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  1. The weight you are now, were you that weight for a long time? I've read studies that say that happens, and it seems true for the people I know.
  2. Women worked extremely hard unless they were very wealthy. But, work done alongside servants isn't valued. My dad talked about growing up on a farm, regardless of gender, children were taught all skills. This was normal.
  3. This is me, and yes, if you had to, you could. I was in Germany when my rental was totaled in a non-tourist area, so no automatics available for replacement. The guy that delivered the car watched me with an eagle-eye as I left the parking lot. I did well enough to satisfy him, but I was really sweating it. The trouble was that it was a fancy BMW and there is this idea in Germany that only really good drivers that love to drive buy BMW's. There was this left-turn on a steep hill and PEOPLE KEPT STOPPING RIGHT ON MY BUMPER! I decided to park the car and walk instead. That made a German co-worker cry.
  4. And being a secretary was a valued job back when men did it.
  5. I don't think it was ever appreciated. Even middle-class people had servants. There had been the post-WWII propaganda campaign to promote the importance of the housewife and what she did. But, that was about getting women out of the workforce to make room for the returning soldiers. So, that was an exception.
  6. I recently read the Pre-Suasion book and it talked about this. It works because of the ingrained idea of reciprocity. Someone does something for us, so we feel compelled to do something for them. An example is that religious group that used to hand out 'gifts' of flowers then asked for a donation. Robert Cialdini, said that he watched that group at work. He watched one of them leave to replenish the flower supply by digging them out of trash. Beggars do the same thing.
  7. It will still be easy. Was this his residence? Was he flipping houses a couple of years ago? Selling you residence is excluded unless you also did it less than X years ago. I forget what X was, but it was a reasonable number. Also, look up the rules on penalties. Unless it has changed, as long as you pay throughout the year as much as you owned last year, then you are fine. There is a list of If any of these things are true, then no penalties.
  8. What is extra weird about that is that no one would ever say that were from New England. They would name their state and/or city. Someone might do a New England vacation, or say that they are thinking about moving to the New England area when they haven't narrowed it down more than that.
  9. The worst for me was the time I was changing an existing flight from DFW to Manchester, England. I was just changing the date. She also changed the flight to Manchester ... wherever that is in America. She was so proud of herself that the flight was cheaper. If it was a new flight, I get that it would have been my fault for not being clear. That is why I usually used the airport codes. Fortunately, I caught the mistake before the flight.
  10. I have read that if you have too few hens per rooster, that egg-laying goes down. The idea is that some of the hens spend so much time avoiding the rooster, that they have less energy for egg-laying. I have also read that if you have two neighboring free-range flocks, that sometimes hens will leave a flock with lots of hens per rooster, for one with less hens per rooster. I am pretty sure that we lost our first hen this way. If you'd like a non-chicken but interesting rabbit-trail. https://dragonflyissuesinevolution13.wikia.org/wiki/Sneaky_F*uckers An example, in a deer herd a beta male sneaks off to the bushes with a female while the alpha males are fighting. But, to the OP, look at the hens. If they are glossy and happy, then the eggs will be fine. Well, unless they are molting and then even spoiled hens are funnily ugly, but that isn't the right time of year for that.
  11. That is how I read it too. Note, I have no opinion on him.
  12. I am really shocked that you can't tell a difference. But, then I always really liked eggs, so maybe my taste-buds are fine-tuned to them. Before we got chickens I bought from someone local. At one point I noticed a decline in taste. I mentioned that to some moms during a play-gathering. One of the women said, "He is my neighbor and he doubled the number of chickens." They were still free-ranging. They were just more crowded and it impacted the eggs. We just got back from vacation and I am eating eggs as fast the chicks can produce them. The eggs in restaurants looked like eggs, but they did't taste like eggs. So, I went into egg withdrawal.
  13. Thank you for the replies. We don't pay attention to anyone's schedules. So, good scheduling isn't important for us. Trying to stay on one caused too much parental angst.
  14. That really hit home for me when I toured an old house that had his and her closets. It was a fancy house but not a mansion. For example, it had a large amazing library. Each 'closet' was about 4' deep and 2.5' wide. It had this gizmo that you might see at a dry cleaners. You could pull out the gizmo and the rod with hung clothes would come out. So, this woman had a library and her clothing in regular rotation fit on a 4' long rod. Of course, she'd have had servants and special occasion clothes would have been stored somewhere else.
  15. What do you guys of Bookshark's American History at the elementary level? This is the secular version of Sonlight. We started out homeschooling with the first Sonlight preschool level. Half the books were in the books that mom saved from my childhood. So, it was cheap and a no-brainer. Then by second grade we had completely switched to SOTW + Activity Book. I'd like to insert American History after SOTW4. History read-alouds is a part of bedtime so done year-round, and that means that we like the book-heavy way of doing history. Also, inserting an extra history 'year' isn't a problem. DD will be on the high end of the Sonlight age range. I was also thinking about listening to all four SOTW audiobooks one right after another between end of SOTW4 and American History. Anyone else done this?
