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  1. I got new half-and-half. I had to throw out a whole half gallon of the good stuff because our garage refrigerator had some issues. 😩😩😩 Had some chunky COFFEE!!L~D Tuesday morning.
  2. Oh yes. Definitely. And that’s a Better Late Than Never Christmas Card Booya/h. It’s a sign, Junie. It means you must do it.
  3. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Merry Christmas Eve!!! Susan, “feels like -21 degrees” is just waaaay too cold. But have fun! Your family has me singing that song “Oh there’s no place like home for the holidays”. I’m just gonna clean house today. No more baking. I’m hoping DH feels comfortable enough to go to the Christmas Eve Service at church. We’ll have tamales tonight when we get home.
  4. Fresh green beans with bacon and sautéed mushrooms.
  5. I am exhaustified. Did some shopping, baked two batches of cookies, had dinner at the in-laws since our Christmas with DH’s family is totally piecemeal this year. I brought pizza and a salad.
  6. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Humph Day, which also happens to be Christmas Eve Eve. We are going to do Christmas tonight with DH’s parents tonight. I’m going to bake some cookies today and I need to get to the grocery store and the dollar store.
  7. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!L~D Tuesday!!! I’m running to the Big City in the South with my mom today. Stopping at Target and running a few other errands. I also need to finish baking the cookies I have chilling in the fridge from yesterday. I don’t say y’all. Californians who say “y’all” just sound like they’re trying to be someone they’re not. I love that word and I do use it in Latin because we were taught that it’s the closest thing English has to second person plural, but I don’t use it in my every day speaking language. (Though I like to use it on ITT)California
  8. It is too foggy to go out and see the Christmas Star thingie. But people have been posting about it all over FB. A lot of people drove up to the foothills above the fog.
  9. If you watch Hallmark Christmas movies, you will find this video hilarious!, https://www.facebook.com/BuzzFeed/videos/135457428345153/
  10. There’s an adorable local coffee shop around here called Cuppa Joy. How do you feel about that name?? Would you be willing to meet for coffee there?? Maybe it’s the preposition thing. Maybe it’s the unknown. Cuppa .... cuppa... Cuppa what? Cuppa alligators? I think we need to explore this a little more.
  11. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!L~D Monday!!! (But it’s a vacation Monday, so that’s all right) I slept in this morning. Felt good. Nothing much on the docket today. DD1 has an appointment at her allergist. I should do some baking.
  12. We are back from the Christmas program. All went well. Yesterday at rehearsal the donkey-wagon that was carrying Mary picked up speed going down the aisle and crashed. Mary was fine, but the donkey was broke. Well, tonight the donkey was fixed and Joseph was very aware of the fact that the donkey could pick up speed, so he was careful. The Angel of the Lord had a few issues tripping over her robe, and she walked out half way through the Annunciation (the Play was narrated), but other than that, all went well.
  13. We never get any snow. There isn’t any rain in the forecast, either. It may be a little cold.
  14. We churched and lunched. I picked up the tamales for Christmas Eve. They smell sooooooo good. But, I put them in the freezer. I am making an attempt to plan this week out. There are so many things to be arranged and my brain isn’t working well. Now we are watching Sportsball and I am attempting to finish up my Christmas cards.😩
  15. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!! It’s the Fourth Sunday in Advent. Church this morning!!! It’s quite foggy out, too!!
  16. I’m back. We had dinner at DH’s sister’s house. Very nice evening. Just ordered the tamales for Christmas Eve. I finally found the card that had the information on it. I will pick them up tomorrow.
  17. Benadryl is wonderful. I sleep better if I take a Benadryl, rather than melatonin.
  18. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Saturday!!!! I am up terribly early. I slept horribly, so I just decided to get up. Girls have practice for the Christmas program this morning. We are going to DS’s sister’s house for a bbq this afternoon. It should be a pretty good day. Thank you for the information, Susan, looks wonderful!!
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