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  1. Just walking at the moment, as I'm away from home. Walked for five or six miles round the grounds of Castle Howard (where Brideshead was filmed back in the 80s). That's about Husband's distance limit - he's more of a swimmer. It was a misty, drizzly day, so this is the best picture I managed.


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  2. Husband is a slim man with fairly mild apnoea - 17 incidents an hour. He's been using the CPAP for a couple of weeks and incidents are down, but his head feels fuzzy all the time during the day. He's sleeping fine according to his Fitbit. Is this something that you have experienced?



  3. We had to move when Calvin was six months old. Husband had been out of work for a year. It meant the end of my nascent career and leaving behind our dream house. We had to move back to an area that we were already really tired of and where I hated the weather.

    It was ok. I made friends. We made money that will help to support us into old age. We later managed to settle somewhere that we really like and I revived my career. We rented out our original house and it still provides income.

    Good luck with your decision.

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  4. Although those temperatures are normal to me, I have a centrally-heated house and the bedrooms will have been warmer during the day - around 60F - before the heat goes off at night.

    For your situation, in addition to the suggestions given - hot water bottles, flannel sheets and duvet covers, fresh wool socks, flannel PJ's or sweats, hats as necessary - I would add going to bed warm.

    When I stayed at my mum's house, which was 200 years old, draughty and lacking central heating, the only way to be warm in bed was to do bunny hops for several minutes before jumping in. A hot bath didn't work because the bathroom was so cold.

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  5. After my Pilates/Nordic Walk double yesterday, I went for a triple today: yoga with Adriene, 40 minutes of meditation and a slow five-mile hike, up and down through woods and stopping to chat to neighbours. Tomorrow will be five hours in a car, so it's good to have stretched out today. I might manage my five-minute weights this evening too.

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  6. 9 hours ago, HeighHo said:

    limit the time -- navy shower or space out the time between showers.

    squeegee shower walls when done

    any damp towels get to dry outside the room

    use towel warmer so you step into warm towel

    I don't take long showers and I've turned down our excellent water pressure to try to reduce the issue. The radiator is a towel warmer, so I have a warm towel. Drying the towels elsewhere sounds good. Because the room is so small, the shower stall has two curved walls to save space, but I can squeegee the others.

  7. 59 minutes ago, Rosie_0801 said:

    Unsinkable, you're so much fun when you drop Occam's razor down the loo, so you can feel accused enough to justify yourself in accusing other people of being monstrous, so you can turn yourself into a victim, I only regret I'm not the type to set you off deliberately.

    Thank you

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  8. 7 hours ago, gardenmom5 said:

    for a fan, I was picturing something like my grandmother had in her 1950's house.  the fan was built into the wall - you could see daylight through it.  later fans were more restricted, and vented into a pipe that went through the attic and through the roof.  they took moisture, but not nearly as much heat.  they are usually placed where the most moisture is generated, so it is evacuated before it has time to 'roam' all over the room.


    It's the latter kind and it's pretty much over the shower. The room is tiny though, just space for the toilet, basin and shower stall, no bathtub.

    6 hours ago, Pen said:

    A different type of paint that can handle wetness? 


    It's already specialist bathroom paint.

    5 hours ago, FuzzyCatz said:

    We haven't had issues with heat and the fan running and we have radiators too.  I will say one thing we did was put a timer on the fan. So we  just set the fan to run an hour after a shower.  

    That's what I would like to do, but when I did that in the past, the amount of moisture during the actual shower wrecked the paintwork.

  9. 4 minutes ago, gardenmom5 said:

    could you look into a different type of fan?  we have a fan that vents the moisture to the exterior (cool, wet climate), but it doesn't really cool off the room.

    I'm a bit puzzled. Maybe your heater is stronger than mine. Essentially, the fan vents the wet air to the outside, and it takes time for the heater to warm the bathroom up again.

  10. How do you cope with a humid bathroom after a shower in winter? We have a radiator in the bathroom that runs off a central water-filled system, but it seems that the only way to clear the humidity is to run the extractor fan. Which extracts all the heat. So I get out of the shower into a cold room. The room is not fully tiled, and if the fan doesn't run during the shower, the high humidity quickly damages the paintwork.

