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  1. It is a constant struggle to get Latin done each day.  My boys hate it and honestly, I hate teaching it.  I have never enjoyed teaching foreign language so my lack of enthusiasm probably isn't helping the situation.  I have no issue with the program we're using; it's a quality program that isn't too dry.  I also see the value of Latin but at what point do you decide this isn't a hill worth dying for?  Are there any good self-paced computer programs besides Rosetta Stone?  My youngest is using Classical Academic Press' new online class but it's for younger students.  Should I just transition over to a quality roots program instead?  I've looked at a couple but they look really boring.  Any ideas or suggestions?

  2. I lived in El Cajon and Escondido. Relatively speaking, inland is far less expensive than beach communities. However, SD is just as expensive as other large cities, so be prepared to pay a LOT in rent.


    That all said, SD is a wonderful place. I didn't homeschool there, but as far as a great city to live in, it's "America's Finest!"


    San Diego is a big area so it really depends. Is your husband going to be working in a specific area or city? North San Diego is much different from the city proper or South Bay. That being said, there is a very active homeschooling community throughout San Diego. Can you narrow down the area a little more?

  3. I agree that is true but also extremely disturbing. Why is that the case? Why is it that college freshmen are now commonly being remedialized in math? What does that say about our approach to math in the younger grades?


    Too many are relying on rote memorization and plugging numbers into formulas with any try understanding of the concepts. They don't understand "why" which really comes back to bite them in advanced math.


    We've used MUS from the beginning and my oldest is now in Prealgebra. It's a solid program. Fortunately as homeschoolers, we have many solid programs to choose from.

  4. Schedule is out. No Andrew Kern. No MCT. The lineup is still good, but those are 2 that I was really looking forward to. I specifically asked GHC if MCT was speaking and they said yes. Wonder what happened? Does he have a controversial blog that I'm unaware of?


    Seriously? No Andrew Kern either?? I saw that MCT wasn't on the schedule so I emailed RFWP. All I received was an email saying that neither he nor they are attending...no explanation. The convention is listed on their Facebook page. I don't know what's going on behind the scenes but I'm upset that I paid $$ to see certain speakers who are no longer attending. I'd see SWB anytime but I've heard all but one of her scheduled lectures. Totally annoying!


    I have since switched to CLE and she is making leaps and bounds with math. Yes, she still struggles and is still behind, but with CLE it's much easier for us to work on catching up. We are so happy with CLE here and will never switch math programs again. My children have learned so much since we have switched. All things they never learned with MUS. we got half way through Gamma with MUS and are on light unit 305 in CLE.


    I think it all depends on what your looking for in a math curriculum as well as what type of learner your child is. CLE is more spiral whereas MUS is more mastery with some review stuck in.


    Herein lies the problem when you compare some math programs...spiral vs. mastery. A mastery program like MUS will not cover the same topics in 3rd grade when compared to 3rd grade CLE. It's comparing apples to oranges and there will be gaps (for a time.)


    My oldest has just moved into MUS PreAlgebra. He's in 5th grade and has used MUS since the beginning. Now that he's almost at the end of MUS's elementary math cycle, I can do some comparisons. I helped a friend's daughter with her Abeka Math 6 book (6th grade.) My son would have no problem jumping right into that book. I've also compared his work to a friend's private school math (5th grade) and again, he'd be just fine.


    Having said all that, he'll finish out MUS PreAlgebra but I'm considering switching over to another program for upper level math...just haven't figured that out yet.

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