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  1. ((Dawn)). I am so sorry you are going through this! Just know that I am thinking about you and praying for your family!
  2. The call of the mourning dove is quite distinctive, you'd be able to manage that. The phoebe bird is also pretty easy. She just says, "phoebe, phoebe". See, there you go. You got two down already!
  3. I'd never heard of him either until I was looking through Amazon Prime for a new show to binge watch and my BFF said, "you gotta watch Bosch". So, I did. It was a good show. And then my BFF said, "you gotta get the books!" And then it was all over. I don't know, there is something about the way Connelly crafted the character Harry Bosch and put together his plots that just have me hooked. I shouldn't gush too much because you might read it and hate it. And I do have to make the disclaimer that there's bad language in the novels. I try to skip over that.
  4. I have a severe problem! I just read a 505 page Harry Bosch novel in 2 days. Yes. I did. Every word. It came in the mail on Tuesday, This is book #3. I can't remember how many books there are in the series. I have novel #4 already. I think I'm going to have to hide it from myself.
  5. Good Morning, Ladies! Having a fresh peach in my oatmeal this morning. It's a bit tart, though. I'm not a huge fan of early peaches, but my mom brought me a box from my aunt's farm, so I must eat them. ((Dawn)) I hope they can get some answers. ((Prairie)) hope that drip stops! Have a great day, everyone,
  6. Well, I'm back. Visited my aunt in the nursing home. We see her every week. Picked up dd from piano lessons and signed youngest dd's up for swimming lessons. Last year nobody took swimming lessons. I paid for group lessons and each girl was the only one in her group so she got a private lesson. This year.... Holy cow! It's only the third day of registration and already classes are full. Fortunately I got the first session (there are 3 2-week sessions throughout June & July) but it's at the hottest part of the day... 3:50-4:20. Ugh! Guess I'll be taking my biggest bottle of iced tea with me
  7. yes, it is upsetting. I'm upset just thinking about it. definitely!
  8. It took a full day. We started on the trail about 7:00 am and got down early evening. When dh and I were dating, he was training to hike Mt. Whitney. And so there was a whole group of us (the Whitney hikers and their boyfriends/girlfriends) and we hiked every single weekend in the spring and summer. It was great. You know, the whole thing - shared agony, inside jokes that only the group knows, pizza and icecream after every hard hike. It was a great summer. Throughout the year after that summer everyone got married and we kind of split up as we started having kids, but 3 other women in that gr
  9. I climbed Alta Peak (11,204 ft.) back in the day. That was a grueling hike. The last part you're practically crawling on gravel. But it's absolutely stunning at top. I want to hike. I need new hiking boots.
  10. I hear you sister! Teaching writing has been our bugaboo because all my kids hate writing with a passion. And requires more oversight, prodding, poking, looking over the shoulder, etc. than I am really able to do.
  11. Good Morning! Just checking in! Hope you all have a great day!
  12. that sounds like me. I'm going to take a couple Benadryl, some Sudafed and slip into a coma! I read that in high school. We called it "Jane's Hair". you get double points for two class parties in one day! I'll join you. I'll even bring my own kleenix. Just ignore me when I slip into a coma. We just got back from another episode of full-contact t-ball. Dd got a bloody nose. She's an easy bleeder.
  13. That is why you stay here on ITT. It's treacherous roads and dangerous seas out there! ITT is sunshine and buttercups!
  14. Good morning all! I was up early, too, thanks to a $&@#€ train coming through our small town. And some engineers just lay on that whistle. At 4:00am. Grrrrr! Cherries, I might eat a few to be sociable. I do not prefer food that contains pits or seeds that must be negotiated. And pitting the cherries is too much work. Going to a volunteer appreciation breakfast this morning with second DS. He's been working at a thrift shop Monday mornings for almost a year. Pretty good for a just turned 12 year old boy. Have a great day everyone! Oh, and a belated Booya/h! Too-ya!
  15. Oh, just go for it! A different sort of haircut is not a huge commitment. Hair does grow. It may take a while, but it can grow out. I got bangs this time. Not a huge commitment of bangs, but enough. And I'm happy!
  16. Wow, I think he's going to like his prize. It's a basket with one of those hand held fan things that blow a water mist on your face. And a camping lantern and a couple of flashlights. Cool deal! Oh, and points for quoting myself.
  17. Well, I'm off to pick up DS from school and collect our prize. We bought all his raffle tickets because.... All of the sudden the day they were due I see them sitting on the countertop unsold. So, I bought them. And we won. I have no idea what. We just won something. So, I gotta go pick it up. Probably a Jamba Juice gift card. And I don't do Jamba Juice. But that's ok. The point is..... We won!
  18. Glad you seem to have gotten some resolution, Dawn. I hate situations like that, too!
  19. Lynn, my coffee sister! Dawn, praying for you! Hope it goes well! i have always loved that Bach quote! He understands! And yes, the girl does look like she could use a cuppa! I am quite envious!
  20. He is mean! Next time send it to me! I'll eat it!
  21. I know, I need to. Except that they are all going down to the river now with Dh. And with the neighbor kids and their dad. Should be a fun trip. They'll all come back dusty with pokies in their socks!
  22. Hi! I'm here to play now. Had the bake sale at church. Complete success. We have a very generous church. Now I'm relaxing on my bed, listening to my wind chimes and watching the poor hummingbirds come to my empty feeder.
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