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  1. Thank you everyone! On my recent trip, I hit the Homeschool Gathering place AND requested to join the Spice Line!!! Many thanks!!!!!
  2. It's looking like our family is going to move to Raleigh....love to talk to any homeschool moms in the Cary/North Raleigh/WAke Forest area. My hubby's job will be in North Raleigh and I wanted to know about homeschool groups and opportunities in the area! I have some other general "area" questions if anyone is interested in answering, you can pm me. Thanks! Mary
  3. I am just glad that it isn't only me. I have been going crazy trying to search the classifieds. ARGH!
  4. I am not sure about curriculum, but we enjoy picking projects from thatartistwoman.org and deep space sparkle :)
  5. After accepting my money, I never heard anything. There were a few of us....pls. mail what was promised.

  6. Thanks for those previous threads. My searching didn't come up with any good ones. These were great! I will have to look into Math Mammoth - never heard of it....
  7. I just read about Singapore Math's "Math in Focus". Anyone familiar with this program? Is it drastically different from Singapore STandards math? It seems more like MUS - diving into particular concepts without a ton of review. Anyone switch from one to the other? What did you find? Thanks! Mary
  8. Love all of the ideas here - some great 6 week cycles...do you all do school year round then?
  9. Someone once told me - 2 samples per subject per month. That is the general rule of thumb I use to show "progress" for the state. I have not had a problem. I also type up the books we read under the general headings of each historical topic, then poetry, read-alouds, chapter "on my own" reads, etc. For ETC, I just save the "tests" at the end of each lesson. For math, I do the 2 per month and then any "tests" or review type sheet she had to do in Singapore. Good luck! You'll learn what they want and like to see! I am in MD
  10. We just decided to hold off on FLL for my young first grader as we are still working hard on phonics/reading. BUT, I was wondering what poems to memorize. Now i have an ENORMOUS selection! Thanks!
  11. WE use Galloping the Globe as our "main" resource and supplement with much of what is mentioned here. My favorite resource has been the Kids of Courage magazines and website. (kids version of Voice of the Mayrtrs) Great downloadable guides...we just worked through the one on India as our lessons...LOVE these!
  12. Loved this! Thanks. I am in Columbia, MD...somewhat "close by" :)
  13. I don't know how to quote all of the previous comments, but thank you! I figured it out when I searched by my name. It's not that I am trying to avoid being part of the community...more of a time factor. But, I only have 20 more to go :) Well, maybe 19 now... And I am laughing at some of the links you gave me. Maybe the "weird" family post isn't supposed to be funny, but some of the stuff being uncovered there is quite interesting!
  14. I have always used the wet erase ones! This year we are de-spining the Latin book so the girls can use it and repeat practices that they want to do again - I am going to page protect it :)
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