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  1. Have you looked at UTD? I don't know how they are on Biology, but they are definitely Science/Engineering focused, and very much a nerd culture. DART, the city train goes to DFW, which is a hub. I don't know if this is still true, but they would give automatic full-rides to National Merit Scholars who listed them first.
  2. One idea that I read for dealing with the bad relatives,particularly if they aren't local. You throw an engagement party for her. Those that truly like the engaged couple will come to the party. Then when the party is really started, the couple disappears for a bit to change clothes, then Surprise! they have a wedding ceremony. It is a cross between a wedding and eloping.
  3. I have also heard: "The homework keeps them from playing video games". As if it was an either/or situation.
  4. It would be nice to be to send texts with a priority level that only notified when the cell phone was moved. So, I could send a text whenever it was on my mind, and know that it won't wake them up. Then when they first picked up their phone it would send the notification. We have a good friend that had lots of stuff going on and medical problems and his wife had medical problems and they were retired. They got sleep when they could, and it might start at 7am. If you called him he would answer and talk and then not remember the conversation. I kept telling him to use Do Not Disturb. But he wouldn't so I started to text because at least that was less disturbing.
  5. I don't know about my current phone, since I haven't tested it. But, a previous phone would even turn itself on to alarm. I discovered this when in the opera. I ended up yanking the battery because that was something I could do while it was within the purse. The alarm went off (used the same as ringtone since I'd never set it). So, I thought someone was calling me. I reached in to set it to vibrate (which I thought I already had) It went off again. I reached in to turn it off IT WENT OFF AGAIN I reached in to yank the battery. I'd had season tickets and so did the people around me and they knew that this was weird for me and therefore they didn't lynch me.
  6. The colors were horrible. But, I have a soft spot for flicked wallpaper. Not enough to install it, but I'd probably leave it. When I removed the horrible 70's Moorish style hanging bathroom lights, I put them in an attic. Maybe in another 30 years someone will think they are the cats meow.
  7. I was a tiny bit traumatized - vicariously.
  8. Most important. Don't get an iphone. I too am cheap. I use Tracfone and I buy one of their refurbished phones. I usually spend more on the case than on the phone. In fact, I've considered just buying two. But, it is a pain to switch over. Lately I've been getting LG Stylus 3.
  9. Another reason to confront the kid sooner rather than later, so you can find out the deal and update us. 🙂 We are waiting. Hoping for binge-watching of a PG show from the 80's.
  10. Have y'll looked into the 5-toed shoes? I went from bunion, and almost-bunion, to amazingly straight toes by staying barefoot at home, and wearing the 5-toed shoes when I need a thick sole. Now I wear other shoes, but during the recovery period I stuck with those whenever I could. Obviously not funerals, etc. My little toes also went from "on vacation" as my foot doc told me, to touching the ground. Before they would stick up in the air and never touched the ground. Now at work, I wear these cheap shoes from Amazon that are shaped so that the big tow can be straight without looking weird.
  11. I'm even freaking out for the OP. The odds of this phone being innocent are nil.
  12. I'd set a time. Maybe Sunday afternoon to confront her if she hasn't come to ask about it. Demand that she unlock it, hand it back to you and explain fully who gave it to her, and what she has been doing with it.
  14. It can be a problem. They have to match precisely.
  15. heated seats in the movie theater? I can't imagine! Although, maybe I've had that and didn't see the button. Yes, it is always too cold.
  16. With this update. Repair is the only answer. You will get lots of use out of a repaired pool and removing is expensive also. 40 years ago, my parents installed an in-ground swimming pool. We got lots of use out of it. At this very moment, DD is at Camp Grandparents enjoying the same pool. It is bonding time with Grandpa while they have water gun fights in the pool.
  17. Or a house. Didn't you say that there are 6 of you? I've heard that they are relatively reasonably priced.
  18. My MIL thinks that. We had been very confused when MIL said that DD was 'using the f-word a lot'. DH and I had both let a bad word slip out a time or two, but that wasn't one of them and as far as we knew she'd never heard the real f-word. DD had just been potty-trained and I was worried of a messy accident. So, I would ask her, "Was that a fart?"
  19. Totally. I have a big dog that is sometimes discriminated against. She has never caused wear and tear on our home, so I was open to dogs, even big dogs. Because of that: a 15 year old live oak died because the dog chewed the bark Two curtains were tossed because the dogs had peed on them so much they fell apart in the wash. We had to replace the padding int he living room because it was soaked with urine. They had at least removed the padding. they scratched up the inside of the front door. Kids don't do that sort of damage.
  20. Your post gave me a nasty flashback to an ex-boyfriend now known as Mistake. That is my IRL name for him, not just an online thing. He loved to channel-surf. I used to do cross-stitch with teeny-tiny squares, so I had something to focus on. One time he fell asleep AND CONTINUED TO CHANNEL SURF. I had DirectTV and he surfed through every last channel before I noticed that anything was wrong. His finger twitched at his normal speed. I had almost dumped him over this next thing. I would record Law and Order and instead I would get a recording of him channel surfing through the intro death scene. I like the recliner chairs. Although I bring in a travel pillow which helps a lot. One thing I like about the recliner chairs is that since people are spaced more apart, that it doesn't matter so much who is next to you. Although, we only go 2-3 times a year.
  21. A couple of times MIL loaned us her car. I would have it detailed before I returned it. They did a thorough job for a little over $40. They didn't uninstall the seats or anything like that. But, they did spend a couple of hours on it. We were using her car for a driving vacation, so it was worth the price to just not have to worry about crumbs.
  22. I wonder if it might be helpful to apply for summer admission before the normal freshman year? That way, maybe one random online class could be taken over the summer, and the credits would have time to be entered.
  23. On Saturday storms were coming through. Superchicken, my favorite, was on the front porch making a scared noise. So I ran out to protect her. She went into a deep squat. Turns out, she had just wanted some loving. I picked her up and cuddled her. Sorry, I am not going to stop that. My chickens are extremely healthy. BTW, the chickens get their name from the charms on the ankle bracelets that they wear. Superchicken has the Superman symbol. She used to be good friends with BatHen (batman) and Robin, but a cat got those.
  24. When DD was a baby and I was reading about homeschooling, I noticed a trend in regulations. States that were friendly to homeschooling, e,g, PA, are high regulation states. Those states were allowing it and set up regulations for it. Whereas states that were unfriendly to it, e.g. Texas, jailed homeschooling parents then later got smacked-down in the courts. So, after the court smack-down, it was legal but there weren't any regulations about it. I remind other new homeschoolers of this. People seem to think that because Texas doesn't have regulations that means that it is friendly to homeschoolers. Noooo, I remember people being jailed in my city when I was a teen.
  25. I remember thinking when they were putting my grandmother in (the last to go). That every person with our last name could be buried in Grandpa's plot. There aren't many of us and they only used a post hole digger (it seemed) to dig a hole. My favorite burying story is from my cousin. He died of a heart attack at 30 or 31. He wasn't married and he had an amazing German Shepard. One of his brothers kept the dog. When it died they went out in the night and buried the dog in cousin's grave. The dog might have been cremated, I don't remember. I'm not sentimental about burials, but that makes me smile.
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