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  1. I still haven't received a response from the coordinators about the possibility of buying cd's after the conference (since I'm on the west coast and can't go.) Would anyone be willing to purchase cd's at the conference for me if I pay you in advance??
  2. Since these conferences don't come west of the Mississippi, does anyone know where I could order CD copies of the presentation/workshops? I'll just have to have my own mini-conference down here by the beach.
  3. MUS has always worked well for my boys so I'm hesitant to change. He is moving quickly through Gamma but will begin multiple digit multiplication next week so I suspect he will slow down some. I supplement with TT 4 because it takes little or no prep from me (being computer-based) but I'm disappointed it's not more challenging. I haven't really looked at Singapore because it's spiral whereas MUS is mastery. I wonder if anyone has successfully blended both? I'm also wondering if I could use Grammar Island with both my boys. My oldest is definitely an auditory learner and really dislike
  4. Can you tell me a little more about MCT? I've looked at the website but I'm still having a hard time wrapping my head around exactly how it works. I've seen lengthy discussions on the Elementary Board but haven't followed them too closely. Would he just jump into Grammar Island? Would you recommend the Sentence books along with it?
  5. My middle son is obviously bored with school right now. He's very different from my first son, who while bright, isn't an accelerated learner so this is new territory for me. My 2nd grader is a strong reader and normally scores 100% on his math & spelling tests. When he does make mistakes in math, for example, it's usually sloppy mistakes, not conceptual issues. I can see he's not being challenged enough and I'd like to make a couple of changes now but I don't want to overwhelm him being that's he's only 7. I've stepped it up a little in math & spelling but I'm struggling wit
  6. Me too! I much prefer to listen to lectures/books on tape when I exercise. SWB's are at the top of my list.
  7. Thanks to you all! LG- We must be close to each other because I've heard about Julian Charter before. I'm curious why you didn't like it. I, personally don't use a charter but get asked quite often about them and it's always good to hear actual feedback. I think it started a couple of years ago, right?
  8. My friend just pulled her daughter out of PS to homeschool. She thought she had to immediately sign up with a charter or ISP run by her school district. She would prefer to homeschool on her own which I told her she could do. I file my own affidavit every year but the filing period has passed. I can't find anything on what, if any, requirements there are when you pull them out mid-year. She was a former school teacher so she might still have an active credential which would give her the tutor/teacher exception to filing the affidavit. I could call HSLDA for her but I thought I'd ask here
  9. The boys and I just finished listening to The Phantom Tollbooth read by David Hyde Pierce and it was awesome! Honestly, my oldest would never had read this on his own and they all probably would have been bored listening to me read it aloud but they loved the audiobook. Probably one of the best readings I've heard! Anyone else have any all-time favorites??
  10. Francine Rivers' "Mark of the Lion" trilogy was great historical fiction. I haven't read any of her other work though. One of my all-time favorites is The Hawk and the Dove by Penepole Wilcock.
  11. The Pillars of the Earth I wanted to like it but couldn't get past 1st 100 pages.
  12. Who knew? I guess I'm not that YouTube savvy. :D I miss the Coca Cola Polar bear commercials...
  13. I love the holidays; the lights, the decorations, the music & food but every now and then something really bugs me. This year it's the Hyundai car commercial! Has anyone seen it? This annoying girl singing a musak version of "Deck the Halls" while some guy bounces around in the background. It grates on my nerves every time I see it and they play it a lot. Seriously, how does this sell cars and how did this girl get so much face time on a car commercial? She must be the ad execs daughter...Ugh! Also, our local Christmas music station. I swear they go out of their way to find the
  14. Standing Rib Roast Ham scalloped potatoes roasted brussel sprouts maybe Yorkshire pudding Waldorf salad Not sure yet what we're doing for desert...
  15. We've always used MUS but this year I decided to supplement with TT because it's computer-based and I wanted them to see math presented in a different way. While I love the idea of TT, I have to confess that I am a little disappointed it's not more challenging. My 4th grader is breezing through TT 6 and my 2nd grader is doing the same with TT 4 (he probably could have handled TT 5.) They have a great concept but a decent math student would probably be bored so I probably wouldn't recommend it as a stand-alone program.
  16. SWB had an interesting response to the idea of strictly using Latin to learn English grammar in one her WWE lectures. Basically, she said using Latin grammar exclusively would be fine if we wrote in Latin but since we write in English... She recommends that you do both.
  17. Mr. Demme really wants kids to understand the importance of place value which is why he shows multiple digit multiplication this way. He also explains that there often is more than one way to solve a math problem. Having said that, he does go on to show a more "traditional" way of multiplication. My son understood both but preferred to use the "traditional" method. That's the beauty of it...giving the child multiple ways to solve a problem and letting them go with what makes most sense to them.
  18. Well that stinks! It sounds like the hockey director is more interested in $$ than taking care of his families and looking out for what's best for the kids. If you still want to play at that rink in the future, maybe you could ask them to keep your $$ but apply it for next season when your son can play on a team that's appropriate for his age. It's a compromise but they're not losing $$.
  19. :iagree: I would contact USA Hockey. From what I understand, they have very strict rules and guidelines. They generally do not allow older kids playing down a level. I knew one boy that we played in a tournament who had a very serious illness for a couple of years. He had a request an exemption just to play Squirts one more year. It was like pulling teeth, but he eventually did get the exemption. Playing up is not a big deal but I have never heard of a rink allowing older kids to play down. If nothing else, the other rinks he played against would be furious!
  20. :iagree: It is a a grade level or 2 behind but I'm very pleased so far. My 2nd grader just began TT4 and my 4th grader is in TT 6; both area doing great. We still use MUS but I wanted them to see math presented in a little different way. They both just grab the computer and go.
  21. I tried to do a search but keep coming up with all threads with about "spelling"...grrr. Anyway, I'm thinking of switching over to this program. It looks really interesting and since I'm already familiar with SWR and it's rules, I think it would be an easy transition. My oldest really struggles with spelling. He can spell words from a spelling list correctly but just can't seem to transition it into his actual writing. I'm intrigued by Spelling Plus because the spelling words are in the context of dictation and sentences, not just lists which I think might benefit him greatly. Anyon
  22. I sort of lost my taste for Man vs. Wild when he bit the head off a live frog (pardon the pun.) :D My oldest really likes Bill the Exterminator...
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