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  1. 4 hours ago, KathyBC said:

    Wheel pose looks like a back bend, which I have not done since I was probably 12. You can do Crow pose? That is worth bragging about.

    Yes, a back bend. There's a trick to getting up there - it's easier if you place your hands wide. I can only do Crow for a few seconds - I seem to have the strength but the balance is tricky.

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  2. Managed my strength yoga. This routine includes flamingo with twist, which is just crazy talk. It's chair pose twist but then you tuck one leg up to your buttock.  It's at 25:45 here: I give it a go, then fall over.

    I did Wheel for the first time in ages, and also enjoyed Crow.

    Pop up dinner was a nice social occasion, with shared long tables. The food was good but not spectacular.


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  3. 3 hours ago, soror said:

    You could possibly have gained some muscle mass, as a beginner you will put it on quicker. You could have also gained fat, it is easy to eat more when we exercise. Taking some measurements would be helpful and tracking strength, endurance, etc.

    I agree about taking measurements. I found that very helpful .

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  4. @IvyInFlorida I love 'gravity turned up too high'. That's what I'll blame next time my yoga balances are extra-rubbish.

    @Matryoshka well done on the new number! You and I weigh the same. It feels like a comfortable place for me.

    Had a good three mile dog walk this morning, while the garage was putting on my winter tyres. The weather was dreich, but it didn't start to mizzle until the end. 

    This evening we are going to a pop-up Persian restaurant. Before that, I'll try to get a strength yoga session in.


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  5. 5 hours ago, itsheresomewhere said:

    Something to think about-  more things pop up with age even those who are incredibly healthy.  

    Yes. My brother, aged 61 - local tennis champion, cycles to work, bowl of fruit on his desk for snacking, moderate drinker, porridge every morning, thin as a rail - has in the last three years had a debilitating lung clot and two atypical heart attacks, all necessitating lots of hospital stays, investigations, and a possible heart operation (pending further tests).

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  6. I think I'm an interesting example of incomplete socialisation as a woman in Western society, for anyone who thinks that there is a female gene for cleaning.  My mother didn't work much outside the home, and she took on the full organisational and emotional load.  However, she despised cleaning, and I grew up in a house that was very basically hygienic in the kitchen, very sketchily cleaned in the bathroom, and not cleaned otherwise.  I remember lying on the sitting room floor reading, as a child, and watching woodlice struggle through the dust on the carpet.  Her aversion to cleaning was, she said, caused by her very tidy mother's waves of criticism - my mother was never good enough, so she rebelled.  It was the 1960s: my dad 'helped' a bit but only a bit.

    As a young adult, I perfectly mimicked this pattern: full emotional/organisational load; minimal cleaning.  I could see the dirt but I didn't care about the dirt.  It was only after living overseas with household help that I came to appreciate cleanliness in the house, and started to emulate it.


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  7. Had a good walk with the dog this evening. I drove to a nearby village and walked on a farm track across the fields. It was pitch dark, so it was nice to look back at the village lights and the headlights on the road.

    I've scrubbed the house; Husband will do the finishing touches in the morning. His back isn't up to hoovering and shower cleaning, so I do all that.

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  8. Not getting too much exercise in this week so far: great Nordic Walk on Sunday and decent yoga class on Monday.  I did 13 minutes of strength yoga on Tuesday, but otherwise it's just been lunchtime walking.  I've had a good book to finish... and last night I was working on the getting the house spruced up as we have a viewing on Friday.  Tonight I'll be doing that again, then tomorrow I'll have the dog with me in the car at work (temperatures will be warm-ish) so I'll be walking her morning, noon and night. I have a yoga class booked for tomorrow at 6, so that should be a good day. 

    I forgot to mention - I have a sit stand desk, and it's great!

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  9. It's been interesting over the past nine years since Husband was laid off from his full-time job.  Over that time he has settled into part-time work from home and managing the house, whilst I've gone to work full time.  There was definitely a transition period during which each of us thought the other would be managing things, but we sorted things out. 

    There are a few things that I've let go as not important, and a few things that I still manage, but mostly I don't have to think about the house.  He also takes a lot of the 'emotional load' that is traditionally female - he's better at keeping in touch with our sons, for example.  I do almost all the visiting of my mother, but she is my mother..... I still organise gift-giving in general, and he still failed (despite reminders) to organise a present to me from my mother for my birthday!  But when I tell him (as I will shortly do about the birthday gift) that these things matter to me, he will take steps to organise them for the future.  For example, I was upset one year when I was given by him a birthday card from the general card box, so essentially I was given a card that I had previously chosen.  He now has a note in his calendar to buy a card for my birthday.

    I try to spot things that need doing (washing, tidying, cleaning, shopping if I happen to be passing) that he hasn't gotten around to, but just in the same way that he used to when he worked full time: not in order to accuse the at-home person of a failure, but just to help out.

    He still makes more money part time than I do full time, but that's the nature of our respective past careers...

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  10. 59 minutes ago, Lady Florida. said:

    Have you seen The Favorite? I haven't but I did see her Oscar acceptance speech for it. She seemed genuinely surprised. "Got an Oscar" lol

     It's on my list of movies to watch eventually.


    Highly recommended

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  11. 29 minutes ago, IvyInFlorida said:


    I feel this.  For some reason, this is hardest season for me for friendships!  I think everybody else with school aged kids is just too dang busy.  I know I am!  But still it would be nice to have someone other than my mom and husband texting me, IYKWIM lol

    Absolutely.  I went through a really fallow period for friends when the boys were younger - lots of acquaintances, no friends.  I now have two good friends - one from the choir that I attend, one from my former work.

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  12. 31 minutes ago, BlsdMama said:


    The one thing I’ve noticed? They are more likely to eat a little of several things rather than one large serving. 

    Last night we had shrimp, side salad,  sweet potato, a mixed Chinese veg sautéed from Costco (frozen), spaghetti squash, and sautéed onions. The kids only needed to have a little of each to consume a lot of vegetables, kwim

    I noticed this too.  If I put three serving dishes on the table, people filled their plates with 1/3 of each.  If I put four dishes, then it was 1/4 of each.  So one protein (animal or otherwise), one whole grain or similar, and two veggies made for a pretty good plate.

  13. 14 minutes ago, soror said:

    Cardio Meltdown/HIIT work this am- 30 min and I actually remembered to tell Fitbit I was exercising so it can more accurately track heart rate and calories. I need to be better about that because the auto recognize isn't the most accurate, it catches walks very well other things, not so much.

    Fitbit doesn't believe I'm walking when I take my lunchtime walks - it assumes I'm running, then that messes up its idea of my fitness.

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