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  1. Could be other prolapses, rectal or bladder. Make sure to talk through risks and long term prognosis of surgery, as well as non-surgical options. I can give more detail if you like, but have no experience of uterine prolapse.

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  2. Can your brother store some things for now? When I moved my mother, I put some things in boxes for her to sort out 'when she had the energy' then I didn't mention them for a year. When I did bring them up, she said that she didn't really want them any more. It was as if all the stuff was actually a burden, even if she couldn't admit it. I sorted out the things with emotional significance and binned or donated the rest.

  3. 4 minutes ago, Reefgazer said:

    I fear accident an on desolate roads, where they are even more desolate at two in the morning. I fear shopping at a Walmart and coming out to a desolate parking spot because it’s two in the morning  and that gives opportunities for crime,  more so than in a well populated daylight situation.  I see that just about anything can happen at two in the afternoon as happen at two in the morning, but the fact is most places are less populated and very desolate at two or 3 AM, and I think for that reason  I am more nervous about her being out at night.

    I can understand that, but at some point she needs to make those decisions for herself. My first child left home to go to university at 17. I had no idea where he was or what he was doing. I just had to trust that I'd taught him a bit of common sense. So far so good.

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  4. I have a full length down coat that I wear over my lightweight office clothes from about 6 degrees C. However at weekends I wear a lot of layers in the house, so at that temperature, I'm more likely to wear a light shell to go out.

    The level of humidity also makes a big difference. Lands End temperature gradings don't translate to Scottish conditions.


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  5. 5 hours ago, LucyStoner said:

    I’m pushing up on 40 and very suddenly, I don’t have much of a choice in how much I sleep,  if my biveody isn’t rested enough, I’ll pretty much just fall asleep.  I have remarkably little prerogative in this.  I’ve recently fallen asleep on the couch, at my desk and twice I’ve had to pull over and rest before finishing drying home unless I wanted to fall asleep at the wheel.  

    I've been on holiday this week and averaging well over 8 hours a night, and I feel great. Adequate sleep is a kind of superpower. I am not sure how to keep that going.

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  6. On 7/2/2019 at 9:08 PM, WendyAndMilo said:

    I absolutely have to have clients text me or email me.  I've turned down potential clients because they only call.  I need things in writing because I don't hear things right or the words get jumbled up before I can get them on paper.

    The trades people whom we use like everything to be by text, as their hands are often too busy for them to take calls.

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  7. My experience with Mirena was very positive. I had three and had the last one removed after menopause was confirmed by blood tests. Light to no periods.

    The only issue was that we had to have the sting cut short for tEa, so removing took a minor procedure under local or brief general anaesthetic. Not a big deal for me.

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  8. I went back to work after thirteen years at home.  I had previously taught English overseas and then taken an MBA before working as an analyst in the City of London.

    I took the first job I could, which turned out to be the part-time village postmistress (no one else wanted the job).  While I was there, I took a Microsoft course to document my computer ability (as I was 50 by that point and some might doubt it).  Once I'd been there a couple of years, I applied for an admin role (also part-time) in a building firm - I applied for about eight admin roles and got this one.  I stayed there three years because I knew that the local university, where I wanted to work, required three years of admin experience in advance of application.  I've now worked in university administration in two different departments for a total of four years. 

    I am not earning what I earned before, but that's the choice we made by my staying at home all those years.  I expect to stay with this employer until retirement - I could attempt to move up in the organisation, but I might go part-time instead in five years.  The work isn't very thrilling, but it's fine and I feel as if I'm doing something useful.  Husband was laid off at 56 and has only worked part-time since, so my income is crucial to the family.

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  9. 1 hour ago, Seasider too said:


    Do you have a related or complimentary source for recommended protein intake?

    I went to a lecture given by a distinguished professor of gerontology. She suggested that a target of 0.8 grammes of protein per kilo of body weight was optimal in youth and early middle age, rising to 1 gramme per kilo in late middle and old age. I aim for 58 grammes.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, BeachGal said:

      Exercise, eating the right amount of protein daily, and especially intermittent fasting can help to preserve the neuromuscular junctions. (The second article is a bit old. Fasting/going into autophagy is more likely what is rejuvenating the connections.)

    Thanks, that reminds me that tomorrow is a good day for me to do a 24 hour fast.  I try to do one a couple of times a month.

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  11. About fear of falling (not from a horse!): I had a virus five years ago that affected my inner ear and my balance.  I fell heavily several times.  Thereafter, I was just not as steady on my feet as I had been.  I was surprised to learn that poor balance can be compensated for by increased muscle strength: better muscles allow the body to deal more efficiently with wobbles.  In old people, poor balance is strongly related to sarcopenia (muscle wasting)

    I'm working on muscle building/retention to try to compensate for my damaged balance.

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  12. 21 minutes ago, JFSinIL2.0 said:

    Note, my MIL, who declined trying to extend life, was very devout Catholic ( one of my SIL is a Dominican sister), while the neighbor who had to try and make it for her young family did not believe in an after life.  So maybe whether or not one believes they will see loved ones later is part of the decision?

    I'm sure it can be.  My father was an atheist who just made the a rational decision to enjoy his last months as far as he could, rather then pursue further treatment.

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