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  1. I think the rule of thumb is 24 hours fever free....but not everything that causes a fever is contagious or contagious to the same degree and some things are contagious prior to fever onset.
  2. :iagree: And how the "World Series of Baseball" really isn't worldwide...
  3. I stand corrected (even though I'm sitting). My information was outdated. Thank you for the link. I agree with the article that although evidence does support that the surgery itself cures the Type II Diabetes, it is a big steps and risks/benefits must be weighed. I would first counsel diet/lifestyle changes. I understand that many have had success with this surgery that they feel they otherwise would not have achieved, but it is a big step (as with any major surgery) and should not be entered into lightly. Do you have any information regarding follow up studies? Do you know if this is
  4. How is her language acquisition? Is she fluent in English or are you fluent in her native language so that you may be sure that even though she may say words, she truly understands language?
  5. the surgery doesn't CURE the Type II Diabetes, the weight loss resulting from the forced lifestyle (diet) changes does. If the surgery cured Type II Diabetes, a person would come out of the surgery no longer needing oral medications, blood sugar checks, etc. That, however is not the case. The substantial weight decrease is what "cures" the Type II Diabetes. In your case, this was achieved with the help of gastric bipass surgery. Good for you. Others may achieve the same results through diet/lifestyle changes alone that result in significant weight loss.
  6. It is a very dangerous surgery. Complications are common and severe complications can arise if one cannot keep to the volume control afterward. IF you are seriously considering it, please obtain counseling before and after, as the patients who do that have the highest success rates. The lap band, although not without complications, is at least reversible.
  7. Thanks to my son, I had it figured out quite quickly. He got the update downloaded for me and I don't think the pages turn too slowly. I went with the Nook primarily because I need to view PDF documents. It was very easy to get the PDF docs from my laptop to the Nook and my son only had to show me twice how to find them in the "My Documents" section of the Nook. Son set it up so I can check my e-mail via Nook, and I made him undo that because I have no desire to do that. Web browsing is pretty simple on the Nook and not overly slow. It was very easy to connect to my home wireless "h
  8. Jinks - you owe me a coke (that's what the kids say when somebody says the same thing at the same time)
  9. I think some ask advice but don't really want to hear anything other than what they've already made up their mind to do.
  10. We always plan space for a cooler so we can picnic at rest stops. I have one son who doesn't think he's eaten lunch unless he gets his PB&J, so we pack bread, PB & Jelly. A cooler also allows us to take deli meats & cheese, yogurt, cut vegis and hummus
  11. Isn't it interesting that the aversion to water coincides exactly with the development of funk? Five Words: Irish Spring Bath and Body Nice, fresh scent. Strong enough. Can be used all over (with one of those net washy things) in the shower and works for shampoo on short boy hair. This is the only thing that helps my 10 year old boy pass the post shower head sniff test. I still remind him every time he prepares to shower "Use soap on every part of your body and WASH YOUR HEAD." When he comes out I still always say, "Did you use deodorant?" Half the time he has to return to apply d
  12. We have the Aroma. You add the rice & water, click the button to cook and then when the rice is done it automatically clicks to warm. I think there are two kinds of people: those who prefer a kitchen gadget that does one thing and does it well and those who prefer not to have a million expensive, single-function items cluttering up the kitchen counter. I'm in the latter group, dh is in the former. I use the rice cooker sometimes and like that the rice doesn't stick, etc. But - I think it is a colossal waste of space and if it got thrown out the window in a fit of pique over lac
  13. Same with our B&N. Maybe it varys depending on location (University town here) or depending on what tends to sell in a particular area?
  14. She is one smart cookie. She has gotten a bunch of people to talk about her blog, and probably generated some pageviews from some who have never heard of her before. This is what good blogging is all about, right? You can "preach to the choir" or you can "generate controversy" but whatever you do, aim to get folks talkin' and visitin'. Kudos to her! (oh, and I also found the blog entry & comments very interesting :))
  15. I used to love them and have fond memories of sitting out on the farmhouse front deck with my grandparents watching a storm move across the fields, finally hit us, and surround us with thunder and lightening. Loved walking in the rain. Loved the sound of a storm raging around. Then I moved to the Midwest. A Tornado took off part of a department store I shop at and my friends were trapped in the movie theater. I've seen rotation in the clouds and raced home to find my kids & the dog huddled in the crawl space under the stairs crying and howling while dh was outside with the video ca
  16. It was never an issue of board rules. Just rudeness (IMO) directed toward me by those who were very offended by the quote. I even had some very rude remarks posted about me publicly, with sugary-sweet apologies PM'd by the same poster. Ugh. That is the reason I now have the PM function turned off. And, I refrain (mostly) from revealing my true thoughts/feelings. So in a way, they've won. Yay them.
  17. Rocky Horror Picture Show has to be up there since I used to go watch it every weekend in Berkeley in my late teens/early 20's. Yes, I dressed up, brought props, the whole nine yards. now you know.:blushing: It may be a tie with The Blues Brothers. I know that movie by heart. I made my dh take me to the Daley Center and Lower Wacker Drive just because of that movie. He was embarrassed when I said "hut, hut, hut" in Daley Plaza and refused to drive me around to the South Side & Northern burbs to try to find landmarks. I often say (out of the blue) "we're on a mission from god" and h
  18. I would love to serve! The one and only time I got summoned, I had a newborn and asked for a postponement, which was granted. Never got called again.
  19. SusanAR & ChristineC Thank you both for the information. Don't worry, ChristineC I'm assuming B&N has bigger fish to fry than to keep tabs on who is talking about their e-reader and then pay someone to join a forum and post a glowing report ;) Many of the things you have said are what my son is saying. He is very pro-Nook and has been researching, researching, researching. Glad to hear the updates have cleared up the most common complaints.
  20. That is good to know. I won't make the decision based solely on the PDF reading ability (since I do have a plan to be done with grad school next year), but it is one more thing in the Nook's favor. I don't think I can add Sony to the mix. I'm on overload with the Nook-vs-Kindle.
  21. I get what you mean. I would like to say though, that in the US I doubt there are even a handful of people of any mindset (atheist, pagan, whatever) who are not familiar with most of the tenants of Christianity. Sometimes a sincere attempt to educate, coming from the mistaken viewpoint that if someone is not a Christian, they must be ignorant of the faith can come across as patronizing at best.
  22. For grad school I have to access, download and read lots of journal articles as PDF files. Which would be better for this - Nook or Kindle? Could I transfer PDF docs from my laptop to either one? TIA everybody!
  23. Be careful. I once had that Gandhi quote in my siggy line and got some very trollish remarks/PM's.
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