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  1. You are so right. And I wish I had realized that 10 years ago. There is no “best” or “one size fits all”. For anything.
  2. Good Morning!!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Saturday. I’m so happy it is Saturday. I spent all day yesterday thinking it is Saturday. And now I get another one. Yay!! I need to go to the Big City to Costco to get my glasses. I hope I like these new ones better. And I am going to stop at Hobby Lobby on the way. And pick up a few new Christmas things. 😂😂😂😂 ”A few...” she said. 😂😂😂😂😂
  3. Tonight’s offering in the Marvel Summer Film Festival is ..... Ant Man and Wasp.
  4. Yes, you should try making it. Oooh, it’s a Yummy Turkey Tetrazzini Booya/h!
  5. I am cold. It’s cold outside. Well, cold for us. Maybe not for people living in Minnesota.
  6. Turkey tetrazzini for dinner. Left over rolls and cranberry sauce.
  7. I’ve been moving in slow motion. Did a little on-line Christmas shopping. Took down the autumn/Thanksgiving decorations. Did budgeting stuff.
  8. Back from the boutique. Got some jam, some honey, admired my uncle’s new paintings (can’t afford to buy one), tasted some grape juice. It was fun!
  9. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D I have no Christmas shopping done, No decorating done. But, I do have leftover pumpkin pie for breakfast and peppermint mocha creamer in my COFFEE!!!~D. I guess I will take down autumn/Thanksgiving decorations today. This morning we will go to my Uncle & Aunt’s boutique. That’s always fun.
  10. And yes you will, Missie. No un-checked golf-ball-sized-lumps around here, no sirree.
  11. That is beautiful, Maize. The view out my window is gray and wet. But the air is so clean and breathable. It is a joy to just go outside and breathe.
  12. The last two are in the oven. Four pumpkin pies, total. One year I made pumpkin, apple and pecan, and the apple and pecan got some courtesy nibbles only. DH’s Family are purists and out of the three, pumpkin is the easiest to make. So since then, it is pumpkin only.
  13. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!!~D Happy Thanksgiving!!!! I am very thankful for my ITT friends. You guys are all the best!! Two pies are in the oven. I have a few minutes to relax and drink my COFFEE!!!!!~D before I gotta go haul the turkey out of the fridge in the garage and figure out what to do with it.
  14. I don’t have a good book to read. And i’m Cold. I need to get into my soft Costco Jammies. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I feel so unprepared.
  15. It’s better that way. I recently read a biography of Clark Gable. I was just stunned. Really. And not just him. All the A-listers in that era.
  16. I made two pumpkin pies this afternoon. Will make the other two in the morning before I put the turkey in the oven. The crusts are already made.
  17. Probably, but it would likely lose it’s Stream of Consciousness Charm and random people wouldn’t feel like they could drop in.
  18. Yeah, well, it definitely didn’t deliver. At least not in our area. 😡
  19. I chopped up th celery and onion for the stuffing. I will now make 2 of the 4 necessary pumpkin pies.
  20. Maybe, but at least you have your priorities straight. COFFEE is worth its own trip.
  21. I’m making these candles for centerpieces. Because I don’t have enough to do today. And I have to use white glue because #$&@ kids lost all my hot glue guns.😡
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