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  1. I use the recipe in my Betty Crocker cook book. Very good!!
  2. Well, there you go. I think you and hubby need to get on that.😂
  3. Drain them well. I just add a ton of butter, some half-and-half, plenty of salt and pepper, sometimes half a brick of cream cheese, occasionally Parmesan cheese and garlic.. I use a hand mixer to mash them, I like creamy mashed potatoes, not lumpy ones.
  4. Harrison Ford. I’ve been in love with him for 40+ years. Ever since the original Star Wars came out.
  5. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D well, the “Historic Storm” has stuck. It’s wet outside. That’s all I have to say. Perhaps it had more to show for itself in Northern California. I got lotsa work to do today to prep for tomorrow.
  6. You need to do “Yoga for the Inflexible” on Amazon Prime. It’s the best thing I have ever done. They are 15 minute segments and they are very very gentle.i’ve been Doing that series since April and I have a definite improvement in balance and flexibility. She’s got a lot of other videos, too, that are more challenging that I am delving into from time to time, but the “Yoga for the Inflexible” series is still my go-to. I am not at all athletic.
  7. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Tuesday.... 2 days before Thanksgiving. I woke up terribly early this morning. Couldn’t breathe. The wind from the cold front stirred up all the dust a garbage and the air quality was horrible yesterday. And it got below freezing last night.Apparently there’s a storm of epic proportions arriving today. I will believe it when I see it. We need the rain, though. I gotta get my act together today. Lots of baking. I need to make a list for the Afsa and pick it up in the way home from getting my hair done. Tonight is Thanksgiving at my parents’ house. DS has soccer practice this morning. And my mind is feeling very unfocused.
  8. I did bells. I didn’t do all the bells. Just E, E-flat, F and F-sharp. We are going to play at the Nation’s Christmas Tree thingie in a couple of weeks up at King Canyon National Park. That should be pretty - handbells in the snow.
  9. We are back from the zoo. The cheetahs were awesome and the anteater had a baby on her back. I’m glad we left when we did because the wind started picking up and by the time we got done with lunch at In ‘n Out, dust was blowing everywhere. It is awful out there. I am so glad to be home and out of it. I hate wind.
  10. DD just asked me if it was required to have a medicine cabinet when you have kids. I wonder where she gets these things.
  11. Supposedly we have a huge storm system coming in tomorrow night. I will believe it when I see it.
  12. I do that, too. Makes me feel like I’ve accomplished something.
  13. Yeah, well, at least they got beat by the Niners who have an awesome quarterback and a really good record this year. The Raiders got beat by the Jets, who have a losing record. That’s embarrassing.
  14. Good Morning!!!, COFFEE!!!~D It’s vacation, people. I’m taking the girls to the zoo today. DS has soccer practice this morning. My mom is going to pick him up when it’s done and then take him to her house to cut wood with my dad. (He didn’t want to go to the zoo) Apparently my dad is obsessing about things again, mainly the wood that needs to be cut and stacked. He’s driving her nuts. He has slowly progressing dementia. Anyhow, I love the zoo. The Big City has a lovely zoo. This afternoon I guess I will make an Afsa order, bake some more bread for Thanksgiving and.... do something productive. Probably laundry.
  15. I can’t. The tv is on the other side of the house from the kitchen and I have to make dinner. But I’ve been checking the score. I’m cheering for the Niners. All my other teams lost today.😩
  16. My dryer has a box of Oxyclean on top and a gray and white cat who has discovered it is a very warm place to nap.
  17. Oldest DD wants to change her name to Luigi. That’s about the extent of the excitement around here this afternoon. Yawn.
  18. I have never had a tassie. I wouldn’t know one if I saw one.
  19. Raiders are now losing 20-3. This is not good. We are having tortilla soup for lunch. Just open a whole bunch of cans.
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