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  1. I am drinking orange spice tea and looking over my Thanksgiving binders. It’s actually a bit chilly today. DH has been checking in. They are in Williamsburg today. It’s raining.
  2. Watching Sportsball. The Raiders are losing. It it’s only half time. Go Derek.
  3. Good Morning!!!!, COFFEE!!!!~D Sunday!!!! Church!! I slept with the windows open last night. DH hates sleeping with the windows open. Too many sounds waKe him up. The sprinklers woke me up, yes, I admit, but I don’t care. I love fresh air. So, when he’s gone, I get to do what I want.
  4. I just cannot even...... the Dodgers lost. They shouldn’t have. Two huge mistakes right there at the end and Tampa Bay scores two runs and that’s it. I just can’t even...... Svengo.
  5. Something gross is in my vacuum cleaner. I just don’t even want to deal with it. I think I’m just going to buy a new one. I emptied the canister and was gagging in the trash can. But I never saw what was so gross. It just smelled gross.
  6. I don’t do that kind of thing. It’s against my religion.
  7. I’ve been watching too many kitten and puppy rescue videos. Now I want a kitten or puppy. DH will be gone for a week. If I get one now, it’s be used to the place and kind of faded into the background. He won’t even notice there’s someone new.
  8. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Saturday!!!! Well, we got DH and DS off to school at 1:00am and was in bed by 2:00. I slept till 9:00. DH texted me from the airport and sent me a picture of all the girls who were going. There are 5 girls. The numbers really dwindled from last spring, but it is an adorable picture and I think the girls are going to have a good time. Another dad was on the trip, so hopefully DH will make a friend, too. He really needs a break. Work has been kind of stressful. This trip is perfect. There are no decisions to be made at all. You just get on the bus, go
  9. Forty-five minutes. We are enjoying “Enola Holmes”
  10. An hour and a half. We are now watching “Enola Holmes”
  11. Two and a half hours. Still watching “Tall Girl”. Yay for teen RomComs.
  12. 3 more hours. I’m watching “Tall Girl” on Netflix.
  13. I had to finish up progress reports. And then we got takeout for dinner. And now we’re watching sportsball. Go Dodgers. I have to take DH & DD to school in 5 hours. I think I won’t go to sleep first. I’ll just wait till I get home.
  14. Good Morning!!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday!!!! School and work!!! Susan, they leave tonight, and Junie, I think they will get to see most of the usual things. They did have to take New York off the itinerary because they’d have to quarantine, but other than that.... well, now, I’m not sure exactly now that I think about it. I’ll let you know as they report back.
  15. DD and DH are leaving tomorrow night. Well, actually really early on Saturday morning. Their flight leaves LA at 8:15am, so they are leaving here at 1:30am.
  16. Tomorrow is Friday. I really need a 14 day weekend.
  17. You know, it kind of creeps me out when I really think about the fact that we’re all just floating around in space, and I know there is a lot of space between us, but those huge old planets are out there, too, and we’re all just orbiting the sun and there’s all this other space out there and it just keeps going on forever and we’re just floating along on our little planet, like some tiny little life raft in a huge ocean. That is all.
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