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  1. Yay for the new digs, Renai. It sounds great.
  2. She is grateful for your sympathy. Finally someone understands her feelings and how difficult life really is for someone with her delicate sensitivities.
  3. No, this is to be taken literally.🤣🤣🤣
  4. Lily-cat. She is such a whiny-butt. #isaidbutt.
  5. I just love that I can get back to ITT whenever I want instead of doing all the incantations and human sacrifices like I was doing before to get the Portal opened. I was about ready to throw the cat into the volcano.
  6. I think it would make it easier for them to put into practice what they are learning.
  7. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Holiday Monday!!! We have absolutely no obligations today. I am so glad. I will continue with the piles of laundry and try to get my life in order.
  8. To change the subject briefly, for some reason the Portal has remained open. I can’t believe I have actually been able to have a conversation.
  9. Now that would be a good idea. Just read the textbooks, which we have already.
  10. I have them all. And I did them all with my two older kids. I think Slashie is right in that they are very interesting, but they are simple and don’t go deeper into the meaning of historical events. But some of their books, like “Uncle Sam and You” cover things that no other history or civics book really do justice to. At leas not that I’ve seen. For example, it goes pretty in depth about elections, campaigns, caucuses and primaries, the responsibilities of the President and Vice-President, all the holidays, all the branches of the military, native Americans, making money, the highway system, National parks…. it is very informative. Maybe that is where I am having trouble… lots of information but not so much deeper level thinking.
  11. Ok, that is true. When DS did Uncle Sam and You, he did learn a ton. He was fascinated. Actually, we all were. We learned so much stuff about the infrastructure of our country I never knew. I really kind of want to do both. At the same time. The history that we were doing, and then Notgrass. I wonder if I could fit that in.
  12. I know, right?? And yet…. Why am I so strangely drawn to it?? I just don’t get it.
  13. I am sorry about Rusty, Jean. Hope he’s back to his old sweet self soon. I hope everyone who has a cold is feeling better soon.
  14. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Happy Independence Day, everyone!!🎇 Church this morning. Middle DD goes to camp this afternoon. I called the tele-doc yesterday and got antibiotics, so hopefully I will get to feeling better soon.
  15. Ok, so I am struggling and flip-flopping with history again. We have been doing a SotW/History Odyssey hybrid this year. It has been going well, but I think it’s been kind of a slog. I really want to go with Notgrass next year, but I don’t feel like it gives the depth I want for the girls. The way we have been doing it I think has been rich because it adds a lot of skills…. more map skills, good time lines and definitely outlining and essay writing. I guess I could step it up a little and not let it get in a slog so much. And I could prep more this summer. But I really just love the Notgrass. Well, I do until I really get into it, and then feel like it needs more. The girls, I think are ok with either. Opinions anyone??
  16. Annnnnd…. I’m pretty sure I have a UTI. This totally sucks. #isaidsucks
  17. Hi Renai. I’m so glad you checked in. I’m sorry about your present circumstances.
  18. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D Saturday!! We are home!!! Got home last night about 10:00PST. Had a good day of flying. Disney is really and truly amazing. And we got in on the first fireworks show since Covid on Thursday night. That was so awesome. We had no idea they were even going to have the show, but decided to back to the Magic Kingdom after Hollywood Studios closed. So, we got there and Main Street was packed. We found a spot and waited there for about a half an hour and that fireworks show was beyond incredible. It was right above the castle and somehow the castle kept changing with the songs and became all the different princesses’ castles. It was really magical. And the fireworks were amazing. So, we are home now. I am pretty beat.
  19. This will likely be our only time here. And it does cost an absolute fortune. It is not unexpected, but goodness sakes…. and there are a million people here and they are all eating in the park and buying shirts at $40 a pop and other souvenirs. Where do they get this money?? I think if we do Disney again it will be Anaheim. It’s smaller. And closer, so it would be a much cheaper trip. The only reason we came to Florida is that we were unsure of Disney’s opening status, thanks to our bozo governor. Oh, And we love California Adventure. But we are glad we came here. Florida is amazing. Of course our clothes that we got soaked in on Tuesday are still wet, but….it is beautiful and green and we are really having a great time here.
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