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  1. I have an 8-year-old that had had an extra baby tooth between her front teeth. it was about the same size and shape as her canine. It was removed, but her front-teeth gap is HUGE. So, she is doing the child version of the braces and expanders. Work pays for all of Employee Dental but none of dependents. So, it costs around $500 to cover DD for a year. We only have the one child. The lifetime braces amount from our Dental is $1000. I added DD to my dental. I sort of regret that because they would have given us a $500 discount for people without insurance. So, it was a wash. But, it might have been nice to save that Braces allowance for later. Another thing we did was to get the pre-pay discount. It was hefty, I think 5%. Our initial consultation was late last year. So, we signed up for Max Amount on FSA and used it to pay upfront for the braces. But, with the FSA, I am basically paying for it a little bit each paycheck.
  2. I am doing a deep clean on an empty house we are selling. I'd say $500 to do a good job. It is involving things like scrubbing down the baseboards on my hands and knees and cleaning the ceiling lighting fixtures. And you have to warn them that just washing the walls probably won't do much for the smoke smell.
  3. To be fair, I think a lot of that is what is traditional in a certain area. I live in Texas which has had access to cheap bricks from Mexico. I remember years ago a visiting work friend talking about building a home in Connecticut. The area had a rule of at least 3 acres for each house, so not small. starter homes. He was talking about the cladding they were installing and how shocked he was by all the brick houses in my area. I told him that 'people' would think 'Why didn't you save your money until you could buy a real house?' if someone built a wood house. We live in a very old wood house now. DH vastly prefers wood and he cares more about the outside of the house.
  4. Speaking of not having ... , did y'll see that study about the young adults not having any? If was low 20+% of men in their 20's and in the high teens for women in the 20's. That was the percentage who had not had ... in the last year. People in their 20's. For a year. Pretty interesting.
  5. Snobbery. The idea is that if you can't afford a brick house then they don't want you to live there. Literally. When I bought that house, I knew I'd move before raising a child there because of the snobbery.
  6. The city I used to live in specified that all new houses had to have a brick front and be a minimum percentage of brick.
  7. In the neighborhood where I grew up, the developer used the same size bricks on every house but different colors. Then on the last house in an area he'd use all the misc. leftover bricks and then paint them. So, when I see a neighborhood of unpainted brick houses, with one painted that is what I'd think. It would be a deal-killer for me unless all the houses were painted, like that rowhouse photo. I don't even like the white colonial. I love colonial and I love brick houses. But painted brick colonial seems wrong.
  8. If that were my child, I'd advise her to contribute enough to get the max. matching contribution and being totally debt-free. Then focus on buying a reasonably priced house, then focusing on paying off that house. The compounding that happens in the 401k also effects the mortgage and is guaranteed (unlike with a 401k). Then after the house is paid for, then focusing on retirement money.
  9. There are certain times that you have to prove WHO you are, as in which precise individual that you are. Banking is a good example. But, if they say that this group is allowed outside and that group isn't, then what you have to prove is which GROUP you are in. It doesn't matter who you are. This is a tiny step away from handling out patches, say with a syringe with an X through it, and making non-vaxxers wear them. But, just being out and about in public, in the U.S., you are not required to identify yourself unless the police have a reasonable suspicion that the person has committed a crime. In fact, walking up to people and demanding ID is a police intimidation tactic. I remember when I was a teenager the outrage both locally and nationally when police started to demand ID of people at a certain park starting at twilight. It was an anonymous gay s-- hook-up location. It turns out that the Mayor had started it, and there was record turnout the next election as usually happens in "Get that bumm out" elections.
  10. In the late 80's early 90's my boyfriend and I would often double-date with a gay couple. There were certain places we couldn't go as a group because someone(s) would try to beat me up. I expressed shock. They explained to me that some men were gay not so much because they liked men, but because they hated women. On their own turf with like-minded people, females entered at their risk. So, not surprised.
  11. The part that really bugs me about the restriction on being in public if unvaccinated is the idea of people/kids having to carry around and show PAPERS if demanded. (shudders) Yeah, that always works out well.
  12. If you are really worried and don't want to be out with them all the time, you could make them protection. Some people put their hens in vests. The raptor will grab onto the vest and then the hen slips out of the vest when her wings get pulled up. it also protects the hens tail area from young roosters who haven't learned manners yet. With a dog, you'd probably want to use velcro. So, like break-away collars, but break-away clothing.
