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  1. I am still in my jammies, eating bacon and ITTing. Living’ the good life, that’s me.
  2. You are just like DH. And I’m like, “Look. For. It.”
  3. I made French toast for breakfast. And I don’t even like French toast. But I had made French bread yesterday and accidentally left the leftover loaf out all night, so it was stale. So, I made French toast. I ate Greek yogurt. So, basically, it was a multinational breakfast.
  4. Regarding my children and multiplication tables, we do daily drills, but I let them use a times table. I figure if they use it often enough it should sink in.
  5. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!!~D Merry Christmas Eve!!! We slept in this morning, since DH has off. I have wrapping today and some housecleaning. Tonight is Christmas at my Aunt and Uncle’s last night I. Was frantically scouring Target for gifts for my cousin’s two kids who we see once a year and I am not even really firm on their ages. But I settled on drawing pads and colored pencils. Target was a zoo last night, but the mood of the shoppers was rather pleasant. People were not cross when others got in there way, and perfect strangers were asking me questions. The only problem was a 20-something hipster who was talking to someone on blue-tooth and was quite free and loud with his use of the f-word. I gave him a dirty look. He was clueless. I don’t care how many people use that word, it is still vulgar and offensive.
  6. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve. DH has off work. Yay!!!
  7. I went to Target and survived. Had some last minute Christmas gifts to buy. And Afsa was out of milk when I made my order. Can you believe that?? So, I got milk at Target. Because they had plenty of milk. Ha!!!
  8. There are always outliers, and I think I read that post in that thread before I realized that my situation fell into that category. I haven’t mentioned this, because it is a public forum and so I will not give details, but our oldest son is not longer living with us. He has had some extreme behavioral and mental health problems and he is getting help. But he turned me into a yeller. But not from anger or annoyance, but from fear and helplessness. I think once I figured out my situation with DS was an outlier I stopped reading parenting threads.
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!! it is almost Christmas, people. I am absolutely not ready. 😩😩😩 We are all on vacation from school, however. I have an Afsa grocery order to place and a few other things to do.
  10. The same holds true for parenting threads. I stopped participating in those a couple years ago when one mom actually said, “I never yell at my kids.” And I just thought, either you are lying , lady, or you have the most compliant children on the face of the earth. And then I realized that some people think that parenting is all about them and what they believe about parenting and have no idea that most of what you do as a parent is in direct relation to how difficult or easy your child is to parent. And I can say this from experience.
  11. Well, you also have smart, interest driven kids. Though you also are a mom who recognizes this and doesn’t believe your homeschooling success is because of your own superior ideology and methods of implementing that ideology.
  12. Exactly. I think the best advice I ever got from these boards is...1) teach the kids you have and 2) the best curriculum is the curriculum that gets done.
  13. Well, I do enjoy a good academic philosophy debate like anyone else, but what bugs me (and this does not pertain to any particular current thread, because i’m Not really reading them) is parents who have smart/cooperative/driven/interested children and use that as proof that their educational philosophy/methodology is the best because look at what their kids are doing. I remember being so irritated by these moms who brag at how their homes are “strewn with living books” and blah, blah, blah.. interest lead.... blah, blah, blah and i’m Thinking, yeah, my house is strewn with books, too, and they are used as roads for Hotwheels.
  14. Probably. And it was the shortest day of the year.
  15. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Happy Christmas Sunday. We are having a combined service at church and no Sunday School. That makes me very happy. We get to sleep in and there’s better music. We got our internet connection back last night and finished the movie. I love that movie. It is hilarious!! Nothing much going on today. Just church. I think I will take middle DD to the Afsa. She wanted to get Christmas gifts for her sisters. How can you say “no” to That? The Atmospheric River is supposed to come today. Right now the sky is clear and beautiful.
  16. We lost internet connection. Just when the dad got his “major award”.
  17. Yeah, I think you’re starting to feel a really bad and highly contagious cold coming on. Really, the only thing to do is cancel the trip and stay in bed watching Christmas movies.
  18. No one eats them. I throw them out. I feel slightly guilty about throwing them out, but not guilty enough to eT them.
  19. I’m back from Christmas at the in-laws. A good time was had by all. And I ate too much guacamole.
  20. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Saturday!!!! Today is Christmas with DH’s family!! It kind of snuck up on me, but the Carmel sticky buns are in the oven and the brunch casserole will go in when the rolls come out. The only bad thing is my in-law’s present has ‘t Arrived from Shutterfly!!😡😡😡
  21. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday!!! I slept horribly last night. Bad dreams. Train whistle woke me up. I thought the cats were in the house and kept waking up, but they were ‘t Because they were all outside this morning begging to be let in. The wind machines went on. Bleh!! I got baking to do today, since tomorrow we are having Christmas with DH’s family. I have an appointment in the Big-City-to-the-South, so I will go to Target after and finish up Christmas shopping. And all the sudden DS tells us he has a soccer game tonight. 😩😩😩 I had planned on staying home, getting cozy and watching “A Christmas Story”.
  22. I read it. It was a very compelling and well-written book. I wouldn’t say it was always easy or enjoyable to read, but I am glad I read it.
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