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  1. Oh, how fun. I used to live in the East Bay and we'd take BART over to the City a lot. I can't remember what we used to do. We just would go over and goof around. One thing I do remember doing, but it took all day, was ride bikes over the GG Bridge to Tiburon and then take the ferry back to Pier 39. That was a great day. I just kind of browsed through the rest of the posts, and I can't remember if anyone mentioned kayaking around Sausalito. I did that at night once with a group of friends and you could see all the lights of the city from there. Beautiful. One thing for sure, don't drive in the City. It is a nightmare. It's an easy city to walk from here to there, and if you can't walk, there's a good bus system.
  2. I learned nothing. And, believe it or not, I went to a University for my credential that is highly acclaimed, cutting edge, etc. etc. I learned what I needed to know about teaching from actually being in the classroom and gaining experience. That's what's helped me know how to homeschool.
  3. I'm ashamed to admit that I voted, "huh?" I really have no idea. I know what I believe, but I'm don't know enough about those two philosophies to know where I fit in. I hate that I had such a shoddy education (I don't blame it completely on the system, I wasn't terribly interested in history, and maybe that's the fault of the system) and when I finally got to the point in my life where I'm motivated to do something about it, I'm so tired that when I sit down to read I fall asleep - even if it's in the middle of the day.
  4. I have zucchini and yellow squash coming out of my ears. My plants are out of control. It hasn't been warm enough for my tomatoes to ripen, but it will be this weekend and then look out. Holy Cow! We're having a nice amount of green beans and I have 15 canteloupes at about the same stage of development and about 3X that many set on. My garden is completely exploding and I have no idea what to do. I sent a huge bag of zucchini with DH to work today and told him to give it all away. And we only have 3 plants. I need to harvest my carrots and I've been getting about a cucumber a day, which is perfect for eating. I don't make pickles.
  5. John Adams by David McCullough and the autobiography of U.S. Grant. Boy, talk about two different men and two completely different writing styles. The U.S. Grant one is fascinating, since I have absolutely no knowlege of the Mexican-American War, or basically any 19th Century history besides the fact that the Civil War was in there somewhere.
  6. I was just wondering the same thing. But, I guess it's just giving them jobs, expecting them to do it well and without complaining and also being a good role model. It's tough living in town because besides housework, there's not a ton they can really do right now. They aren't old enough to push a lawn mower or wash the car. But, they have to clean up their toys at night, do their laundry and a few other household chores like dusting and cleaning the bathroom, and my oldest ds (6 yrs.) is learning how to cook, which he loves.
  7. I'll just throw this in to the mix- but I've read that chronic sinus infections can be due to fungal (i.e. candida) infections. So, getting off the sugar, taking pro-biotics may help you, too.
  8. I have a set amount budgeted for the major curriculum purchases for the year. Then, I have a small amount budgeted each month for spur-of-the-moment purchases, field trips with our support group, etc. Also, I have an Amazon Visa and I get a $25.00 Amazon gift card for 2500 points. I use that exclusively for school books. But, with the way things are going with dh's job, etc., I'm really going to try to rely on the library more this year than ever. We really need to cut back.
  9. I pick them when they look right. You can tell when they're too small, but when you can see the individual bean inside the pod, they're too mature. Somewhere in between that. And then, eat them. If they taste right, then you done good!;) I'm sorry I'm not much help.
  10. I have the opposite problem - my 3 yr. old dd and 5 yr. old ds like to play together and leave the 6 yr. old ds out. I don't blame them -ds#1 is a pain in the neck, but I also feel badly for him. He wants to play, but he's such a "boy" and he doesn't like to play house. He likes to wreck the house instead. I keep telling him that if he wants to play with them, he needs to play like they're playing, but he insists on just pestering them, so I usually have to send him away. I feel bad, but I'm not sure what else to do.
