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  1. This is why I started doing these reading challenges - to get out of the usual genres I was reading. All I read was histories of biographies and I just got bogged down. I have been reading more broadly, over the last several years, but I need to be more intentional in my choosing.
  2. Men’s basketball is in the Olympics. This is boring.
  3. Now you have me looking up websites on how to knit a dishcloth, Susan. Hmph.
  4. I don’t like to knit. It takes too much concentration.
  5. So when you choose a book for the reading challenge, do you look at the category and find a book that fits that category? Or do you read a book and try to figure out which category it fits in?? I’ve been doing the latter more often than not.
  6. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Sunday!!! Church!!⛪️ This afternoon DH is taking Baby to camp. It’s her first time and her first time away from me. She’s a little apprehensive, but her bestie is going and they do keep those kids so busy they really forget about being homesick for the most part.
  7. Dishes are done. I think I will watch some Olympics.
  8. Annnnndddddd…… where is this somewhere?? I like that.
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Saturday!!!! Tons of laundry to do. Trip to the AFSA!!!😩😩😩 Baby is leaving for camp tomorrow, so I need to get her ready for that. My dad is in the hospital. His health has been declining and he just keeps falling. Finally, yesterday, my mom just couldn’t get him up, so she called the ambulance. I’m pretty sure he is dehydrated, but they also gave him some antibiotics. He cannot get into the skilled nursing facility until Monday, so hopefully he will be able to stay until then. I managed to get in to see him, too, even though the “rule” is one visitor, thanks to nurses who look the other way.I sat and visited with my mom for a couple hours.
  10. Home again, home again jiggety jig. We did go home the alternate route which was just kinda meh, so…. we don’t have to do that again. Traffic was butt the whole way home, but DH is a good driver and we made it in one piece. Good to be home.
  11. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!~D Friday!!! We’re heading on out this morning. It’s about a 5-6 hour drive home. Depending on traffic. I am hoping we can go home via South Lake Tahoe. I’ve never been that way before, but there’s a fire in that general vicinity, so I’m not sure what we will do.
  12. Rewards are chocolate, Susan.I think we’ve been over this before.
  13. We didn’t do Eagle Falls. We did the Five Lakes Hike out of Alpine Meadows ski resort , a five mile round trip hike. It was pretty steep going up, but the lakes were gorgeous. I am beat. let me know when you plan your trip and I’ll give you advice. Lake Tahoe is lovely, Yosemite is butt. Well, Yosemite is beautiful, but make sure you come in not a drought year or the falls will be all dried up. And there’s just so many people. The last time I was there I said I would never go there again because there are so many tourists.
  14. Good Morning!!! COFFEE~D Friday Eve!!! We’re going hiking today to Eagle Falls. We did that last year. It’s a nice hike, somewhat strenuous if you are not in great shape. Wonderful views of Lake Tahoe as we walk, though. Last night we watched a cute movie. “Eddie the Eagle” based (quite loosely I understand) on Eddie Edwards, the ski jumper from Great Britain who participated in the Calgary Olympics. It was sweet and humorous. Had one inappropriate part that we skipped through. Sorry about the wildfire smoke, Susan. We got some doozies out here.
  15. Yes, I always imagine poor George Donner with his injured foot unable to go on and his devoted wife, Tamsen, staying with him, even though she knew she was going to die. It is such a tragic story and really, the tragedy could have been avoided.
  16. Went rafting. Got caught on a rock in the rapids. The girls thought we were going to die. But we didn’t per regulations. Now, off to Donner Lake. I hate that place. I think it’s haunted.but, I will bring my book and read and the kids will play in the lake.
  17. Hope the surgery goes well, Toto. Any chance that you may get second sleep?
  18. I vaguely remember that episode. 😂 No, we didn’t get thrown in jail, but we did visit a museum that was very interesting and advertised itself as being “of great interest to adults and children.” It also bragged about being mentioned in Sunset Magazine as some super great museum and a “must see”. Upon closer look, the mention was all the way back in 1958. Although that is still pretty impressive.
  19. Good Morning!! COFFEE!!~D is brewing!! Humph Day!!! Going River Rafting today down the Truckee River. Not white water by any stretch of the imagination. This stretch of the Truckee is mild and glassy and quite slow. Should be a lot of fun.
  20. She’s a mischievous little thing, isn’t she??
  21. We went to Virginia City today. Old silver mining town. It was good. Interesting. Don’t need to go back.
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