  16. I would't think that there would be poop on them. Mud, yes. And when I talked about the chicken collecting a nest full of eggs, I was pointing out that even after two weeks, outdoors and untended, a fertilized egg is still fresh enough to produce a chick. The eggs from our chickens have the same protective covering.
  17. I think that there is a lot to that. You shouldn't go looking for someone in a meat market, and then be shocked that you are treated (and maybe rejected) like meat. I used to work with a nice guy that always dated gold diggers. I was talking to him once, and he exclusively looked for dates who worked in a job that I would classify as a Waiting-To-Get-Married job. Then he would impress them with his good job/wealth/status. Then in a few months he wondered why they were gold diggers who wanted to get married yesterday. I just thought of something else. If a guy is looking at this from a hook-up perspective that status difference might be true just on a supply-demand perspective. The quantity of men seeking a hook-up has to be much more than women seeking the same thing. So, say there is a 10-1 ratio. The women looking for a hook-up could afford to be MUCH more picky.
  18. We have chickens. One fact which I found very convincing. Wild chickens would lay eggs in a safe place and then sit on them when she decided that she had enough there. But, she laid the eggs at the same frequency (or less) than farm chickens. So, a nest of 14 eggs would take longer than 2 weeks to accumulate. When she decided to brood on them she would rotate them around and warm them up by siting on them. This is where it gets freaky/miraculous. The chicks all hatch at about the same time, even though some of the chicks might be two weeks-ish older than the last egg laid. And that oldest egg sat there outside, all alone for two weeks and still had a viable chick inside. So, for me, one month old eggs are fine for hard-boiling. When I collect eggs I pencil the collect date on them. DH and DD don't. If I find some around the kitchen without the date, I will give them the float test. Anything that floats too high becomes dog food. Our dog also gets all non-bacon grease. She is a happy dog. Since you don't know for certain when your eggs were collected, I would suggest doing the float test on the next eggs that you eat. You will get a feel for how long that farmer generally keeps eggs before selling. Fascinating side fact. Hens can't say no to being mounted, but they can decide whether or not that rooster will fertilize her eggs. They can eject sperm from an undesirable rooster. Since teenage rooster go a little bonkers and will mount mothers and sisters, the ejecting is a good thing. ETA: For raw egg use, like Mayo and Hollandaise I use eggs < 24 hours old mainly because I can.
  19. I think that this comes from men that have an inflated sense of their worth in relationships. One giant clue is "several men who are above them in status". If you look at that from the other perspective they are saying that the girls willing to date them are lower status (according to them). Many studies have shown that relationships are with people of equal status. If one is higher on one ranking, e.g. Wealth, the other will be higher in another ranking, e.g. Looks. Reminds me of a guy from a former beer drinking group. His personality sucked, in fact my internal nickname for him was "Mr. Bitter". He was short and bald and not very physically attractive generally. He ranted one day about how really attractive women won't date him. I was trying to be gentle and I asked if he ever asked out a woman that was about as attractive as him. He shocked that I should think that he would stoop that low. Continued discussion showed that he honestly thought that women shouldn't be able to say No. That we should just be thrilled that any guy asked us out. I didn't know him well enough to know for certain but I suspect that he was warped by a lot of p----. The word wasn't invented yet, but I think Mr. Bitter would have classified himself as an incel.
  20. We even call that one of DH's jobs. DD had been failure-to-thrive and she would NOT eat seconds. So we just got used to giving her a little more of each item than she would eat if she ate only that. Occasionally I'll eat some of her leftovers, but generally it is DH.
  21. I also think that food_to_be_photographed generally have less white space, i.e. dinner plate showing. I think if you put the same amount of food on a salad plate, and put the lemon to the side, you wouldn't get the comments. Well, you might at this point because people used to seeing your photos are used to small sizes. But, that looks reasonable to me.
  22. Count me out too. I tend toward non-observant and I have no sense of smell. The results would be cartoon-ish bad if I stopped washing everything after wearing it.
  23. You can buy stuff to clean out the inside of the front-loader. It is pretty harsh. Once you have it clean, occasionally run a cycle with vinegar in the soap dispenser. Some loads benefit from a vinegar rinse, so you get double benefit.
  24. Last night I thought of a specific one that really annoys me. Paper Recycling. You are probably saying to yourself, what can she have against the poor, little innocent idea of paper recycling? The problem is that landfills are basically compost piles that don't get turned (and therefore take longer). If you have ever composted you know what happens if the compost has not enough roughage. It turns into this icky liquidy soup that will take forever to decompose. My former large suburb discovered this. They had a really good recycling program. They also took the yard waste/tree branches and ground them up into mulch that any resident could get for free. So, the landfill was getting extremely little roughage, and when they went to turn the landfill and instead of being done it was a soupy/slidy mess. So, then instead of giving away the mulch they added it to the landfill. Despite the fact that recycled paper had negative value. Meaning that they had to PAY someone to take the recycled paper. So, we sacrifice something that has a genuine, immediate use, mulch, for something with negative value. Then you add a study that showed that people used a lot more paper when they know it will be recycled. They told me they were testing scissors and asked them to cut out various shapes. When there was a recycling bucket clearly displayed people cut a LOT bigger shapes and used a lot more paper. .
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