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  1. My daughter Claire, a sophomore at Hope College, is now home (along with the rest of collegiate America), re-figuring the rest of her semester. She was teaching sessions for a English class called Creative Writing in the Community, and she'd love to keep offering experiences for students to enjoy creating with words. Her free online experience for students grades 6-12 starts on Monday and will run for a 4-week session. I'm happy to field any questions to bring this into focus for anyone who might be interested! Please feel free to share this fun opportunity :) https://docs.google.com/form
  2. That dramatic scenario is exactly my daughter's: SAT 780/600! She intends to pursue a humanities-based/language major on a path to law or education. Her struggle with math skills is actually not as much of a handicap as is her processing speed. As a little girl struggling with some sensory processing issues, she'd tested <30th percentile for processing speed. She never was able to finish all the problems in the math portion of the SAT, even after taking courses and reading books to employ time-saving strategy tips and such. We wished more people would just celebrate the 780, but that's just
  3. Good points. We live in Rochester, which is the main reason she wasn't earnestly hoping to go to UR. We did do a registered visit during her junior year, but I'm sure they sensed that she was lukewarm about them when she didn't jump through every hoop she could in the application.
  4. I can share this easily because my daughter didn't want to go there. I've believed that UR is a fine school with broad program offerings and it's actually where I received my bachelor's degree in 1997. I had received very generous merit scholarships that made it as affordable as a state school at the time. I was a high-achieving public school student with extracurriculars coming out my ears, so I get that this is what colleges favor. But here's the thing--comparing my high school senior self to my daughter, I know that her college readiness and achievement would far surpass mine. She is br
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