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  1. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!,~D Saturday!!! I slept till 8:00 this morning!!! That’s 10 hours. I feel like I’ve been under water. I’m taking oldest DD and two of her friends to the Big City to the South to Target to find a birthday present for a friend of theirs who is having a party next weekend. We have no rain or snow. 😩😩 Just endless sunshine, which might sound nice, except that we really need the moisture. And there’s nothing in the forecast.
  2. Oh, he is adorable, that’s a fact. They are all adorable.
  3. Responsibility. I am giving up all responsibility. Everyone is on their own.
  4. Yes, it is “trending right now”. Fortunately, I have teenagers, so I know these things.
  5. That is really interesting, Ellie. I read a book about the Pirates who roamed the Caribbean and SE United States in the 1600’s. Fascinating time. https://www.amazon.com/Republic-Pirates-Surprising-Caribbean-Brought/dp/015603462X
  6. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday. At last!!! School and work!! Lilly-cat stayed in all night.🙄🐈 Nothing much else happening around here.
  7. I ended up making a Boston Cream Pie for dessert. It turned out good except the frosting. It wasn’t very glaze-y. It was pretty textured. It was all good, though. I had never had Boston Cream Pie before.
  8. I have this song stuck in my head. It’s awesome.
  9. Yay, Susan, for good oral hygiene. I’m part of my hygienist’s “No Fours Club” when she measures recession.
  10. Most of us seem to be having that problem to one degree or another.
  11. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday Eve!! School and work!! I need to make some sort of dessert to take to my mom’s house for dinner tonight. I keep thinking lemon meringue pie because I think my lemons are ready, but good heavens, that is a lot of work. Pies are a lot of work and lemon meringues are really a lot of work. I might make something else.
  12. DH just put her outside. She was highly offended and completely outraged. But at least I can make the bed now. points for quoting myself.
  13. That “sugar and tea and rum” sea shanty is now stuck in my brain.
  14. We had not-Awana tonight. It went well. I’m tired. I need to put the sheets back on the bed and I can’t because the cat is sleeping on the bed. And she gave me one of those one-eye-open dirty looks when I suggested she might want to move,
  15. Slashie always was an overachiever. I’m glad you’re back, Slashie. I missed you!
  16. We’re glad you are feeling bolder. Just come in and act like you belong here, and you will.😂
  17. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Humph Day!!! School and work!! Not-Awana starts up again tonight. Susan, don’t forget to go to the dentist. Jean, I didn’t know lotion could expire. But I re-read it and you said sunscreen. Yes, I suppose that does expire. CW, May the force be with you as you do all the things. Toto, that stinks about DD. I hope you stay healthy.
  18. In perimenopause all bets are off. Nothing is normal. What you got is what you got. It’s awful.
  19. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Tuesday!! School and work!! We are supposed to get some rain later today. Hope that pans out.
  20. I finally finished one WWI book. It was very good, but hard to read. I picked up an Anne deCourcy book about the Curzon sisters. They were upper echelon British society in the first half of the 20th century. DeCourcy is a great writer and I love reading about these people. They are insane. Power + money = a train wreck of a personal life.
  21. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!! Monday!!😩😩😩😩 No snow here. Cay woke me up at 3:00, wanting to go out. She was hiding at bedtime when the other cats were put out. School and work today.
  22. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!⛪️ No snow here, so we’re going. We are all fairly introverted here, too, Junie, except oldest DD, but I like going to church. I just don’t want to have to talk with anyone. 🤣. DH does have to stay home. His work regulations are such that he can’t go. I’ve been looking for new recipes. When I try to lose weight I end up getting really narrow in my food choices and then I get bored and then I quit. Through calorie counting, portion control and upping my exercise I have slowly managed to take off 10 lbs. which I am happy about,
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