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  1. It really is. I had quit a few years of piano lessons as a child. I am by no means a great pianist, but I can sit down and entertain myself for quite a while. It is one of the things I am most thankful to my parents for, that they got me a good teacher and "made" me take lessons and "made" me practice.
  2. Pianos are expensive. We just bought a used studio piano this summer. Honestly, it's not that big. However, my recommendations are... ** don't go on Craig's list or buy one used from a private party unless you know it's been tuned regularly. You could spend some $ on a piano, then have a tuner come in and find that there's no hope for it. I've heard that story many many times ** go to a reputable dealer and get a used piano. We went to a dealer. He's very picky about the pianos they buy used. We did pay some $ for it, but I believe it is worth it. Well taken care of, a piano will last many m
  3. I use d-maps. Just google that ..... D-maps. They have a good selection for free.
  4. The time I spend - about 10 minutes. The time water is running, about 2 minutes. Since we're in a severe drought, water in the shower is only running when one is actively washing the soap/conditioner off the body/hair.
  5. I'm still reading aloud to my kids (6th,5th,3rd). My little girls, of course I read different books. I'm reading Caddie Woodlawn right now to the olders. They love it. I have no intention of quitting any time soon.
  6. Aww, honey, don't beat yourself up. I have five, too and some days I just say to myself, "what was I thinking?" And I love my kids to death! Really! Being a mom is hard. Especially in today's culture where everyone looks like they have it all together, and they act like they have it all together.... it's easy to compare ourselves and it seems like we don't measure up! But we are all human, and we all mess up every day! And the best bit of parenting advice I ever got was from Susan Schaeffer MacCauley in "For the Children's Sake". She said, "your kids do 't need a perfect mom. Just one that's g
  7. I teach it every year. They need to learn it very year because it's just one of those things that require repetition. And I do believe in diagramming. I think it helps with critical thinking and it helps the kids visualize how a sentence is put together and which words go with which words.
  8. The thing about reading aloud to a child is that there is so much more to it than just "reading aloud". 1. Touch - when I read to my children, I have my arms around them, or at the very least they are sitting so close to me we are touching sides 2. Sound of caregiver's voice - a caregiver is a person who is loved and the sound of their voice is soothing to children. A mother reading a book to a child is comforting and gives the child security. 3. One-on-one time - reading to a child is easy to use as one on one time, especially if you are not the type of mom who really likes to play with yo
  9. If we kept our kids in public schools, what incentive would they have to change, then? Zero! The leverage we as parents have is our kids. If I kept my kid in a public school and tried to advocate for change, they wouldn't listen to me. Why would they? I have no power and if I'm going to keep my kid in anyhow.... why should the school go to the trouble of making the changes necessary if there are no consequences for keeping things status quo.
  10. Why don't you like SOTW? Sounds like it would meet your requirements.
  11. I would ignore it, or post some of the other responses that have been suggested. Charity should be from the heart. If you feel compelled to do it... then it's not charity.
  12. Good Morning, Gals! ** school ** clean up the house and vacuum ** DS dentist appointment
  13. It's not something I really like to talk about. The heels.... oh, the heels. Where do they disappear to? How can matter just disappear into thin air? I just always keep a package of socks on hand and hand them out with a lecture. "Be careful with these. Do not ever go outside with just socks on. Blah, blah blah blah blah!"
  14. We used mineral oil for my dd and it worked great.
  15. I hated history until I startd reading biographies. People are always interesting. There are a lot of good biographies about anyone and everyone in history. However, I would suggest studying a certain time period systematically, rather than just pick random biographies.
  16. Oh, I know. Leigh Lowe also has a southern accent. I love it! But, being from California, I love anyone with an accent!
  17. Personally, I think the system is far too broken to even begin to effect change. What could one person do? What could even a group of people do? And where would you begin? I think this is where charter schools and private schools and homeschools sprang from. Frustration with the system and a feeling of helplessness when it comes to the idea of real change. It's kind of like when you're grading a kid's essay. Some kids' grammar is not so bad, just make a few fixes in the existing sentences and you're good. But I've read some kids' sentences and it's like, you can't even fix this it's so bad. Ju
  18. I have never heard of it, but sometimes I wonder how some churches make it financially. Everyone gets offended when the pastor preaches on giving, but the $ has to come from somewhere to run the church. And that's just the basics - pastor's salary, electricity, etc., not to mention the extras. We are a small church and our Session (elders) budgeted $500 for our VBS program, although they really just pulled that number out of thin air since nobody really knew how much it cost to run a VBS. A lot of people involved donated money and materials, but my co-director and I insisted that everyone turn
  19. I have it and it flares up from time to time. I end up having to take diflucan for a while. Hate to say it!
  20. I have a 6th grader, 5th grader, 3rd grader and kindergartener in school and a preschooler running around. We have a set schedule. And I do kind of run a one-room school house. We do Bible, Greek and Fine Arts all together first thing in the morning. Then we do Latin - all at their different levels. I set each kid on their assignment and then walk around and listen to recitations. Then, we do grammar. I give each kid a quick lesson from where they are in Rod & Staff, then they do their individual lesson and I'm around to help. And so on and so forth. No, it's not relaxed, but my kids are n
  21. Oh, I think it's funny! Reminds me of that Staples commercial. In the background is playing, "it's the Most Wonderful Time of the year," and the parent is sailing down the aisles of the store joyfully throwing school supplies into the shopping cart while the children are sadly trailing behind.
  22. Four out of my five do. They are all high energy and high maintainence.
  23. We use Memoria Press's program, too, and really like it. I knew nothing about Latin and they do a great job holding your hand. The videos are good and thorough and the works books are good, too. It's a very straightforward, no-nonsense program.
  24. Mannie, Moe and Jack! Larry, Darrel, Darrel (the other brother Darrel) Alvin, Simon, Theodore I know triplets in real life named David, Duane and Daniel Congratulations, though! A lot of work, I know, but what a blessing!
  25. We skipped it, too. We took a semester to do more 19th century US history and then a semester to do state history.
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