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  1. 37 minutes ago, brehon said:

    Lol! There is no debate to be had. It’s cornbread dressing - definitely not stuffing - all the way. 🤣

    (My mom’s family is from northeast and east TX from way, way back. Like before the TX Revolution back.) 

    Yes, I think it's cornbread dressing for him.  He grew up in Dallas, and his father is from there, but his mother grew up in Mart.

  2. 23 minutes ago, Quill said:

    I was also going to suggest Cranberry Sauce, as Home Again did, but I *think* cranberries are not a thing in your part of the world? I heard that before about France, so I’m not sure about UK. I also really love fresh cranberries cooked with orange zest but a large percentage of Americans think only of canned, jellied cranberry sauce. 

    Green beans are big, but I like them fresh with some olive oil, salt and pepper. Delish!  My favorite thing about TG is dressing (stuffing not-inside-the-bird). I’ll see if I can find a similar recipe; I use my mom’s from way back. 

    This is similar, but I never use eggs:

    This is what most Americans mean by “cranberry sauce”, though I don’t eat it this way ever:

    This is a recipe for real cranberry sauce, if you can get cranberries:

    We can get cranberries around Christmas, but Marks and Spencer also does good jars of fresh-tasting sauce, so I might cheat.  Thanks for the reminder.  I know Husband isn't keen on the standard tinned version.

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  3. I'm preparing Thanksgiving in secret this year for Husband (who is from Texas originally).  He hasn't mentioned it and I just think his mind is on other things, as it's not celebrated here.  The boys are coming home for the weekend, and a friend will keep stuff in her fridge for me, so that we can try to surprise him.

    Anyway.  He's not a fan of sweet things (marshmallow, candied veg).  What other sides should I consider?  Links to recipes will be much appreciated, as my way of doing things might not be 'right'.  We will be having a nice free-range turkey, mashed potato, gravy, and probably vegetarian haggis and gravy for my veggie son.  I'll make Libby's pumpkin pie on the day.


  4. 1 hour ago, Slache said:

    Ok, I did not work out once this month. I had the flu for 2 months and just came out about a week ago. I've been dedicating my workout time to housework because gee golly did my house have the flu, too. I will see you in the next thread!

    Sorry to hear that.  See you next month...


    A rest day.  Took the morning slowly instead of rushing out to take an early morning walk.  Did a longer mindfulness session after I got to work - I have put a blanket in the car to keep me warm while I meditate in the car park.  At lunchtime just ran some errands on foot, for 5,500 steps in total.  After work went to see my mother.  

    I have a yoga class set up for tomorrow and hope to Nordic Walk on Saturday.  

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  5. 3 hours ago, CamperMom said:


    I've not heard of the tracking program in the U.S.  I wonder if we have that here.  I'll ask.

    Thank you!

    It's hardware that is actually put into the car and can't be faked like a phone app.  It doesn't discriminate between whoever is driving the car, it just cares how the car is being driven.  It tracks speed, braking/acceleration, cornering and time of day.

  6. 10 minutes ago, Pen said:


    I wonder if dishwasher destruction by wildlife is common. 

    I know bugs get into smoke detectors and make the go off fairly often.  

    What are the pipes the mice chew on made of?


    Google says it's not unknown. The pipes are quite hard concertina plastic. They have to be flexible but we are looking into options.

  7. 22 minutes ago, Pen said:



    Indeed.  We actually wrapped the pipe in wire wool last time this happened to discourage them, but presumably they got around it.  Husband has checked and it's soaking back there.

    Strange wildlife behaviour.  When we lived in China, a tiny cockroach made its way onto the motherboard of our dishwasher and fried it.

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  8. 9 hours ago, wintermom said:

    "Monday, Monday. Can't trust that day." (The Mamas and the Papas)  Crazy day for me. Trip to the ER on the bus on the way to work due to chest pain. Sent home to go see my GP to check my gall bladder for possible stone. Found a tick on my neck on the car ride home. Got a dose of doxycycline in case of Lyme. 

    I did actually get in some exercise in between medical visits weirdly enough. Walked to the far-away bus stop, walked home from the "too-long-to-wait" Urgent care walk-in clinic, then biked to the pharmacy for my antibiotics. I want to go to sleep and wake up remembering this as a dream. 😉

    I'm sorry, that sounds rotten.


    Husband is in London for a couple of days, so the dog is with me in the car at work.  Yesterday that worked really well: we walked before work and at lunchtime; I came home and did an Adriene strength yoga workout - I think I'm going to work my way through her strength offerings, as that's more of an issue to me than flexibility. 

    Then last night I woke up with a nightmare and then overslept this morning.  I managed to get to work in 3/4 of an hour from that moment, walk the dog for fifteen minutes, then walk half an hour to the doctor about my back (just wear and tear - no spinal damage - just keep moving) then walk back to work.  So by 10am I have managed 10,000 steps and I'm a bit tired and discombobulated.  Luckily my boss has a lot of meetings today, so I should be able to put on some music and just get some stuff done.  The dog and I will walk for a couple of miles at lunchtime, then I'll try for some more yoga at home after work before picking Husband up at the train station.

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  9. 28 minutes ago, MercyA said:


    He looks like a bit of a chonk! 😄


    He should be after demolishing that big bag of rice in the cupboard.

    I hope he didn't chew the dishwasher pipes. We've had three floods due to mice. The piping is now wrapped in wire wool to discourage chewing.

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  10. 9 minutes ago, wintermom said:

    Tell me you aren't the one with the pink sock calmly taking a photo while the mouse is that close to you! 😯

    Yup, that's me.

    7 minutes ago, ashfern said:

    I'm impressed that y'all caught that thing in a drinking glass!

    He didn't seem afraid. At one point he ran between my feet.

    5 minutes ago, Corraleno said:

    When we lived in the UK, there was a river right in front of our house and about 40 acres of farmland behind it. In the fall the field mice would flee the combine harvester and often end up in the house. I was surprised by how cute they were compared to the big gray house mice I was used to in the US! We used to trap them and take them over the river and release them into a different field. Then we took in a pregnant feral cat, and we had far fewer mice in the house. Once we managed to rescue a young field mouse from one of the cats, who had taken a bite out of its ear. We released it on the other side of the river and about a week later the cat brought the same exact mouse back! We ended up driving him a few miles away before releasing him again.

    Yes, he's a field mouse escaping the first frosts. I relocated him a couple of miles away.

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