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  1. I'm dawdling, avoiding the work I need to do, craving homemade icecream with chocolate sauce! I need to stop and get to work. But, instead.... I stop by here and see what you all are doing. You people are a bad influence!
  2. Susan, I had yogurt, granola and peaches and blueberries for breakfast. For you. Since you couldn't have any. And since dh didn't make oatmeal for us this morning, which is what I usually eat.
  3. Good Morning, Ladies! There's something in the air that is driving my and dd1's allergies insane. I'd been doing so well waking up before 6:00 and going walking and now I drag myself out of bed at 7:00, feeling like I'd been hit by a bus. But... We get through it. Today is going to be another busy day... VBS for the girls, Sumer school for DS and swimming lessons for the two little ones. And it's gonna be hot! yay! Get some red cowboy boots. I always wanted red cowboy boots! you are a wise woman! consider yourself lucky! of course! Coffee - always and forever! i am glad you are feeling
  4. ((Susan)). You're not stupid. Yes to chocolate and yes to wine. And coffee. Coffee is good!
  5. I am reading "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris. It's the first book of a trilogy of Roosevelt. From time to time I listen to the John Batchelor Show on the radio. He interviews authors. I try not to listen to him too much because I always end up wanting to get the books. Anyhow, he interviewed Morris about this trilogy and it sounded great. It is a very good book. The other book I got off of Al Mohler's (President of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) summer reading list. I've gotten a lot of good books off his reading lists. It is "Young Stalin" by Simon Sebag Montefior
  6. Just got back for swimming lessons! Drank another quart of iced tea. It is hotter than he11 out there. Literally! I'm reading the biography of Stalin. And Teddy Roosevelt. Simultaneously . And I'm really feeling compelled to write a compare/contrast book report about these men. Actually, it would be more of a contrast book report as there is absolutely nothing similar in the upbringing of these men. What I find interesting is the savage culture that Stalin grew up in. It wasn't just his home, but the culture itself was just violent and unforgiving.
  7. I'm here! Busy morning. Took the kids to my mom's house early and went to the Big City to do some recon for flooring for our bedroom. It has carpeting now that looks like a barn. It is disgusting. Poor dh isn't looking forward to This project, but I am pushing it ahead because I just can't stand the carpet. I went to Lowes and to Robinson's Flooring. I found the one I wanted at Robinson's, I just haven't had a chance to compare pricing. Jeanie, glad the heart monitor came back fine. Renai. I hate ants, too. We haven't had a problem since we got pest control. Lynn, you had a very busy mo
  8. Happy Birthday, Mary! I'll make you a cake! What kind do you want?
  9. Yay for Jeanie's DS's job! Yay for kitty eye-doctors! Yay that Slashie's feeling better! Yay for bribery in potty training. Yay for grilling, not making, pork chops! I am hot and I have a headache. The little girls had swimming lessons at 3:50 this afternoon. It's 98 degrees out. Supposed to be 104 tomorrow. I didn't put them in the morning class because VBS. I drank almost a quart of iced tea when I was there. And now I'm worn out. That heat really saps the energy.
  10. I'm sorry you're having such a hard time of it, Slashie! I had Kaiser in the Bay Area for a couple of years and had a really good experience with them.
  11. Ok, I could not deal with this either. I am a planner. I do not just "roll with it!" When I lived in Brazil it was a huge joke whenever we scheduled things. We had to be specific.... Is it 9:00 Brazilian time or 9:00 American time? If it was 9:00 Brazilian time then 9:00 was a rough estimate of the approximate time when things may or may not think about getting underway. 9:00 American time meant that it started at 9:00.
  12. Well, I'm resting now. Church has been done! I got the potato salad chilling in the fridge, dishwasher is washing, kids are reasonably quiet. We're having my folks over for Father's Day later this afternoon.
  13. ((Dawn)). I know we're just a bunch of women from all over the place here in the Net, specifically ITT and some of is don't even share our real names, but I just want you to know you have our support and sympathy. We can't help you physically, but there are prayers and good thoughts going out to you.
  14. Hi Ladies! Just popping in to say ,"hi" to my peeps. Went to a meeting for our a Family Reunion this morning(found out all kinds of family gossip, hoo-boy) now off to a birthday party. Gotta plan Fathers Day, too. I haven't ketchupped yet, so I hope you are all happy and healthy! Will see you Laters!
  15. Not in San Francisco. Geographically speaking, the city is on a peninsula, so it truly is compact. The streets are narrow and crowded. You, as the driver, will see nothing because you'll be navigating traffic. The city is hilly, there are one way streets... it truly is safer and more interesting to walk. The Golden Gate Bridge is pretty cool. Golden Gate park is nice. There are some really nice "painted ladies" (Victorian Houses) in that area.
  16. Please talk me into selling my Singapore Math. I have a buyer. I'm selling it cheap just to get rid of it. But I have this problem. I like to hold on to curriculum "just in case". I know that's not very "Kon-Mari". Dd7 is doing well with CLE math. I can't see switching her. I think dd5 will do well with CLE also, which is what I'm starting her on in the fall. But... I like the idea of Singapore Math, and my oldest son did pretty well with it for a while. I just need help!
  17. Hmm, I haven't been to San Francisco in years, but I lived in the East a Bay for a couple of years when I was single. It's a beautiful city. It's very compact, the weather is cool to chilly most of the time. It's horribly expensive. You do not want to drive in it. Traffic is insane. Better to park somewhere not in San Francisco and take public transportation. They also have a huge problem with homelessness and vagrancy, though they don't really consider it a problem.
  18. Ok, I'm back! The zoo is awesome. Saw the bird show and the sea lion show! And I have the most bizarre story in the world. So. Last Friday we went up to Hume Lake and my children meet some stray children and play with them all afternoon. You know how kids can do that. So, today, we get to the zoo and head on over to the amphitheater for the Winged Wonders Bird Show, and would you believe it.... those same girls are there. I couldn't believe it. They were there with dad and dad's girlfriend. So, we ended up palling around with them most of the rest of the zoo. It was a little awkward, but I
  19. Oh no! There's nothing worse than a hurt toe. I never swear, no matter how angry I get. But when I hurt my toe.... it can get ugly.
  20. Good morning ladies! I had a horrible start to my day. For the past several weeks I'd wake up on my own so nicely a little before 6:00am, and go walking and meet the requirements of "The Summer of Kristen's Improvemeng". And this morning, I completely overslept, no walking for me (since DH already left for work) and I feel like carp. I'm not sick or anything. What is up with that. Hmph. Well, I will get some walking in today since I'm taking the kids to the zoo for Friday Fun-Day. (It's really bizarre because I don't generally name things,mbut this summer I'm naming things - Friday Funday) it'
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