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  1. Hey Wendy,

    Since you use HOE do you find that doing it 1-2x week is sufficient?  I was hoping to do SU for 3days a week and then supplementing with HOE and Fractions the other two days do you think that is doable or do you feel its too spaced out?  Thanks for your advice!

    1. wendyroo


      I think that would be plenty.  We normally do it twice a week.

      First the kids work with the apps.  I don't belabor the issue - once they can show me they know how to do a certain problem type then I will skip them ahead to the next one.  So it really doesn't take long for them to get proficient at all three levels...and I know if they need review once they start the Verbal Problems book that they can always go back to the apps.

      Then we start the Verbal Problems.  There are five main problem types: Number Problems, Consecutive Number Problems, Age Problems, Coin Problems, and Distance Problems.  Within each type there are Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 problems.  I always have them work through all the level 1 problems first...EXCEPT the Distance Problems.  Those are killers...so confusing for my kids.  Those I skip entirely on the first go through. 

      Then they do all the level 2 problems (except the distance ones), and I help them through some of the more straight forward level 1 distance problems.  Then they do all the other level 3 problems, they might be ready to do the rest of the level 1 distance problems by themselves, and I help them with some of the level 2s.  

      It is important to understand that the levels do not correspond to the complexity of the written problem, but rather to the types of algebra required to solve it.  Level 1 (in the apps and Verbal Problems) only requires positive constants and x.  Level 2 involves positive constants and positive and negatives x.  Level 3 involves positive and negative x and constants.

      With my oldest, after using the manipulatives for the level 1 verbal problems, I started transitioning him to written algebra.  It was very helpful for him to gain experience writing out and solving equations on paper before he got to formal prealgebra and algebra.  My second son, though, is severely pencil phobic, so I expect he will be working with the manipulatives longer.

      Let me know if you have any other questions.

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