  11. LA - A Beka Math - A Beka History - BJU - Heritage Studies 1 Geography - I'm still trying to decide if I want to stick with what BJU has in HS1 or if I want to go a little more in depth Science - What TWTM recommends Music - our homeschool group has a choir and music appreciation Bible - CLP
  12. I know what you mean. I've hit goal with WW and have had the darndest time staying here. I have these Hershey's kisses I use for rewards for my SS class for learning their verses and I'm eating them hand over fist tonight when I'm studying my lesson with this "I'm going to eat them, and I don't care!" attitude. What is the matter with me?:confused:
  13. I did A Beka's K4 & K5 with my boys. I didn't buy most of the bells and whistles. The games -- I didn't find them too thrilling and the boys seemed to do all right when we only did them occasionally. I found the flashcards to be expensive, so I made my own. I have been happy with A Beka, though and haven't felt too overwhelmed. The think I've found with A Beka is, you have to show it who's boss. It's a curriculum you can easily become a slave to if you're not careful.
  14. For Kindergarten: Winners - A Beka Phonics and Math programs Losers - A Beka "history" and science Not sure - CLP "The American People and Nation".
  15. I heard this on the radio. I think it's the dumbest thing and I have no idea why he brought this up. Cost effective? How? I'm sorry, the guy is an idiot, our state is in a complete crisis situation from every angle and he comes up with this.
  16. I use Stevia to sweeten my coffee and other drinks. But, what's the deal with Splenda. Other people I know say, "Stay away," but they won't say why!
  17. I have no suggestions for you. You don't want to come to Central California. The weather's great most of the year and it's beautiful out here, but the politicians aren't giving us any water (they must save the Delta Smelt), so the farms are getting ready to literally dry up and blow away. A lot of them have done so already.
  18. We always knew we were going to do it, so it wasn't a huge change in thinking. Kindergarten went well, I'm excited for first grade, but there are some days I'd just love to ship them off to school. Then, I remember a conversation I had with a friend who's a second grade teacher in our local district. She told me they're changing things around because kids are coming in so low regarding language skills that they're nearly eliminating all science and history until 4th grade and focusing on LA. I was shocked. Esp. coming from a WTM/Classical standpoint where the emphasis is on history. I just keep reminding myself of that, and my enthusiasm for hsing comes back up!
  19. We don't take long trips, but when we do I just consider it one big field trip. We make sure we take in a museum or nature walk, but we don't do regular schoolwork. Unless you're really having trouble making it through your curriculum, I'd suggest getting away from the books and think outside the box educationally speaking. Have the kids make scrapbooks of the trip, drawing pics of the native flora and fauna or landmarks, collecting brochures of places you've been. Read aloud bios of famous people in the area. Track your travels on a map. Figure out how much money you've spent, determine your gas mileage. There are all sorts of fun things you can do without "bringing out the books!"
  20. Hey, that's a good one. I pay $.10/killed snail in the garden and the same for a tomato worm.
  21. It's been gorgeous here. Last weekend it was in the low 70's and for this area, that is downright chilly in early June. We've even had 2 storms with measurable rain in the past couple weeks, and generally we're dry as a bone from March till October. It's gotta be global warming. Or those sun-spot cycles or something.
  22. I've done a few Beth Moore's and find her to be lightweight, especially after doing Bible Study Fellowship. I don't want to offend anyone here, but she doesn't encourage you to study Scripture for yourself. Her questions are designed to lead you to the answer she wants you to find. At least that's my opinion. Again, I don't want to offend, but that has been my real problem with Beth Moore. Regarding a Bible Study, I haven't really found any small group Bible Study that has a lot of depth. I thought Nancy Leigh DeMoss' "Lies Women Believe" is good from a healing, psychological, Biblical stand-point. But, there were some women in my group that hated it. So, there you go. I have no advice.:tongue_smilie:
  23. We took the DVD series in church, and I thought it was more helpful than just doing the book. I learned a lot from him, and we were pretty good budgeters before. We went in to it thinking we had it all together financially, but he had a lot of good advice to fine-tune what we were already doing and we're socking a lot more $$ away than we were before we took the class.
  24. I exercise at home. If I had to go to the gym it would never happen. I get up at 5:15am and get a 40 minute walk around our neighborhood in. We do go to bed fairly early, but it's a good time for me to not only exercise, but have some uninterrupted thoughts and some peace.
  25. We use Eggermeiers and really like it. I have no experience with the other book, so I cannot comment.
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