    Any ideas?

  11. I'm off work this week. Today I puttered around the garden. Monday and Tuesday I have Pilates classes booked, I hope to Nordic Walk, and I have quite a bit of housework to do. On Wednesday we drive off to Yorkshire, so I hope to get some walks in on Thursday and Friday.

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  12. I would have assumed that the employee was uncomfortable about my breastfeeding there, but I would have carried on.

    About privacy: a pleasingly silly occurrence. The first major social event we went to with our first son was a Burns Night party, so he would have been around a month old. The party was noisy and crowded, and there was nowhere to sit down, so I went to the bedroom where the coats were chucked to feed him. After a short time, the host came in, apologised for disturbing me, and asked if it was okay if he changed out of his kilt. His twin brother was borrowing it for an event the next day and needed to leave to catch a plane. He warned me that Scots do indeed wear nothing underneath. So we each averted our eyes  from the other's possible exposure, and carried on.

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  13. 43 minutes ago, Matryoshka said:

    Is the recommended age later in Britain than the US?  Here it's age 50.  I'm a few years late already! 

    I did have chicken pox as a child, and I am planning on getting it - there's a shortage here, though, and I can't get it at the doctor's office; I have to get on a wait list at CVS (pharmacy w/ mini-health clinic).

    Yes, it's 70 here.  It looks as if the CDC recommended 60. So opinions seem to vary.

  14. 1 minute ago, Slache said:

    I have read multiple times that 6000 steps is what you should aim for. Anything more could be bad on your joints. I don't know whether or not that's true, but that's my goal.

    I'm in too much pain.

    I'm sorry you are in such pain.

    I think the latest research suggests that more steps causes joints to be stronger rather than the opposite. This is about running

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  15. 37 minutes ago, Monica_in_Switzerland said:


    Yes, I think I'm concerned about quick and easy meals.  I love vegetable foods, so I don't need the fake foods as a flavor crutch, but what are your in a hurry meals?  

    Tins of beans. Saute onions, carrot, celery with your choice of herbs or spices. Throw in a tin of drained beans or lentils and warm through. Use a tin of lentils and add tomatoes to make a pasta sauce .

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  16. 16 minutes ago, Monica_in_Switzerland said:

    I had some time to kill, so I watched Game Changers based on this thread.  What a fun movie!  If you like seeing athletes doing crazy feats, there are some nice stories in the film.  It doesn't have a lot of hard-core substance to it, it's almost like a motivation pep talk.  I found it very inspiring without being doom-and-gloom, meat-is-murder, etc.  

    Once thing I appreciate about the plant-based movement is the shift away from moralizing.  If you are an ethical vegetarian, that is fine, but I think the moral argument is off-putting to a lot of people and shuts down a lot of the ability to allow people to shift gradually from omni to veg.   The new branding of "plant based" really helps to reduce the black and white appearance and mentality of veg diets.  

    I am thinking of moving this direction myself.  My husband is allergic to soy, which makes a lot of plant-based easy meals ("burgers", etc.) harder to do as a family.  But I think I just need more time thinking on this.  

    I use very few 'fake meats' like burgers, sausages, etc. Real whole foods are much nicer. 

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    5 hours ago, Carrie12345 said:

    This is on our watchlist. “Some people”, lol, assume I’m one of those “vegetarians/vegans can’t get enough protein” people, but I’m just a “HOW to vegetarians/vegans get enough protein” person. I am very protein-focused, especially when I’m working out, and find my omnivore self supplementing with powders. I want fewer powders, more real food. Especially for dd. I’m not looking to completely give up meat, but I’m always open to more diverse options.

    As a low meat person who wants to maintain muscle into old age, I use a lot of 0 percent fat Greek yoghurt, nuts, lentils, beans and whole grains. I don't feel as if I have a lot of space in my diet for empty calories, so I make sure that everything contributes and everything is delicious. I use nut butter or hummus on sandwiches, for example, and crackers that contain seeds. This might be typical day. It's over 1.4g of protein per kilo of body weight.




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