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  1. I’m ready for bed, There has to be a Booy@/h around here somewhere.
  2. I refilled the hummingbird feeder and folded laundry. I need a prize of some sort.
  3. Lunch is served. Salad for me. Chicken nuggets for the kids. I am feeling pretty proud of myself for making up a history lesson on the fly. We just started China inSotW and so I got out my Tales from China book to introduce the subject. The first story was the Creation myth, which we read and illustrated. Then I got it in my mind to read the Genesis account, which we then illustrated. I was really tempted to throw India in there, too, but I didn’t. Then we wrote an essay comparing and contrasting the two different creation stories. I have really been committing myself to more writi
  4. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Humph Day!!! School and work. That is all!
  5. Me, too. We need TP. Charmin if you can swing it. It’s soft.
  6. The first time was weird. This time it just confirms my belief that society has gone mad.
  7. I got a chest x-ray and sinus x-ray. I hate medical procedures. I had to do it, though. Everyone said I had to. I’ve had a cough since June. And it’s bad. I go through a huge bag of cough drops every week. The doctor is trying to figure out what is wrong with me. It’s not a chest cough. I do think I have silent GERD, but I’ve taken that omeprazole for a couple of weeks and it doesn’t help. But the doctor is ruling things out, hence the x-rays. Bleh.
  8. I am hungry, I guess I will make lunch. It is 12:10 PST, after all.
  9. I voted last week. Happy Nirthday, John.🎂🎂 Costco is out of Toilet Paper. The Apocalypse, part 2 is imminent.
  10. This really hasn’t stopped anyone before....🤣
  11. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Tuesday!!!! School and work!!! I slept great last night. Everyone had been up so late on Sunday night/Monday morning that half of us were wiped out and the other half were completely ramped up.Baby was running around at 10:00 and I’m like, “Get to bed.” “I’m not tired, Mommy.” I knew the minute her head actually hit the pillow she’s be out like a light.
  12. I’m here. Didn’t check in this morning, apparently. DD and DH pulled into town at 1:30am. I had to pick them up. We are all exhausted at this point.
  13. I roasted a pan of veggies and made a pot of brown rice and portioned it all out for lunches for this week. I am very proud of myself.
  14. Plus, it’s my magazine. Nobody reads it but me.
  15. This is how lazy I am.... I’m too lazy to get up and throw my gum away, so I stuck it in my magazine. DD is dying laughing.
  16. Ours was different this year. Every year since the kids were toddlers we have gone to our church’s Fall Family Fun Night. They didn’t do it this year so we stayed home and had pizza, root beer floats and watched movies. We live in a big subdivision that has been well-know for excellent trick-or-treating. People come in from all over town and neighboring towns to trick-or-treat here. I don’t know what things were like on the south side of the subdivision, but we didn’t have one trick-or-treater all Night. I went out to get pizza around 6:00, and there should have been kids starting and the stre
  17. I have been slowly discontinuing using it. I do write checks occasionally, but I keep track of everything on line. I think it is a matter of preference, though. If you prefer to use it, then use it. Who cares what everyone else does.
  18. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Daylight Savings Time Ends Sunday!!! This is positively the best day of the year. Perhaps with the exception of the Day After Thanksgiving (we don’t do Black Friday) where I sleep in and drink COFFEE!!!~D and work puzzles and legitimately listen to Christmas music all day long. So, sleeping in could have been better, except for the fact that cats don’t do DST and Lily cat was demanding to be let in at 5:00am. Church today. DH and DD come home today. Their plane lands in San Francisco at 9:00pm and then they still have a 3 hour bus ride home, so
  19. “Insanity doesn’t run through my family, it gallops.” I love that movie. The kids did, too.
  20. Nope. They have never trick-or-treated before, and they just weren’t interested.
  21. We have had not one trick-or-treaters. I cannot believe this.
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