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  1. You go, Susan!! Booya/h!!! Woohoo!! It’s a cherry eating Booya/h!!
  2. I prop up my iPad and watch Hallmark movies to get myself through boring tasks. Lately, I’ve really been into Chesapeake Shores on Hallmark, which is an extremely realistic show about a multi-generational family of extremely good looking people who live in a beautiful house in a beautiful setting near a quaint town in Chesapeake Bay. They claim to be dysfunctional, yet they have hilarious family dinners on the deck of said beautiful home and all pull through for each other when the going gets tough. And it does occasionally, but the characters always come out on top. Including the hapless and disorganized younger sister who happens to open a B&B, attracts the attention of an undercover reviewer for The NY Times and ends up getting a stellar review from him. As I said, entirely realistic.😂😂😂
  3. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Tuesday!! I’m sitting here looking out the window and realizing one of my first tasks will be to refill the hummingbird feeder. Poor little hummers. I also need to figure out how to get into my work email. They did some changing around of things (I am so not techy, so I really don’t know what they did) and I followed all the instructional emails correctly, but there was some glitch and I still cannot get in. The powers that be are aware of this, though, so hopefully today I can get in.
  4. They were really awesome. More than awesome. Mind blowing.
  5. We missed the Frozen singalong at Hollywood Studios. But I belted it out with everyone at the fireworks show.
  6. I’m really glad we didn’t plan our Disney trip for this week.
  7. Yay for the new digs, Renai. It sounds great.
  8. She is grateful for your sympathy. Finally someone understands her feelings and how difficult life really is for someone with her delicate sensitivities.
  9. No, this is to be taken literally.🤣🤣🤣
  10. Lily-cat. She is such a whiny-butt. #isaidbutt.
  11. I just love that I can get back to ITT whenever I want instead of doing all the incantations and human sacrifices like I was doing before to get the Portal opened. I was about ready to throw the cat into the volcano.
  12. I think it would make it easier for them to put into practice what they are learning.
  13. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Holiday Monday!!! We have absolutely no obligations today. I am so glad. I will continue with the piles of laundry and try to get my life in order.
  14. To change the subject briefly, for some reason the Portal has remained open. I can’t believe I have actually been able to have a conversation.
  15. Now that would be a good idea. Just read the textbooks, which we have already.
  16. I have them all. And I did them all with my two older kids. I think Slashie is right in that they are very interesting, but they are simple and don’t go deeper into the meaning of historical events. But some of their books, like “Uncle Sam and You” cover things that no other history or civics book really do justice to. At leas not that I’ve seen. For example, it goes pretty in depth about elections, campaigns, caucuses and primaries, the responsibilities of the President and Vice-President, all the holidays, all the branches of the military, native Americans, making money, the highway system, National parks…. it is very informative. Maybe that is where I am having trouble… lots of information but not so much deeper level thinking.
  17. Ok, that is true. When DS did Uncle Sam and You, he did learn a ton. He was fascinated. Actually, we all were. We learned so much stuff about the infrastructure of our country I never knew. I really kind of want to do both. At the same time. The history that we were doing, and then Notgrass. I wonder if I could fit that in.
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