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  1. Raising a bilingual child as a non-native speaker on http://bit.ly/2lbpuJa

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      Thank you too for the support!

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  2. Trying to help parents from all over the word to find the educational resources they need with http://4mysunshine.com/

  3. Sorry, I didn't get a notification on this, not sure why. She is 8. I also used to call friends to play, and my son also does, but inviting to play on the playground or our house. At this time she asked to enter. I got be honest that this is not the only situation I don't approve. Maybe for an isolated case for another child I would not care.
  4. I kept thinking about it... it is about selfishness, but a weird situation that turns us to think we are being selfish when in fact the other is showing a selfish attitude.
  5. Strange coincidence... this post today and now for the first time in our building, a girl simply rang the door bell and asked to stay to play with my son. I thought my wife had invited while my wife got speechless. I like when children come to play but not this way.
  6. For me playdate means something that both families are being benefited, no matter which house is hosting. Of course, over time with friendship things can change and it is OK to take care of a child for a while. But this situation you mentioned is a little strange.
  7. One thing to consider if possible is to hire an au pair to communicate on the target language.
  8. Welcome! I also follow this forum since 2012 and only now wrote something :)
  9. Welcome! There is a lot here to explore :)
  10. Hey TM, now I understood the value of the social groups and I found a handful of them that will be useful to me. Thank you!
  11. I think I'll stay with Education only :hurray:
  12. Thanks QuirkyKapers! That is really cool isn't it? It is on my wishlist!
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