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  1. I've read 27 on that list. Some of the ones I haven't read I know I need to read, some of them I have no desire to read, and a few - I may have read another book from the same author. I know I am not very well read, but I'm working on it.
  2. This is something that has been on my mind a lot lately because we don't have a will and I know we need one. We're only in our early-40's but we've got kids and need a plan. The problem is.... how do we start? We've looked at the Family Lawyer CD-Rom and got hopeslessly confused. We've considered Legal Zoom, but... is that a good thing? We don't have a regular family lawyer, so how does one pick one? We've asked friends and family for recommendations regarding lawyers and no one seems to have any clue. How much could a person expect a lawyer to charge? What is reasonable?
  3. DS age 6 - wash, dry fold his own laundry, clean his bathroom, vacuum on occasion, wash sliding glass door, sweep patio, set table, help prepare food for meals DS age 5 - wash, dry fold his own laundry, dust, wash sliding glass door, set table, help prepare food, sweep patio Everyone helps put toys away and clean bedrooms every night before bedtime. They usually have 1-2 chores a day, which are done right after schoolwork is done. That way they have all afternoon as free time.
  4. So, it really is cheaper to homeschool. I thought I was paying all kinds of $$ for curriclum, etc. but from supplies to clothes without holes in them, I'm really coming out ahead. I really wonder what they're spending our tax $$ on then, if it's not actually educating the children.
  5. Sometimes I've wondered about the Quiverfull movement inregards to infertility and adoption. DH and I are infertile and have adopted 3 children from the fostercare system (and are trying to adopt more, but we've been waiting for 2 years now). I guess if we were to take an extreme view of it, we would have to accept that it was God's will that we were to be childless, but I really can't believe that is true. He has blessed us with our children, they are being raised in a Christian home and will be given love, nurturing and every advantage. How could that not be God's will?
  6. We've gotten them through church. I'm a former jr. high teacher, so I've had some former students babysit for us and our neighbor girl down the street has been doing some babysitting. It is really hard to get good babysitting.
  7. We're doing A Beka phonics first grade, after doing A Beka K5 last year. My personal opinion is, if she did well with A Beka, then stick with it. I think A Beka's phonics program is a cohesive, 3 year program and unless she really hates it or can't keep up, then it's best to complete it. I've been happy with it so far and my boys (ages 5 & 6) are doing very well reading.
  8. Unfortunately, you just have to put that stuff out of reach. We do not have an open door policy for our bedroom. Some places just have to be off limits, imo, but they do get in there anyway, especially when DH and I are in there.
  9. We were given a complete (and I mean complete) Playmobil Dollhouse. My 3 year old daughter is getting in to playing with it, but she's pretty mature for her age. My 5 year old son (who loves to play dolls and shopping with his sister) plays well with it, but my 6 year old son, not so much. Granted, it is a doll house, but I agree with the previous posters, there's a ton of small parts and pieces that can get lost. Good grief, we have a piano, with real sheet music and a music stand and a bust of Beethoven. It's an amazing set, but even at my kids' age, I've brought out the bare minimum for them to play with.
  10. My favs are: White Christmas Miracle on 34th Street The Santa Claus 1 & 2 It's a Wonderful Life I'm sorry, I hate "A Charlie Brown Christmas". The message is awesome, but as an adult I just cannot stomach how those children treat Charlie Brown. I used to love the program growing up, but I saw it once as an adult and was appalled at those kids and I haven't watched it since.
  11. As parent to 3 adopted children (we have no bio kids) I try really hard to look at where my difficult one is now. I can drive myself crazy thinking - is his behaviour because of the drugs, genetics or is it just his temperment? He's just incredibly obnoxious and high maintainance. Honestly, I think it's all three, but it does me no good to try to figure that out. I just need to try to figure him out and how I can best parent him.
  12. I chop up whatever meat I have in the fridge, chop up lettuce, cucumber, tomato, olives maybe throw in a few black beans, drizzle a little ranch dressing over it and eat it up. Oh, I almost forgot, the most important part - avacado.:D
  13. I used A Beka last year with my boys and it worked very well. It was very user friendly, colorful, the phonics program works well. I'd recommend it. I'm using their Language Arts and Math programs this year for 1st grade.
