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  1. Well, if you must. I've always admired how you so selflessly sacrifice yourself for the greater good, Jean! Bless you!
  2. I don't know if I get checked out. I am so oblivious to those things. Except for the UPS guy. I know he checks me out. And he is horribly cute, too! He's bald, tan and has an incredible smile!
  3. I'm babysitting today. They're good kids, but the noise is out of my comfort zone and it's too hot out to shoo them outside. So, it's video games this afternoon till their mom picks them up!
  4. Good Morning from the West Coast! It's going to be a hot one! Last Friday before School starts (next Wednesday, we will now be on the same school schedule as oldest DS).
  5. Duckie - your Starbucks adventure amused me, too! I hate going to Starbucks. I usually do take-out. If I stay, it's always it on the patio. That's one place that continually reinforces how old and completely out of touch with popular culture I really am. I would like to learn to knit, though. My girlfriend learned to knit. It keeps her occupied at all of the baseball games/football games/swim meets and band and/or choir concerts she has to go to for her kids.
  6. Wow! I would completely agree with Lynn! You poor dear.
  7. Wow! I was in tears. (Really, and not like on Facebook when everything brings everyone to tears, it it really did touch me!)
  8. ((Hugs)) for all ITT ladies. Looks like we're all needing a break! I've been feeling a little tired and anxious myself and I'm not sure why. However, the bright spot of my morning was spotting a black-billed grosbeak at my feeder this morning and I've never seen one of those before, though he was easy to identify! Gorgeous black and orange bird! Have a good day, ladies!
  9. I really don't like them, either. Except I like hummus, and I tried this recipe I fund on a list of salad toppers - sauté chickpeas in butter until they're brown and crunchy, salt them and throw them on top of a green salad. They're pretty good like that!
  10. Keeping up with Latin - DS and I will be starting Third Form Latin in a couple of weeks. And I've decided to lay off the ancient history for a while. So after I finish the book I'm on about the beginning of Islam (late antiquity, I know) I'm going to work on early 20th century history, specifically the two world wars. I've started a great book on the sinking of the Lusitania.
  11. We can all be sisters! We can do like my mom and her sisters do. They all go to the one sister's condo at the beach for a week and stay up late, eat out a lot, shop and watch movies!
  12. Yea, I have that problem, too. Which is why generally I binge watch tv shows on Amazon Prime. I'm almost finished with Season 4 of The Glades, which I started in June. That's the final season, so I'm very happy Prime has Blue Bloods now. I love that show. I'll probably get through the 5 Seasons they have by Christmas.
  13. I never had sisters, either. I wanted at least one badly. And I still do! That's why when we adopted our daughter, we made sure we got her a sister. Well, we applied for one, but they gave us two. And she is the best big sister ever. She really is sweet and adores her little sisters. She's 3 years older than one and 4 1/2 years older than the other.
  14. Have you watched a "chick flick"? Gotta do that when you're home alone! At least I always do!
  15. That's what I'm talking about. I love Yul Brynner!
  16. Wow! It's 11:36 PST. I'm never up this late. We just got home from a Triple A baseball game. Totally blew my low-carb plan with pizza and popcorn. They had great fireworks, though. Kinda wish we would have had tickets to last night's game. It was the Taco Truck Throwdown. Twenty-five taco trucks from around the Valley in competition. Yumm!
  17. That would be a nightmare! Do you know Norwegian? That reminded me of the year I taught boy's Bible (jr. high boy's Bible, no less, in a Christian School I used to teach at). Talk about a nightmare. One boy had gas so bad he literally cleared the room. The only ones left were him and me. He was sitting there with a sheepish grin on his face and I was standing in front of the room not exactly knowing what to do.
  18. I'd have teacher panic dreams, too, when I was teaching (for pay, with a full classroom ). Except my standard dream was that there was a scheduling mix-up and I was teaching 2 (or more) classes simultaneously, so I would come into one classroom, start the lesson, then run next door to my other class, but every time I walked in they'd be completely out of control, throwing things, talking,running around. And I never knew how to manage both classes at the same time. I have no idea how any times I had that dream, but it was always awful!
  19. And I just made 6 year old dd cry because I wouldn't let her tape the dozens of pages she ripped out of the little cheap notebook she was coloring in. She wanted me to help her tape them all back in. And I'm just not going to do it. I'm sorry. So, you all might just want to stay away from my house today because I have successfully made every one of my children mad today. Except for 10 year old dd, but she's been at her friend's house all day!
  20. I just can't win today. Now 4 year old dd is mad at me for whatever the millionth reason is today because she's not getting her way and is going through the "Terrible Twos" at age almost-5. And the worst insult she could hurl at me is... "When I grow up, I'm not going to be a Mommy! So there!" Sigh!
  21. Ok, I am tired of being the "mean" mom when the reality is.... my kids are just being unreasonable and disrespectful. Dd comes in well before lunch and asks if she could eat lunch at the neighbor's house. Yes, of course you may. I go on to make lunch - English muffin pizzas, which do not reheat well - and as I am taking them out of the oven DS comes in and asks if he could eat lunch at the neighbors. I say "no!" And he's ticked off. You know, all I ask is a little advanced notice. I don't want to throw food away.
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