w/ labs (I already have Apologia, is there a way to make this honors?) Science Roots (goes w/ Apologia Bio) Lang Arts: World Lit and Comp. VFCR A-E Lively Art of Writing w/ workbook Easy Grammar Plus or the newer EG 9 book??? Foreign Lang: Visual Link Spanish Fine Arts: Choir Theater Art Practical Arts: Home Ec Extra Curricular: Bible quiz team Chess team basketball volleyball yearbook
  10. I'm curious as well. I see this is an old post, with no replies... :o/
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