  14. I grew up Mennonite and became Reformed about 10 years ago, got married to a Mennonite, converted him (well, God did, really) and now we've been 3 years Presbyterian, though we're still Credo-Baptists. Can't get past that, so we're not TRUE Presbyterians, though our church is one of the only Calvinist churches in the area, which is why we're there. I think it was Romans 2 that really sticks out in my mind as helping to turn my mind to "The Dark Side" (I think that nickname is kind of funny, actually), although I believe that if you really study and think about and dig deeply all Scripture boasts of God's complete sovereignty. Isaiah is full of "God doing as He purposes". It took me a year to get through that book with the help of Matthew Henry's Commentary, but I am even more convinced than ever of God's faithfulness, His forgiveness and His absolute sovereignty after reading that book.
  15. Naps are good for me only if I can get about 20 minutes of very light sleeping. Otherwise I feel like dirt for the rest of the day.
  16. Yeah, we're starting a couple days early. I mean, why wait? I'm ready, the kids are driving me completely batty, they need some structure in their lives and why on earth do I think I have to do 180 days just because the govt. schools do? I can do 183 days if I want, or more, or less, or take more days off mid-year. I'm getting out of this box I've put myself in. I'm going shed these shackles and be free. I'm starting school o:lol:n Wednesday.
  17. My 6 yr. old boy - wash, dry, fold, put away his laundry, cleans his bathroom, makes Jello, sweeps patio, sets table, vacuums My 5 yr. old boy - does his own laundry, too, dusts, sets table, helps with simple cooking tasks, sweeps patio, cleans windows
  18. Yes, I've been having trouble with them over the past several days. I try to look up a book and the whole thing just goes away. It's been very frustrating.
  19. I read that article yesterday and found it to be rather interesting. I've been loosely following the cross in San Diego story and I think it's the stupidest lawsuit I've ever heard. Of course, as civilized people we should not deliberately be offensive to others, however as a free society we should not choose to be offended and therefore seek to limit the free speech of others because we don't agree with it.
  20. Hmm, I used to live up in the East Bay area, so I'm trying to think of what we did for fun. Heehee! The north coast is beautiful - so if you like camping, etc. it's a great place to go. Stinson Beach is nice, just north of San Francisco, although sharks are often sighted there, so you may want to stay out of the water. I'd suggest Googling it. Just driving up Napa Valley is fun. Sorry, I'm not much help. I live near Fresno, so we don't get up near your parts too often.
  21. A taught A Beka Science 7 in a classroom setting and didn't use anything but the student text. You don't need the answers to the comprehension questions - they're right there in the text. I also made up my own tests, so I never used the tests or the keys. Just buy the student text and go at it on your own.
  22. I skip over certain parts. There are certain things that are inappropriate for young children, even if it is the Bible. I wouldn't go into detail regarding Sodom and Gomorrah and any number of stories in the Bible. What would be the point? My children don't understand that kind of content, it would scare them. I need to look at what I want my children to understand and what they can understand about God at each stage of their development. On the same note, I probably wouldn't read the book of Romans or Revelation to my 6,5 & 3 year olds either. It is enough for them to know at this age the basics of Salvation and a relationship with Jesus and that people who love Jesus and have been forgiven of their sins are going to heaven. I want them to hear concrete stories about people from the Bible and how God was faithful to them. They don't need to try to understand a lot of complex theology at this age. So, basically, I do pick and choose what I read my kids from the Bible.
  23. Non-school 7:00am wake up 8:00am - breakfast (gulps down) 8:15 - plays outside 10:30 - watches favorite show on PBS 11:00 - reading/chores 12:00 - lunch Afternoon - rest time, plays inside (when it's too hot to go outdoors) Bedtime - 8:00 (in bed at this time) He gets 1/2 hr. of computer time a day, and then generally plays with legoes, water, lincoln logs, dirt. All the time - bugs me and his younger brother and sister. This is my difficult child - extremely insecure, ultra-competetive and always wanting what he doesn't have or what anyone else has, whether he really wants it or not.
  24. I do the cookie sheet thing, but I wash them first.
  25. Yes. Definitely. I was single for a long time before I got married (at age 34) and there were some weekends (not all of them) that I'd leave work Friday and I wouldn't talk to anyone until Monday morning. I loved it. I can be that much of a recluse. Sometimes I look on those times wistfully.
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