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  1. My son had Leslie Smith when she still worked at Veritas. She was great! When my daughter was ready for Geometry, Leslie's class time at WHA didn't work into my daughter's schedule, so she took Kaye Pepin at Veritas. My daughter loved her, and she learned well. The Jacobs text is written more for a homeschooler and is probably easier, whereas the WHA text book is the type that more traditional schools use, and the student might be more dependent upon the teacher for understanding than with the Jacobs. I would prefer the WHA for Chemistry, because I would prefer to use the Holt text book over the Apologia. Some students love Apologia and it works well for them, but others find it a bit wordy.
  2. Both of my daughters wanted to go to school by high school. The first was able to win a scholarship to a pretty decent prep. school. She is very bright, and I doubt that I would have been able to motivate her academically to achieve to the level she did for her teachers at this school. We really want our children to go to college and/or beyond and she learned valuable time management and study skills in high school that are paying off in her challenging university. I would have loved to have had her home. She was a natural leader in our family, she was sweet and happy, but I just didn't feel like she was living up to her fullest academic potential at home or in the co-op. The social environment in the school was a very difficult adjustment, partly because we were new to the area, and partly because most of the kids had all been in school together since pre-K. Though it was extremely difficult, and at the time- immature and juvenile- she says that the hard times socially prepared her well for college social dynamics. She says she would do it over. Daughter no. 2 also wanted to go (like big sister...). She actually won the same scholarship that her sister did, but we declined and made her wait another year. She attends a different private school and is learning similar skills - time management, deadlines, cooperative learning with other students, working with teachers, playing sports, etc. For her, the social transition has not been a problem, partly because we are not new to the city any longer, and it is a different prep. school. I miss her every day, and know that we have sacrificed some great times together and growth in certain areas that just cannot happen at school, but I honestly think this course is preparing her better for college than the course she was on with me. There was nothing slack about our homeschool curriculum or activities; it was the internal motivation that I personally had a hard time sparking in them. My son never had a desire to go to school. I tried to get him to consider it for academic reasons after his older sister went, but he is already academically off the charts gifted, and high school would probably have slowed his academics down. He has dual-enrolled and done fine, and been accepted to some pretty selective universities. All of this is to say that in my family, sending the girls to school was a sacrifice I made. I really wanted to keep them home, sort of for my own selfish reasons. I liked having them around. They were learning, they were happy and fun and had homeschool friends,too. I personally hated high school, and never intended for my children to go to high school, especially the girls. However, it just always seemed to them that they were missing something. Younger daughter didn't know how she measured up to others academically. She has since found out that while she has to work hard, she can hold her own. Older daughter realized there were lots of activities going on at school, and being an extrovert, she sensed she was missing something. All this having been said, if private prep school were not available to us, I would probably have kept homeschooling. I am not a big fan of the public schools in our area. I would have have taken the co-op to dual-enrollment route. I also would not have inconvenienced the rest of the family for either of them to attend school. I hope this helps. Good Luck with your decision.
  3. Do you know any members who have gone through the application process?
  4. I am adding ds of margoargo's acceptances to the list!!! American University of Paris - dd of Kim in SouthGA Auburn University - dd of Teacher mom - scholarship, ds of margoargo Azusa Pacific University - ds of Running the race Baylor University - dd of Gr8lander Berry College - ds of teachermom2834 - scholarship Biola University - ds of Running the race - scholarship Birmingham Southern College - ds of teachermom2834 - scholarship Bridgewater State University - dd of Matryoshka Case Western Reserve University, Baltimore County - merit scholarship; ds of ValRN Cedarville University - ds of JanOH Clark University - ds of Kewb Colleen in Nova Scotia - ds has two acceptances - with scholarships College of Saint Rose - ds of Nancy in NH - Trustees Scholarship Colorado State - dd of Teacher mom - scholarship, and ds of Bugs Colorado State Master's in Resource Management--dd of Margaret in CO Concordia University in Montreal - Our very own CLEOQC Cornell University - dd of Teacher mom decision made!!! Elon University - dd of JumpedintoTheDeepEndFirst Florida State University - dd of Melissa B Furman University-dd of JumpedintotheDeepEnd - Scholarship George Mason University - ds of ThisIsTheDay Georgia State University - dc of Joules honors program Georgia Tech - dd of plansrme, dd of Gr8lander, ds of margoargo Grand Canyon University - ds of Running the Race - Honors College and Scholarship Grove City College - dd of Chloe Hofstra - dd of AngieW in Texas with scholarship Hollins University - dd of JumpedintotheDeepEnd - scholarship Indiana University - ds of littlemommy - Honors Program Iowa State University - dd of Skateleft Keenesaw State University - dd of Night Elf King's College - dd of Kim in