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  1. We had dinner for my mom’s birthday. It was so lovely outside with the lights and candles. Too bad the dinner wasn’t great. Luckily it was a fund raiser and for a good cause or I would have been ticked off.
  2. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday!!! School and work!! We have a three hour professional development today on intervention.😩 I need to take up knitting. Junie, I would love some of your rainy sweater weather. It’s supposed to be 93 degrees here today. Tonight we’re having my mom’s birthday party here. And I don’t have to cook. DD’s School is having a fundraiser dinner, so I ordered that. DH hung lights out in the backyard and it’s really pretty back there now. So, we are doing that.
  3. I just saved a lizard from my cat. The cat was ticked off.
  4. Good Morning!!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Friday Eve!! school and work!!!
  5. One hour?? Nobody is taking this thread seriously.
  6. DD and DH are going to visit Pennsylvania. The 8th Grade East Coast Trip is finally happening. It was supposed to happen last spring, but then the Rona hit. So, they are going in 2 weeks.
  7. Slashie, you need to come do your magic. I post pad and post pad and Slashie just comes sweeping in for the Booya/h. There, I found the “edit” button and not the “quote”button. Booya/h!
  8. The doorbell rang again. We have gotten so many deliveries today.
  9. We are having Chile verde burritos at church tonight. They are delicious.
  10. I don’t like sauerkraut. I’ve never had it before, but the name is off-putting.
  11. We really need to get off this page. It is starting to irritate me.
  12. I didn’t. But then I looked them up. They are adorable. Remind me of house finches. Their beaks are different, though.
  13. Today suckz. Everyone keeps forgetting their Zoom meetings, even though I remind them, I have a family in a serious crisis, I drowned my sorrows in Hershey’s miniatures and now I’m mad at myself.....Calgon, take me away!!
  14. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!!!~D Humph Day!!!! School and work and not-Awana.
  15. I’m posting just to get us back on top again. I really don’t have anything to say. I need to do the dishes.
  16. I wouldn’t. If it is serious, someone will come tell you.
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