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  1. If I put on make-up or straighten my hair, my 3 year old asks me where we are going. It's pretty sad. When I only had 2 children I did those things everyday whether I was leaving the house or not. We do get dressed everyday, but not in the same clothes we would wear if leaving the house. For instance, I'm wearing a cami and yoga pants right now. I would NOT wear that out of the house.
  2. I had my last baby at 37, and wouldn't want to have one after age 40. My last pregnancy, delivery, and recovery were the quickest and easiest of all 4, so I really wouldn't be worried about doing it again, except that I think we are good with 4. We are a nice even number, I'd like to not be nursing or waking up in the middle of the night, and there are a few other factors. If we had more money, a bigger home, a mom with more patience, I would probably think about another one.
  3. When my husband worked in IT he wore a tie everyday. However right now he's working in a factory, so he wears an ugly uniform with his name on it.
  4. Potatoes and Weiners. It's something my mom made when I was little, with cut up hot dogs, onions, paprika, and chunks of potatoes. You cook it till it gets mushy. I long for it at least once every winter. I haven't had it in years, my family isn't impressed with it.
  5. I make my patties large and thin. I like the cooked size to be about the same size as the hamburger bun. Thin patties cook faster and more evenly. It's also easier to get your mouth around the loaded burger. I hate getting a bite of nothing but bun. I plan on 4-5 oz of uncooked meat per burger. In fact, I'm so crazy, I usually weigh the meat for each burger.
  6. With my first baby, I never wanted to put him down. I let him sleep in my arms. I couldn't let go of him. I was so happy to finally have a baby! Since my first two children were fairly close in age, 16 months, I had to put the second baby down more often. She was a sleeper though, so it was okay. She didn't mind sleeping on her own. My third child was the one that never wanted to be put down. He would only sleep in my arms or on my chest. Any time I put him down, anywhere, he howled mercilessly. It made showering and eating difficult. Dad could hold him only if I could not be seen. The fourth baby likes to be held when he's awake. He was also a very good sleeper until he was six months old. He was content to sleep alone, and often, from the day he was born. I love holding the babies. They are only little for so long. I wish I had owned a Moby wrap with the first three children. That thing is wonderful. My youngest and I are giving our Moby quite a work out.
  7. I have 3 grocery stores and a Wal Mart all within minutes of each other. I check every one's weekly ads before going shopping. Often times I find food items cheaper at the other stores than at Wal Mart. I don't plan a weekly menu and then set out to buy the ingredients. I have found that method to be insanely expensive. I keep a well stocked pantry and work around the items in my freezer and refrigerator to plan meals. I also stock up on things I use a lot when they go on sale. That may not be possible for some people, but I usually have the cash on hand to spend now in order to save later. I cook from scratch. I have very few processed items in my home. Not only does this save us money, but it's much healthier. We consume far less sugar/sweeteners, sodium, and other added ingredients. Avoiding things like store-bought boxes/bagged cereal can save a lot of money. That stuff is really expensive and unhealthy. You can make your own cereal, or make oatmeal, eggs, and other homemade breakfast items.
  8. Honestly, I want back every penny my husband and I ever paid into SS right now, and I'll invest it for myself. We would have more money by the time we retire that way than we would ever get from SS.
  9. I think $10 an hour is tons of money for babysitting. I would gladly babysit for that rate.
  10. Are you happy with it? Do the kids like it? I'm leaning towards getting this and would love to hear what you think.
  11. Mine can't finish anything either. Even when there's a chart posted to help them not miss a step.
  12. We have a FREE checking account with Huntington bank. No direct deposit or minimum balance required.
  13. I would watch the sales and stock up on things we use as they go on sale. I would still want to stretch that $300 as far as I would want to stretch my regular money.
  14. I pound the chicken breasts out thin. Coat them in flour. Dip them in egg. Coat them in bread crumbs seasoned with salt, pepper, garlic, and basil. Fry them in a bit of olive oil for a few minutes. Move them to a baking sheet. Top them with Parmesan cheese and bake. I top them with tomato sauce when served.
  15. In the diphthong ow, the w is being used as a vowel. W can substitute for u because w is really a double u. In the ew diphthong the w is also a vowel. In the aw combination (note, not a diphthong) the w is acting like the consonant letter w, and not the vowel sound of letter u.
  16. My wardrobe has a lot of black, chocolate brown and army green in it. I tend to stick with earth tones, it looks best with my slightly olive skin tone and dark hair and eyes. Belacqua, If I'm wearing black pants my shirt is usually army green or maroon. I agree, a white shirt makes you look like a server. I also have a nice silk sweater from Ann Taylor in tan that looks nice with black pants. Honestly though, if I feel I need to be dressed up enough to wear black pants, I would rather go with a skirt. I like to wear skirts when practical. I have a lot of fitted solid color v-neck t-shirts, in earth tones. I don't own a single pair of capris. They look cute on other people, but they just aren't me. I bought a pair once to wear to a company picnic and I felt like I was stuffed into someone else's clothing all day.
  17. I went to a school system where we were taught the vowels were: A, E, I, O, U, and sometimes Y and W. I never understood the reasoning behind W being a vowel until I began homeschooling. I've spent a lot of time studying phonics in order to teach it.
  18. I don't know if this is the kind of thing you are looking for, but the kids have fun with this: http://www.theheadoftheclass.com/Activities/HOCSMusicComposition.aspx
  19. My husband makes jokes to our friends, in my presence, about trading me for a bottle of good scotch, takes bids, and even offers people money to take me off his hands. I know it's all in good fun. He wouldn't trade me for anything in the world. The man is completely spoiled.
  20. No, I don't serve it. Although if someone was sick I might make an exception and allow some 100% orange juice.
  21. I set up a Togetherville account for my 8 year old daughter so that she could stay in touch with some of her fair friends on Facebook. The two are compatible, but separate. Togetherville was designed for children too young for Facebook.
  22. We school year round. But beginning tomorrow until September our schedule will be reduced to Tuesday through Thursday. Our schedule is down to finishing our current math, grammar, and spelling programs, and reading. We'll be doing more real-life learning. The kids want to learn to cook and sew, and of course we will be doing out-door activities.
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