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  1. I’m not baking cookies for the neighborhood this year. We live in a new neighborhood so I have nothing really to live up to.🤣 I will make peppernuts, our traditional German-Mennonite Christmas cookie, but that is it.
  2. I’m looking up recipes for tamales. I’ve made them before. It’s been a while and I don’t think they turned out very well.
  3. I’d really like to just go browse in a used book store. Some place where I can get books cheap.
  4. I need get on that. I did horribly on his 2019 Reading Challenge. I want to read books that will just suck me in and wring me out. I didn’t come close at all this year. I read some great ones in 2018.
  5. I am back. Long long funeral. Two hours. But it was good. Then Widow was very grateful we had come.
  6. I pruned one tree. It filled up the entire green waste. I talked to my SIL on the phone about family issues. It was a good talk. The bottom line is.... there are some issues, there’s nothing we can do about it, we just need to be patient and love on everyone.
  7. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Saturday!!!!! Ima do some yardwork today. Leaves need to be raked and our crape myrtles need to be pruned for the winter. We have a funeral at 3:00 for a former neighbor.😢 He was not terribly old (late 50’s/early 60’s I think). Apparently he passed away after an illness. His widow is such a sweet lady. I feel so awful for her. I need to make a grocery order for the Afsa. And the house is an absolute wreck. I need to clean.
  8. This is me, too. I’m not sure how much $ I am saving, I will have to be doing this a couple of months to get a grip, but yes.... I have no impulse buying.
  9. We watched White Christmas tonight. I love that movie.
  10. My dad has very slow progressing dementia. We are just learning to be very patient with him and humor him. He doesn’t do anything outrageous, but his filter is very low, his cognitive processing isn’t good and it takes him forever to accomplish the activities of daily living. But that’s fine because he doesn’t go anywhere or do anything.
  11. I was a June bride. I would have loved to have a December wedding, but it just didn’t work out that way.
  12. Good Morning!!!! Friday!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Busy day today. I have two parent meetings and a virtual staff meeting, and somewhere in there we have to do a spelling test and a verse quiz and I really want to finish this chapter on the Moon in our science book. I need to go to Target sometime between now and Christmas, but ot’s In the Big City, which means it becomes An Event.
  13. I’m here!!! It’s the end of the day and I an all used up. And I think I am coming down with a cold. Bleh!!
  14. I’m back. No fog delay. Had a good talk with the intervention lady. She’s actually a friend of mine, too. 😂 my 9:00 cancelled due to car problems. So, i’m Home. School is starting now. Everyone stand up for the Pledge of Allegiance.
  15. Congratulations, Bookie on the little pamphlet. Malachi is one of my favorite names and I am glad the birth went well. What a blessing.❤️
  16. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Friday Eve!!!! I ketchupped. I realized that i hadn’t ITTed when I found my iPad right where I had left it yesterday morning after yoga. Busy day yesterday. Another one today. I have two parent meetings, I meet with the intervention lady at the older kids’ school about DS. DS has a soccer game. I have a ton of stuff to do for work. And now I need to see if the older kids are on another fog delay. This is really getting old.
  17. Kids have a fog delay this morning.😡😡😡😡😡 The fog was supposed to clear out last night around midnight. Everything in my day is overlapping. I have to take them to school at the same time I have to be at the gingerbread extravaganza. Well, they will have to be a little early and I guess I will be a little late. We live close enough to school that they could feasibly walk, but DH doesn’t like DD walking, because there is a sketchy neighborhood between us and the school.
  18. Good Morning!!!! COGFEE!!!,~D Humph Day!!!! We have our gingerbread extravaganza today for our charter school. The girls’ houses look.... well, nothing like the pictures on Pinterest, but they are standing up. I have an IEP to sit in on, DS has a dentist appointment, girls have piano lessons and Awana is tonight. Thank goodness they serve dinner at church on Wed. Nights and it is good food.
  19. I got most of my Christmas shopping online. I have some stocking stuffers to get at the Afsa, though. And I made photo books at Shutterfly for the Grandparents. Both sets of grandparents are at an age where they are downsizing and decluttering, so buying things is very difficult. Because they don’t want more “things”. They are trying to get rid of “things”. The last several years i’ve Just made them photo books of our family from the past year.
  20. Well, I am here after a busy day. Work and school. DS had a soccer game. It was freezing. And then it got foggy. Really foggy. It’s very foggy now. And I am still cold. When I get chilled I stay chilled. Even after some tasty soup and fresh bread for dinner,
  21. Congratulations, Bookie!!! What a beautiful pamphlet!!
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