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  1. They are similar to the English cucumbers you can buy at the store that are 3x the price of regular cucumbers. Japanese cucumbers are long and thin and have a thin skin but they are kind of prickly.
  2. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Sunday!!!! Daylight Savings Time is butt!!! I hate it. Whoever thought it was a good idea to start should be boiled with a stick of holly through his heart. Church today. Which is probably good. I need to repent of my uncharitable thoughts toward the guy who started daylight savings time.
  3. If I use snail bait, does that mean I am not an organic farmer?? Snails are bad around here. I should probably use something organic.
  4. Mine weren’t marked down.I paid full price. But I don’t care. Japanese cucumbers are hard to find around here, and I love them much better than the regular ones.
  5. All I can sing for you is, “Don’t... stop.... thinkin’ about tomorrow.... don’t....stop.... it’ll soon be here...”
  6. The Portal has Opened. I have been trying to get on all day. Svengo. Poor DH has been working for hours replacing our %#$&@¥}> garbage disposal. If he were a cussin’ sort of guy the air would have been bright blue by now. And I just got a report from ds that it’s in, but it leaks. DH is quitting for the night. I planted my garden and did some work on my portfolio. I put snail bait on the cucumbers ,and basil. I hope it’s not too old. Does snail bait go bad?? I just don’t want to wake up to no garden tomorrow morning.
  7. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D The portal has finally opened and allowed me entry. I came in this morning courtesy of Susan’s coattails this time. Saturday!!!! I was having a nice sleep-in until a certain black and white kitty decided that it was time for me to get up.🙄 I went to the nursery yesterday with my mom and got some tomatoes and cucumbers (the last, very raggedy looking 6-pack of Japanese cucumbers they had, but I wanted Japanese cucumbers) and a basil plant. Oh, and a couple of 6-packs of marigolds because I love marigolds in a vegetable garden. They are so cheerfu
  8. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday!!!🎉🎉🎊 Portal opened after several tries this morning. I snuck in behind Toto!! School and work today. My mom asked me to play hookie from work for a couple hours and go with her to the nursery. I am happy to oblige. We found a strip of dirt along our driveway that gets full sun and DH set up irrigation last weekend, so I’m going to get some tomato plants and hopefully cucumbers and plant my garden this weekend.
  9. Good morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday Eve School and Work!!! The portal finally opened this morning. I tried a lot yesterday. There is no rhyme or reason for entry. Nothing much to say here. Life just goes on, “obla dee obla dah, mumble mumble mumble life goes on.”
  10. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Tuesday!!!! Slept horribly last night. Stress combined with bad dreams combined with DH snoring..... School and work today!!
  11. I am beat. This mothering is just too much for me today. Too many people need things from me. Baby wanted curls, so I got her those foam curlers to sleep in. Took forever to roll up her hair. We’ll see if she can really sleep on therm tonight.
  12. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Monday!!😩😩😩😩 Three more weeks until Easter Vacation. I think I can!!! I think I can!!! School and work today!!
  13. So, we are back from Seussical the Musical. You know what?? I didn’t like it. The production was fantastic. The kids worked hard, choreography was great, costumes were great. But.... the story, I couldn’t really follow it, the music was ok. I was a bit disappointed. But I would never tell DD that.
  14. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!!! Church!!!⛪️ This afternoon we are going to see DD’s school play. Yesterday they had two performances and she came home higher than a kite. I guess both performances went well. She is really enjoying it all, which is great. I’m glad I insisted/forced her to do choir this year. DH got my garden irrigation set up yesterday. There is really no place for a garden at this house, but there is a 2 foot wide strip of dirt along the driveway that gets full sun, so that is where I am going to plant some tomatoes, cucumbers and zinnias for cut
  15. I’m still in my jammies, but I did successfully help DS make 7 slides talking about viral replication and the lyric vs. lysogenic cycle and I feel really smart now. My biology is coming back to me.
  16. I concur. It just kind of rolls off the tongue.
  17. It’ll be great, Lynn!! Baking bread just takes practice.
  18. Good Morning!!!, COFFEE!!!!~D Saturday!!!! Feeling a little better today, but I slept for 9 hours. Today is the opening of Seussical the Musical. It runs for two weekends, so I am not sure when we will be going. DD is pretty excited. They did the play twice yesterday for the elementary school students (DD’s school is K-12) and it went well. Only a few minor glitches. I’m pretty excited to see it. I got my grocery shopping yesterday afternoon, so I’m not sure what I’m going to do today. Not that there’s nothing to do..... the house is a mess. I just need to organize mys
  19. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday!!! The Portal opened, so I made it this morning. I feel like carp. My allergies have me totally beat. I slept in this morning instead of getting up early and doing devotions and exercising. I still feel awful. DD’s school play is this weekend. They are doing Seussical the Musical. Which I find to be funny in light of the recent problems with Dr. Seuss. DD is a Who. I’m sure the play will be fantastic. Their director is rather eccentric. But he gets good results.
  20. Yes, I know it, but it was from my high school days.... a long long time ago.
  21. I’m here. Portal wouldn’t work this morning. School and work today. Nothing much else to report. The girls are courting a stray Tom cat. They call him Toby and put food out for him. He seems to have a liking for our cat Lily, though I don’t know why because Lily just doesn’t have the correct plumbing for a boyfriend anymore. He needs to be neutered, but as I am not positive he is a stray, I don’t feel like I can make that decision at this point. Plus, I don’t have a vet I could take him to.
  22. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Tuesday!! School and work!!! I don’t know whether I am sick or it’s just allergies. I have post nasal drip and I just don’t feel great. However, it’s not cycling like a virus, so I’m going to assume it’s just allergies. The trees are all blooming, the weather is mild.... bleh!! I hate spring.
  23. Hey, I got on. Couldn’t this morning!! We had pork loin and hash brown casserole for dinner. It was delicious!
  24. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!⛪️ DH can come to church with us now, since the Supreme Court said churches can be at 25% capacity. But he’s got to leave Sunday School and go pick the kids up from camp. I had to go find Jeannie’s portal to get on ITT. It’s the only thing that works. I feel like I’m in the Chronicle’s of Narnia or something. Or maybe Alice in Wonderland, falling down the rabbit hole.🤣
  25. Anyone want to come do my dishes for me??? Anyone? Bueller?. Bueller?
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