GA scholarship Lees-McRae College of Performing Arts - dd of Michelle_NC - scholarships Loyola University of New Orleans- dd of Katilac - scholarship Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) - dc ofJoanHomeED Mcneese State University - dd of Katilac - scholarship Mercer University - dd of Kim in SouthGa - Presidential Scholarship and Tift Scholarship, and dd of ZiMom - scholarship Messiah College - dd of Gr8lander Miami University (Ohio) - dd of JumpedintotheDeepEndFirst Honors Program and scholarship, ds of Sebastian (a lady) - scholarship Michigan Technological University - ds of Faithmanor - scholarship Middle Tennessee State University - ds of Teachermom 2834 Missouri Western State University - dd of Momto2Ns - scholarship Montana State University - dd of Gr8lander Northern Michigan University - ds of Faithmanor, scholarship Oglethorpe University - ds of Teachermom2834 - ds of Joules - scholarship Ohio State University - ds of TheApprentice, ds of mjbucks1 to College of Engineering with merit scholarship and honors program Ohio University - dd of Hillfarm Pace - dd of AngieW in Texas with scholarship and honors program Princeton - dd of Muttichen; dd of Gr8lander Purdue University - dd of JumpedintotheDeepEndFirst - scholarship & Honors College; ds of Sebatian (a lady) College of Science - NROTC scholarship Radford University - ds of ThisIsTheDay Rider University - ds of Kewb Rose - Hulman Institute of Technology - ds of cjzimmer1, ds of TheApprentice Samford University - dd of Kim in SouthGa Santa Clara University, ds of Handmaiden to The School of Engineering - merit scholarship! Spring Hill College- ds of Teachermom2834, dd of Katilac - scholarship Susquehanna University - ds of Nancy in NH - scholarship SUNY Cortland - ds of Kewb Sweet Briar - dd of JumpedintotheDeepEndFirst - scholarship and Honors College Texas A & M - dd of Teacher mom, ds of margoargo Texas State University - ds of Kinsa Towson University - ds of Kewb Trinity University - dd of Katilac - scholarship Union University - ds of MorningGlory United States Military Academy - ds of margoargo Universitat von Bayreuth Germany - ds of rdj2027 University of Alabama - dd of Teacher mom - scholarship; dd of Katilac -scholarship; ds of mjbucks1 full tuition scholarship, engineering scholarship, honors program; dd of hopskipjump - scholarship; ds of margoargo University of Alabama Huntsville - dd of Katilac - scholarship University of Central Florida - dd of hopskipjump - scholarship University of Georgia - dd of Night Elf, dd of Teacher mom - scholarship, ds of margoargo - honors college University of Kentucky - ds of mjbucks1 - honors program, dd of Gr8lander University of Louisiana at Monroe - dd of Katilac - scholarship University of Maryland Baltimore Count) (UMBC) - ds of TheApprentice University of Massachusetts Lowell - dd of Matryoshka - honors & scholarship University of Memphis - ds of MorningGlory University of Michigan - ds of Faithmanor - honors; College of Engineering dd of Angela in Ohio, CoE ds of VaIRN University of New Haven - ds of ValRN - presidential scholarship (several applications pending) University of Oklahoma - dd of Gr8lander University of Pennsylvania Wharton School - ds of Jennifer in MI - scholarship University of Tampa - dd of Melissa B - scholarship University of Tennessee - ds of Teachermom2834 University of Texas at Dallas - dd of AngieW in Texas University of New Haven - ds of ValRN - presidential scholarship (several applications pending) University of South Carolina - ds of mjbucks1 tuition reduction, honors college, merit scholarship University of Virginia - ds of margoargo Vanguard University - ds of Running the Race - scholarship Virginia Commonwealth U- dd of Teacher Mom Virginia Tech - dd of MysteryJen, dd of Diane P. Washington College - dd of JumpedintotheDeepEndFirst - scholarship WendyAndMilo - local state university Western Michigan University - ds of Faithmanor - scholarship West Virginia University - dd of Heather in VA - Honors college, scholarship Willamette University - ds of Joules - scholarship Worcester Polytechnic Institute - ds of Sebastian (a lady) - scholarship Xavier University - ds of Teachermom2834 - scholarship
  5. I am not sure where your daughter attends, or what all of the circumstances surrounding her situation are (I am assuming she had some other fantastic talents and amazing qualities, in addition to her dual enrollment), but I have been told by admissions officers from selective schools that they prefer AP over dual enrolled classes. Now, if a selective school is also a state school, and the dual enrolled classes come from the same state, then dual enrollment is great. It should be understood that an AP class should be accompanied by a decent score on the AP Exam.
  6. The most competitive colleges prefer AP classes. If he is definitely going to stay in your state's university system, then dual enrollment should be fine, and will put him ahead in credits when he goes off to the university. It will also allow him to take more advanced classes, such as Physics with Calculus sooner, before he heads off to the university. There are benefits to getting some of these kinds of classes completed early. The dual enrolled classes also provide evidence that your son can function in a real time classroom, as well as very valuable teacher references for college applications. The only thing I would be concerned about is his age. Will he be 14 when he takes Pre Calculus? I enrolled my son in Calculus 2nd semester sophomore year. I also had him self study for the AP Exam after the class finished (early May) and the AP Exam (mid-May). This validated that the dual enrolled class was competitive with an AP class.
  7. Over the years I have used various programs. I finally purchased Analytic Grammar for my high schooler, and really like it. I plan to use it for my next child coming up, too.
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