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  1. Good morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Saturday!!! Everyone is still asleep. I love this quiet time of the day. No major plans today. I do need to get the house cleaned up, though.
  2. I read. And didn’t fall asleep. Almost, but not quite. It doesn’t help that I out on soft jammies and am laying on the bed propped up by soft pillows and have my cozy Afghan to snuggle up under.
  3. It’s 8:22 and I am frustrated because I want to read, but I know if I start I will fall asleep. I hate these conundrums.
  4. We did COBRA for dental a few years back and, as previous posters have said, it was pretty straightforward. It was expensive, but otherwise we had no complaints.
  5. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!!!~D It’s Friday. Friday. I love you, Friday. I have been waiting all week for you!!! I have a virtual staff meeting today and then a real meeting with my immediate supervisor. It should be fine.
  6. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday Eve!!!! Busy busy day!! Calls to make, people to see in the Big City, deadlines, high school students to nag.....svengo!! I think they just built an Aldi’s in the Big City. No Kroeger here. We have Whole Foods, but I think they are horribly pretentious. And I do enjoy Trader Joe’s on occasion, I like their COFFEE~D, but I wouldn’t go to the Big City just for that. I do all my grocery shopping at the Afsa. If I need something quick, I run to the Hispanic market around the corner.
  7. It probably should. I need to read more about George HW Bush. I’m at the part where he meets Barbara. It’s a Booya/h. In honor of President Bush.
  8. Ok, so my iPad is doing this again. If this post is full of mistakes, forgive me, because if I back space even once to correct, the whole thing erases. It’s like the back spacer is demon possessed or something. i am beat. I had a wonderful 2 hour conversation with one of my parents (mom of one of my students) She is so sweet and has had such an interesting life, but it just drains me to have those conversations. And then I had another conversation with a not terribly close friend. It was nice, but some people are just different than me. And
  9. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Humph Day!!!! School and work. Awana tonight. I just want to go back to bed. I treated an in-grown toenail once. It wasn’t horrible.
  10. My mom said it’s stupid to start dreading Monday on Sunday. It won’t stop Monday from coming and it just wrecks the rest of the weekend. Don’t think about Monday until Monday. Enjoy Sunday.
  11. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Tuesday!! I have a cut-and-color this morning, then school & work. One family to visit this afternoon, but lots of other junk to do. DS has a baseball game, too.
  12. This Betty Crocker I got for my wedding in 2002. It’s the bridal edition.
  13. Lemon meringue pie turned out so-so. I’m sure it will taste fine, but the meringue isn’t as fluffy as I would like it. Sigh. It’s always something. Chicken in a pot is in the oven and smells divine. I forgot to buy potatoes at the AFSA. I guess I’ll have to run to the little market.
  14. It’s just Betty Crocker. And it’s kind of labor intensive, but it makes a good pie!
  15. Is it that time of year again?? I just love that!!!
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