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  1. I concur. Julia makes us do planks in yoga and she just keeps talking away and I’m like, “ok, when do we get to stop this?.”
  2. I found one oration for free here....https://www.newadvent.org/fathers/310202.htm
  3. I think that is the intention because they are in chronological order. I am skipping Gregory of Nazianzus unless I can find an inexpensive copy of his work in ENGLISH! Otherwise I will go on to the Augustine.
  4. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!!!! Church!!! The arm is a Bit sore this morning, but DH said it’s because the shot was intramuscular. Ok.
  5. Well, I got my shot. Didn’t die or turn into a monkey or anything. It didn’t hurt. And then to make my day even more exciting, I went to the AFSA afterward. And I took my two oldest and they took advantage of my weakened state..... which is why I hate taking my kids grocery shopping with me.
  6. “Because of Winn Dixie” made a cute movie. The casting was great and they stuck pretty close to the book. However, you really can never truly capture the charm of a book in a movie. There’s something about the author’s use of language that just can’t be captured on film.....
  7. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!! Saturday!!!! I slept until 8:00. Until the cat jumped on me and demanded loves. Though honestly, I can’t think of a better way to be woken up than by a soft purring kitty. Baby is juicing oranges. the neighbors are getting concrete poured. I get to drive to the Big City to the South this morning and get my Covid vaccine. Woohoo. I am so excited. DH got his yesterday. Apparently he is considered an essential worker because his business has to do with construction and infrastructure, and I am a teacher. I also gotta go to the A
  8. I think you should go read, Susan. ok, so this is bad. I’m doing this parallel reading challenge to Challies because in the Challies Challenge we are supposed to read theology, and this other one is the CBR 2021 Reading Challenge, which is theology classics. Anyhow, I’ve read Irenaeus, and Athanasius (this reading challenge the books are prescribed) and I ordered Gregory of Nazianzus. I got it the other day and got all settled in, ready to start and it’s written in Greek. Literally. 🙄
  9. We are going to watch “Because of Winn Dixie” tonight. I hope it’s even close to as good as the book is.
  10. Oh my word, I just love the Barkleys. No finishers? That’s good. I love things that are so challenging that few can ever do. ”Many sink down, and few return to the sunlit lands.”
  11. I had chips. Lays. I ate too many.#thestruggleisreal
  12. I must have offended the Booya/h gods with that illegitimate post-padded Booya/h, because they closed the Portal on me. But I got back on. Ha!
  13. Post padding!!! It’s a post-padding Booya/h!!
  14. Not yet. I haven’t been Booya/h fishing in a while.
  15. So, there should be a Booya/h around here somewhere.
  16. I am having an egg salad sandwich for lunch. It is good.
  17. We take our yearly photos of the kids on Easter Sunday, but usually outside.
  18. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday!!!🎊🎉🎉🎉 School and work!!! It’s supposed to rain today!! Yay!! We sure need it. I slept in again this morning. I’m sure it’s Daylight Savings Time hangover, but it has never affected me like this before.
  19. Easter clothes shopping for the girls.... done! Yay for Old Navy. I hate shopping for dresses. My girls don’t even like wearing dresses and neither do I, but you gotta wear a dress to church on Easter Sunday.
  20. It was delicious. Vanilla custard filling and fresh strawberries on top, .
  21. Baby is making a jelly roll for dessert tonight, I don’t know what to fill it with. Likely a vanilla custard and then put fresh strawberries or chocolate sauce on top.
  22. We made our raised bed gardens a’la Apologia’s Botany book. It’s a been a good study this year.
  23. I heard of that book. I had made a mental note to read it. I should order it.
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