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  1. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!!~D is brewing!! Everyone is moving slow this morning. Stayed up kind of late last night playing a cut throat game of Bingo and getting down to Taylor Swift. We’re party animals, I know. Virginia City today, and the kids also want to play in the lake a little bit, too.
  2. We got here. And had really good pizza. Drove through a brush fire in Sacramento and almost got peed on by a cow on Interstate 80 (got stuck next to a cattle truck in traffic and the cow peed out the side. DS rolled his window up really fast). I have no idea what we are going to do tomorrow. Possibly go to Virginia City on the Nevada side. It’s an old silver mining town.
  3. Good Morning!! COFFEE!!!~D Monday!!! Leaving for Lake Tahoe today. We’ll leave later this morning since we can’t check in to the cabin until 4:00 and it takes about 6 hours to get up there. I still need to pack. Lots to do. Lots to do. I have never had a desire to read “Lonesome Dove.” But, I’ll be taking a Grisham novel with me, and I am looking forward to starting “Liturgy of the Ordinary” by Tish Harrison Warren. My heavy reading as of late has been “Wilmington’s Lie: The Murderous Coup of 1898 and the Rise of White Supremacy”. by David Zucchino. This book has been shockingly eye opening. As a native Californian, I have had no experience with the racial problems that have so divided our country. My State’s history has been shaped by the Native Americans, Mexicans, and the Gold Rush. Sure, there’s been plenty of ugliness, but we do not share the same history with the East and/or the South.
  4. It took a while for my wasp bite to go down when I got stung. It was swollen and feverish for a while.
  5. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Sunday!! Church!!⛪️⛪️ It’s supposed to heat up again this week, but it’s only in the 80’s at Lake Tahoe. Yay!!
  6. I survived the AFSA!! The entire store is out of bags. I’m lucky I bring my own.
  7. We are staying in the same place. Very excited. I will post pictures when we get back.
  8. We got a Ring security system which works pretty well. I know what you mean about driving. People in my area regularly run stop signs, as in blow right through 4 way stops, and basically drive like idiots. What has helped me a lot, especially mentally, is that I just expect people to disobey the rules of the road. Everyone. Every time I approach an intersection, I don’t expect people to stop. And I drive like that. Extremely defensively.
  9. Good Morning!!! COFFEE!!~D Saturday!! Lots to do to get ready for our Lake Tahoe trip. So, my dad has been on a decline that started on about mid-May and it’s been picking up steam. He’s been home with my mom (who is in good health, but she is 82) and now it looks like he’s going to need to go to skilled nursing. She’s going to try to move him once we get back from our trip. We’ll only be gone a week, but I’m getting worried, a bit.
  10. I need to read. I’m watching Hallmark movies.
  11. Sheep in a jeep on a hill that’s steep. Oh no, Jeep won’t go. Sheep shove, sheep grunt, sheep don’t think to look up front. All that from memory. I love that book.
  12. Well, they smell horrendous. The go-to tree around here has been the Chinese pistasche. It is a beautiful tree year round, easy to grow, seems to like our climate and some hybrids are just spectacular in the fall.
  13. Bradford pears are beautiful in the fall and bloom very pretty in the spring, but they aren’t great trees.
  14. Ooooh, and Junie got the Booya/h!! You’d better claim it Junie, or you will get 7 years of bad luck.
  15. Me, either. Someone did something. However, I can only get on through notifications, but I don’t get the Blank Screen of Doom like I had been getting previously.
  16. Good Morning!!!! COFFEE!!~D Friday!!! Nothing much going on today!!
  17. I guess you’ll be getting a lot more, because apparently you’ve got 14.6K posts. You can get yourself an award case for that.🤣
  18. I’ve always thought you’ve reacted well, Susan!!
  19. I got a “Year 1” badge, too. Hmph. I would say they are a bit behind.
  20. I thought citrus trees were evergreen. I have never seen a citrus tree lose it’s leaves. Hmmmm. Now that rearranges all my presuppositions.
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