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  1. It’s hot outside. The sun is down, but it is still dreadfully uncomfortable out there.
  2. I mopped the floor and mostly cleaned up the kitchen. Baby got a new Raddish Kids box and made shrimp tacos and Key Lime Tartlets for dinner. Very very yummy. Very messy kitchen. I know, I know, I should make her clean it up, but it was such a disaster and I just didn’t want to dampen her enthusiasm.
  3. That sounds great. We can make it a haven for writers and musicians and all sorts of unsavory characters.
  4. I’ve been sucked in to a John Grisham novel all afternoon. It’s really too hot to do anything else. Now I want to move to a small island off the coast of Florida and become a writer.
  5. So…. I went to the Afsa after all. Just because I didn’t think I had enough misery in my life.
  6. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D (is not ready yet because I got up earlier than anticipated) Saturday!! Hot!!☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 I guess I will do housework today and get the groceries. I will go to Savemart and not the Afsa. I just don’t feel like torturing myself in that way today. Had a good trip to the mountains to pick up middle DD from camp yesterday. She had a really good time.
  7. Sticking needles repeatedly into your arm, Toto? I agree with Susan. Much icecream will be required as recovery protocol.
  8. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday!! This morning I have to drive up to camp to pick up middle DD. I hate driving to begin with and driving in the mountains is even worse and this drive is particularly awful because it is very curvy. We had two earthquakes yesterday afternoon. At first they were reporting three, but several hours later they said their sensors got mixed up and it was really two, one minute apart. Kind of crazy.
  9. I’ve been working at deliberately reading, too. I’m enjoying my books, but I do have a tendency to get lazy. I’ve got three going at once and 7 more in the queue on my nightstand. I need to keep moving along!
  10. ((Critter)) That subconscious just doesn’t let anything go.
  11. You know, the heat wouldn’t be THAT bad if all the media wouldn’t be making such a big deal. The media acts like this is the end of the world. There are heat advisories and watches on my phone and everywhere else. Around here, we are used to this. People who do outdoor work generally start work at 5:00am and work their 8 hours and are done when the heat starts getting bad. That’s what the shop people do at DH’s job. Those of us indoors just hunker down, close everything up and deal with it. Though there is always the threat of rolling black outs because of the power grid, which can’t handle the heat, but will be able to handle the transition to all electric cars as our governor plans in the next couple of years.🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄
  12. ((Toto and DD)). I hope she starts feeling better soon.
  13. Record breaking heat predicted for this weekend. High Possibly 115. Do you think if I sang, “Do You Wanna Build a Snowman?” It might help?
  14. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday Eve!!! Everyone’s colds are progressing nicely. Oldest DD sounds like an old lady, constantly regaling everyone with her symptoms. She acts like she’s going to die. Except when she wanted to go to the high school youth group swim party last night. Then she miraculously had a recovery. Until she found out her friend wasn’t going. Then her symptoms all got worse.🙄 Work stuff today. My Google account for work still isn’t working right. I hate technology.
  15. Do you think they would let us sing that at the Frozen Sing-Along?
  16. Baby’s eyes are fine. No glasses needed. I think she was a little disappointed.
  17. Some people claim that there’s a woman to blame….. but I know (da, da, da, da, da) it’s my own +*&$ fault.
  18. We have three tuxedo cats. They aren’t overly affectionate, but they aren’t jerks. They tolerate petting, say “hi” to me when I let them in in the morning, and sleep all day.
  19. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Humph Day!! I have a cold. We all have colds. This is butt!! On to other news, I’m taking Baby to the eye doctor this morning. She was holding the book really close when she was reading and has always seemed to stumble over some words, so I promised her a trip to the optometrist this summer. I called yesterday and they happened to have a cancellation, so we are going this morning. I had a long talk with my dad yesterday. His health is really declining quickly. He was telling me all about his family dynamics when he was growing up. It was actually very interesting, because he had never talked about it before. Apparently, he was the favored child and all his siblings held it against him. Sorry Elsa was a huge disappointment, Ikslo. You’re really going to have to just “Let it go… let it go!!” 🤣🤣
  20. I’m sorry, Ikslo, but that is against ITT Policy. Regulations clearly state, “No dying.”
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