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  1. I LOVE a nice slice of white wedding cake and a glass of chilled champagne. In fact, every New Year's Eve, I make a white cake with decorator frosting to have with my champagne.
  2. My older two kids never showed any interest in guns. Probably because they had nearly no exposure to them. Most of their movies and stories featured swords, bows, and wands. The 3 year old went through a gun not too long ago. I think it was from seeing Star Wars. I never allowed any toy guns in the house. He built some guns out of Lincoln Logs, but it was short lived. We have one Nerf ball shooter. It doesn't look like a gun. I'm okay with that. Grandma got it for someone's birthday. Our house is more sword and light saber oriented, and I like that.
  3. My house is filled with toy swords, shields, axes, daggers, and bows and arrows. The kids ride stick horses and ride through the living room jousting with light sabers as lances. My 3 year old will tell you that he has poison on his sword from a Hydra's blood :001_huh:. The ONLY gun in the house is a nerf blaster that shoots giant green balls (presumably balls of acid). My current project is convincing the 3 year old that we don't kill the bad guys. We capture them and treat them humanely. Our oldest has been fascinated with swords since he was less than 2 years old. He got his first toy sword (Sting) when he was two. I don't know what started the fascination, but he's now 10 and really interested in history, particularly the Middle Ages. My daughter also plays with swords. Both kids asked for fencing and archery lessons. I think the 3 year old is interested only because the older two are interested. Can't say for sure. The 1 year old boy likes to grab the wand attachment from the vacuum cleaner and wield it as a sword. We go every year (for 6 weekends) to a Medieval Faire. But we never attended the faire with the children until the oldest two were 5 & 6, so I think for them it may be something instinctive. Their games are a combination of knights, wizards, pirates, and mythology. I know that our movie and literature selections do play a role in this activity.
  4. [quote=smillard00;2933102 You might also do a search for "muffin tin meals." It's kind of an a la carte approach to lunch that gets you away from the standard sandwich. My youngest loves to eat her lunch this way. We aren't gluten-free, but this is often what our lunches look like. We have meat, cheese, fruit, veggies, and nuts.
  5. I once went to an out of town wedding and forgot my hair dryer. For me, that's nearly then end of the world. I have curly hair that I blow dry straight and touch it up with a straightener. Now I make a checklist. I haven't forgotten anything in a while thanks to the checklist.
  6. Yogurt and fruit. Cottage cheese and fruit. A breakfast casserole. They have eggs, but it's not the same as eating scrambled eggs. Cheese, nuts, and fruit. Smoothies. Apples and peanut butter (or other nut butter) I know you said low-carb, but when I think of low-carb I think of not containing flour. Fruit doesn't count as a carb in my low-carb diet.
  7. I just went and read that whole discussion. That's not so strange in itself, but it's strange because I have never flown and don't intend to.
  8. The kids have a few movies that they have watched so many times that I think I will vomit if I'm forced to listen to them again. When they want to watch those movies I tell them they can watch it only if they play it in Spanish...then we call it school.
  9. Me too! I'm much more alert and focused with less carbs. I also have found that when I eat a meal high in protein, I stay full longer and don't get sleepy. It took a long time to figure out what works for me.
  10. If I had a big enough vehicle I would pick it up. If I didn't, and the friend did, I would very politely ask if they would mind dropping it off, and then I'd give them cookies to thank them.
  11. We are getting ready to do the Middle Ages and this is what I'm planning to use. I have nothing specific picked out regarding knights, Camelot, and Robin Hood as of yet, so I would love to hear suggestions.
  12. Funny, I've never really thought of mushrooms as "unusual".
  13. Is it not common to wear underwear with pajamas? I have all my life. My MIL seems to think it's strange that I do. The only people in my home that don't wear underwear with pajamas are in a diaper or Good Nights/Underjams. We get dressed every day unless we are sick. Often times, that "dressed" is simply sweats or yoga pants, because it's more comfortable at home. My oldest son often doesn't wear a shirt unless we are going out or having company. I used to spend some of the early morning lounging in pajamas for a bit, but that ended when we lived on a boat. I had to wake up and throw on real clothing to visit the bathroom first thing in the mornings. Now I'm in the habit of putting on clothes immediately after getting out of bed.
  14. I send mine to bed in intervals. If someone takes a little longer to fall asleep than normal, the next kid in line gets to stay up a little bit later. It's usually not a problem though. I have found this to work very well for us most nights.
  15. I make up a batch of homemade granola cereal. I got the recipe from someone on here. At the moment her name escapes me, but I have it saved on the recipe. Two of my children like to have yogurt topped with berries, either fresh or frozen. That's quick and easy. Oatmeal is a quick cook item, my oldest likes that. I keep hard boiled eggs in the fridge. I also cook up batches of scrambled eggs, buttermilk biscuits, and sausage gravy. The older kids can help themselves to breakfast, warming it up in the microwave. These foods are very re-heat friendly. I sometimes make up scrambled egg muffins: http://allrecipes.com/Recipe/scrambled-egg-muffins/detail.aspx (alter as you like) There are almost always grapes, bananas, and bananas in the house, which can easily be added to any breakfast. If we make pancakes, we make extras so that the leftovers can be thrown in the fridge for breakfast another day.
  16. We lived on a boat with nothing more than an ice-box for 7 years. You can live without a refrigerator, but do you really want to? I like my refrigerator.
  17. Our desktop computer gets turned off every night when we go to bed, and when we are not home.
  18. I am so sorry. That place has a horrible reputation. Make sure you stay in the room with her.
  19. We packed a picnic lunch all weekend while attending the local medieval faire. I packed potato salad, ham (I bought a whole smoked ham and cut slices), carrot sticks, cheese, homemade bread, apples, grapes, and black olives, and packed it all in a cooler.
  20. Up until around age 3, my oldest two children ate almost everything we put in front of them. Then they suddenly started having more things they disliked. My son especially. For years he had issues with meats that made dinner time miserable. He would whine, moan, and over chew (sometimes throw up) while chewing chicken and pork. He's 10 and things are better now. He's got a few chicken dishes that he really loves, and will tolerate the rest. He still takes forever to eat anything involving pork that isn't ground pork, but he eats it. For my children, it was a phase. My third child is now almost 4 and hasn't gone through this phase. That kid likes everything.
  21. You would think this would be an easy question. I guess I would be the first born. I am the oldest child. Bossy control freak that likes answering polls, too.
  22. I have so many reasons for choosing to homeschool that I could sit here for an hour explaining them all. To summarize, I will say that I don't find the school environment to be healthy for many reasons, and that academically we can provide a better and more efficient education at home.
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