  13. I once saw a Blue Merlin pick my cat up by collar. Yes, they are rather small birds. The bird was very motivated. The neighbors had a Merlin house and toward our backyard was really the only direction for the babies to learn to fly. Our cats (this went on for several years) figured out where in the back yard the baby birds would reach their low point on their first flight. I never actually saw a cat get a baby, but they tried hard and I can't say that it didn't happen. One year I looked out and saw my car waiting for a baby bird flight. Then I saw one of the adults swoop down and pick up my cat. The cat had about 8 legs flapping around, and reached a height of about 4' and lateral movement of around 6'. The bird dropped my cat, who ran inside. I think he stopped waiting for baby birds then. I prefer big cats and I think 12 lbs was my smallest cat.
  14. I've only been to D.C. once so I don't have any specific advice on that location. But, I've had great luck finding someplace farther out but super close to a Metro station, any Metro station. (Except NYC, but I believe it is the only city with disconnected Metros.) Use Google Maps to see precisely how far away the hotel is from the station. They will all say that they are close, whether or not they are. Just in general, I found that Metro travel time is no problem at all. You sit there, relax and collect yourself.
  15. And isn't Shingles based on having had CP? Sort of the opposite of Acquired Immunity.
  16. My mother was bedridden for a month+ with flu because she was waiting for an opening in my schedule to get the flu vaccine. In her case, it worked out because she quit smoking. But, it was super hard on her (and the family).
  17. One time when I was substitute teaching, I assisted in the class for severely disabled 'kids' from when the mother had German Measles while pregnant with them. There was enough that there was a separate class, and that was just at the high school level. I remember my mother saying that they got the German Measles vaccine for me even though they weren't urging it for girls. Boys that got it could be made sterile.
  18. Sacrilege! Desecration! When a book is a gift, the giver can and should write a note in the front with the date. But otherwise, No No No. I've even done the thing that Hunter mentioned of just carrying around the current chapter of the textbook. But except for the time a textbook got wet and disintegrated (which gave me the idea). I would photocopy the book and just carried the photocopied chapter. Thinking back, even then I didn't write in the photocopies. I might have folded up some sheets and put them in a pocket. But I don't even see a use for writing in them. I write someplace else. When I reread text, I'll be more knowledgeable next time and I don't want to be distracted by previous, probably silly scribbles. And I even more don't want to read someone else's scribbles.
  19. One idea. My mother has this annoying habit of phrasing demands as requests. She think that it is nicer that way. But it feels manipulative. But, then she gets all pissy when you say No. I didn't realize that until I was a young adult. Both dad and I were aggravated by that. It wasn't until I said "No" to a request/demand and Dad backed me up that she changed. One thing I try to do is to not ask a question unless I am OK with any answer (or I truly NEED to know) So, if No isn't an option, then it is phrased as "Please do XYZ." If No is an option, then it is phrased as "Would you do XYZ?"
  20. And the rental car companies assume that Americans WANT to big cars so they give them to them without asking. Yes, my car at home is known as a boat. But, in Europe I'm happy with as small as I can get with in Automatic. Which usually means a Mercedes A. Oh, yes, the nap. Avoid the nap. I once arrived on the weekend in Germany. A friend had invited me to a musical performance in the courtyard of the castle. I thought I'd take a quick nap, which turned into an 8 hour sleep and I missed the performance. It was hard to adjust.
  21. There is the conventional wisdom to remove personal photos. But a friend of mine left his up and he heard that the tie-breaker in deciding to offer for his house was the son's Basic Training photo.
  22. I had a friend that was a boy when I was a kid. We did that. He'd play house with me as long as he always got to be the dad. I'd play cars with him, but I would NOT make the car noises.
  23. A friend of mine was diagnosed with MS. She saw real improvement with Wahl's even though it was a miserable way to eat. Then it turned out that she really had Chronic Lyme's Disease. She described the diet as "not allowed anything that makes food taste good. But must have X amount of organ meats."
  24. Since you are unsure, maybe this might be the way to go. Library probably has it. I'd started to read it to DD (the illustrated edited version) when she was at that stage where she loved to be read to for a long time but wanted a picture to look at. She made me stop because "Nothing happened". Then recently (she is 8 now) she picked up the full version and really liked it. I think she might have had DH read it to her.
  25. Although, who built the reservoir? This is coming from a Texan where lakes are man-made. I lived in the area a long time and I've seen suburbs pop-up outside established areas. THEN worry about water rights. The lake I drive over as part of my commute is fuzzy. Not from pollution. But, from the top of the trees from before the land was turned into a lake.
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