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  1. Back from church. Now, the big questions is...... what am I going to do with myself on Sundays between now and September?
  2. I woke up with “Get Down on It” by Kool & the Gang running through my head.🙄
  3. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!!! The cats are running amuck!! I made baked oatmeal for breakfast. It’s in the oven now. It smells sooooo good.
  4. My ancestors were all poor German peasants from Russia.
  5. I was rocking out to a little MC Hammer and groovin’ to some Kool & the Gang.
  6. You know, JR is really a monster. In one of the episodes, he and Ray go out tomcatting and the husband and boyfriend of the women they were with track them down and hold them (except Bobby and Jock who save them all in the end) hostage and Sue Ellen has to sit there and deal with the fact that this is what her husband has been doing. And on top of all that , one of the hostages makes SE put on her swimsuit and Miss Texas sash and sing a song, utterly humiliating her, and J.R. just sits there. He doesn’t even care. When it all is over and Jock is comforting Miss Ellie and Bobby is comforting Pam, JR is just standing there looking at Sue Ellen, crumbled on a heap on the floor crying. It’s no wonder she becomes a crazy alcoholic. and as an aside, I never know that Tina Louise (Ginger from Gilligan’s Island) was on the show, too.
  7. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Saturday!!!! I slept till 8:00. It felt so good. Housework today, grocery pick-up. That’s about it.
  8. Sue Ellen got drunk at the bbq because Bobby and Pam are going to have a baby. I just love soap operas.
  9. I hate my iPad. It deleted the whole dang post.
  10. I’m binge-watching “Dallas”. Yep, with JR and Sue Ellen and everything. I want to know how you Texans really live.🤣
  11. DS and I had to do passports, too. What a racket they’ve got going there.
  12. We had Dominos pizza for dinner. I had a late meeting with a family in a city far far away. Well, not that far, but far enough.
  13. Susan, I was dying. That video was a hoot. Whoever came up with those names?.🤣🤣🤣
  14. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday!!!!! School and work. One family to visit today. Soccer game last night was bearable. We even scored three points , which was amazing. Some games the boys never even got a shot off. well, looked there. A Booya/h. It’s been a while since I got a Booya/h.
  15. His team doesn’t just lose. They lose by more than 10 points in almost every game. But, they play hard and don’t give up. I give them credit for that. They just don’t have any subs, so they get tired, and quite frankly, they have horrible ball-handling skills. Soccer is a game of skill, it really is, and unless you have played growing up, you can’t just decide to join the soccer team in high school.
  16. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Friday Eve!! School and work. Tonight is DS’s last soccer game. Thank goodness.
  17. I’m thinking a trip to the Island might be in order. I’ll call Skip to send the chopper around. Rocco will be preparing the beach loungers and Marco will be making cold drinks with umbrellas in them.
  18. Good Mornign!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Humph Day!!! School and work. Awana tonight.
  19. Back from the soccer game. We froze. It was 40 degrees out there. We lost, of course.
  20. Jeannie for President!!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Vote ITT!!! The only party that makes sense!!
  21. I did all the things. And then some more things.... like the bank and the post office and the UPS drop off place. Now I need to do some other things. And then make dinner early and go to the bloodbath. Errrr, soccer game.
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